‘All my life I’ve shared him with the world’


JOHANNESBURG — Sharing his father with the world has been second nature for Hugh Masekela’s son, Sal, because he knew that his father’s passion was people.


Sal said the family was grateful to have shared him because since the music icon’s death, they do not feel alone, adding that the love they have received from people has been a blessing.

So my entire life, all I ever knew was sharing him because he truly was a person who enjoyed waking up every day, leaving the house and engaging with people. My father’s love affair was with South Africans first, people were his passion.”

Sal said he did not take the overwhelming support for granted and that the love eased his grief.

“I’ve just been comforted by strangers that share the impact my father’s music had on them or how he changed their lives. My favourite has been stories where people tell me of the interactions he’s had with them because I know my father’s favourite thing was to interact with people.”

Sal recalled how a simple trip to the supermarket for Bra Hugh would see him spark conversations with people, asking them where they come from, speaking their language and telling them his experiences from their homelands because he was very well-travelled.

He said one of the many values his father instilled in him was honesty.

Sal said he would take on his “new” role in the family with the dignity his father has taught him. He said as far as Bra Hugh’s legacy was concerned, he would live his life forever celebrating the great example he was blessed to have.

Bra Hugh died last week surrounded by loved ones after a long battle with prostate cancer.


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