Latest: Woes mount for Obert Mpofu

Woes continue to mount for Home Affairs minister, Obert Mpofu after businessman, Lovemore Kurotwi reported him to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for alleged abuse of office and plunder of Marange diamonds.


This comes as parliament says it is leaving no stone unturned in its probe of the $15 billion missing diamond money with Mpofu set to be grilled by the portfolio committee on Mines and Energy.

In a report filed with ZACC on January 22, Kurotwi alleges that Mpofu took 1,34 million carats of diamonds belonging to his firm and were in custody of the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe and converted them into personnel benefit.

“We write to request that you investigate the current minister of Home Affairs, Obert Mpofu over known corruption which he has committed but which now seems to be swept under the carpet either for reasons of ignorance of the said corruption by the relevant authorities or reasons of impunity or both,” Kurotwi wrote.

Kurotwi used to run Canadile Miners but was kicked out of Chiadzwa after he was arrested for fraud before being acquitted by the High Court.

In the letter to ZACC, Kurotwi narrates the alleged $10 million bribe that Mpofu allegedly demanded in return for mining concessions in Chiadzwa, an issue he allegedly raised before former president Robert Mugabe.

After reporting Mpofu to Mugabe then, Kurotwi claims he was arrested for fraud but the case could not stick as it was being concocted by the minister.

“During the time my so called fraud case was still subjudice, Mpofu further took advantage to the subjudice position and confiscated, 1,4 million carats of our diamonds which were in our vaults in Mutare, $10.6 million which was in the custody of the Minerals Marketing cooperation of Zimbabwe,” Kurotwi stated.

He said effort to repossess the money and diamonds have yielded nothing with officials in the ministry all professing ignorance on the whereabouts of the same—excerpt for Mpofu.

“There is reasonable suspicion that cash and stock of diamonds could have been converted to personal use and gain by Mpofu,” the report letter states.

Two weeks ago, Kurotwi reported Mpofu to President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the same issue.

Mpofu has persistently denied corruption allegations levelled against him instead suggesting that Kurotwi had no capacity to buy even a bottle of water for him as he was only a front for foreign business interests.

The issue also comes as the committee on mines and Energy development said it was launching a probe into the operation of mining firms that were in Marange and how ministers who superintended over the sector had become rich while they were in charge.

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  1. Comment…Dumbuguru should go to Chikurubi

    1. He is going no where. The former “most obedient son” is the grandmaster of a$$licking and what separates him from the rest of the other bootlickers is that he makes sure the people that matter also dip their hands in the honey jar.

      1. He aint going nowhere. Anjin most opaque operations in Chiadzwa run by the army. who was army boss, who was defence minister. Ndeyemudanga Obert, imba yemukati…

        1. My compatriot, only God aint goes nowhere. After 37 years, it’s time we disabused ourselves of this naivety that some earthly beings are invincible.

      2. Since you seem to have some insights, perhaps you would make a good one of the key witnesses in nailing the accused and his/your so-callled “…people that matter…

  2. kuzaphela kuphela

    he should go. everyone want to see his back

  3. we told you kuti zanu imbavha dzoga but munoramba. Now that he is protected by ED hapachina zvaachaitwa uyu. I dont know how other people think kuti change has come to Zim when filthy thieves like Mpofu are left to rome the whole country freely iye akaba zviripachena kudaro. Personaly i hate Zanu for its partisan politics. And its us who suffer ivo vachidya zvemafuza hlaaaaa.

  4. shame let bygones be bygones my foot!

  5. Mpofu must be arrested for destroying our economy through stealing and even ED too has been the main architects in masterminding the killings of people.We know and they both will be answerable for the curse zimbabwe is having today.

  6. The world is watching. Mpofu is not alone in the shit. ED must tell us his deals first before going for others. Its a scum involving all who are shielding him. I wonder why he was offered a post.You shall tell us all very soon. Nets are closing.

    1. fatty boo boo 2

      scum or scam, dummy ??

      1. both

  7. I hope all these comments are coming from registered voters..musi wekuvhota kungovhara pakanzi zanupf then ndobva ndatswaka pekuvhotera kuti ndisaita mistake

  8. Comment… Kudzosera bere mudanga rembudzi ngaasungwe

  9. Let us all have the guts and vision to change governing party regularly in order for Zimbabwe to progress in development.That is the only formula for democracy and how developed countries always does in changing governments because investor confidence is the only key to achievements.Whatever ED and his new gangsters are doing today,please zimbabweans,let us not get attracted by that, instead let us deposed them for they have destroyed our lives and our tomorrow’s generation for 38 years.

  10. Anonymous: This is a transition government – there is much blame and much to mend. No point dwelling on the past! ED is sending out the right signals and wants to break away from the past, he is the right man to transition the country to the desired position. Until new leadership arises, let’s work with what we have and make the most of it. We all have a part to play

  11. I think Kurotwi is not telling the truth he should have reported Mpofu to police not Mugabe as we speak now he could be holding a case number from police and that could have made his allegations valid .As of removing zanu from power by us voters that one is imminent .All sane citizen know very well Mnangagwa is useless 38 years in govt doing nothing is not what we want and we are tired of one political party we want another party to govern .ZANU has failed every one knows that .

  12. fatty boom boom

    Interesting, i would like to see what happens to fat albert soon !!!

  13. Nyatsimba Mutota

    mbavha imbavha varume ngaende kujeri. Mbavha todziziva.

  14. Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo are better than Robert Mpofu

  15. Is it Robert Mpofu or Obert Mugabe after he professed to be his obedient son

  16. Latest news my foot!!

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