Latest: Mnangagwa visits Tsvangirai

LATEST: President Emmerson Mnangagwa has visited MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai at his Highlands home.

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  1. Gamba riri kupromisa. Keep it up ED.

  2. This is a different ZANU.Keep it up Mr President

  3. casper charumbira

    thank you have a different charactor in mind as other Zanu Pf members.big up general.
    in time of difficulties, u must help each other no matter what political party one supports.
    mukaramba makadaro muno winner ma elections.kkkkkkk

  4. casper charumbira

    thus zimbabwe we were were dreaminf of.

  5. This guy he is genius and very diplomatic.Thank you Mr President!!!

  6. If ED was genuine should have done it privately. this is to show the world that he is accommodating, peaceful and merciful when he is the opposite of all this. If he really cared for him should have allowed him to be declared winner in the 2008 elections and he should have not allowed his 200 supports to be killed maimed and properties being destroyed and burnt prior to the 2008 runoff.

    1. Please give ED a chance, let us not rush things as he has shown that he wants to make things right.

    2. smooch yourself in dissolutionment

    3. Remember some people are born just to annoy others. This gobvu man loves kumarana kwevanhu. He is not happy with whatever good things ED is doing. Keep it up Mr President, don’t be deterred by those that are anti-progress. Whenever they, the gobvus, open their mouths they spit venom and hapana zvainoita kugarwe.

  7. Comment…Ngwena V Good. Rambai muchiparidza soko re peace.

  8. Time will tell.The Gukurahundi issue is waiting to be attended to

    1. Nonsense , why do you want always to bring irrelevant issue here ?


    Amheno.Lets wait and see.

  10. Newsday, why not show us pics of Morgan so that we your readership comment on an enlightened mode?

  11. What a good gesture from the President a culture of inclusivity.This is the Zim that we want which embraces love and oneness

  12. Gobvu please note that President ED is the state president which means he is a public figure so why should he have visited Tsvangirai privately? ZEC and not president ED should have declared Tsvangirai the winner. It’s a new political dispensation so let us give the man a chance please!An eye for an eye will make Zimbabwe blind but forgiveness will heal the land.Thanks Mr President for that gesture of visiting MDC President Mr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai it shows you are a true nationalist and unifier.

  13. This man is different from evil Bob. Guys, we should pray for Mnangagwa to remain humble. The man is good and am seeing something good happening in Zim.

    1. They were evil together

  14. Yes that is real Zimbabwean relations. Politics is not about hatred it’s all different ideology and thinking but by the end of the day we are all Zimbabweans. Thank you President. You scored again.

  15. Ohh this lovely, finally swallowed their pride and there are now looking for the man to fix the economic problems, not a bad idea.

  16. He is a genius. Keep it up Ngwenaaaaa.

  17. Thus the country we are yearning to see. A country full of peace, love and unity. Thank you Mr. President, you are leading by example. May God Bless you and Zimbabwe. Kwasara a fair coverage on national broadcasting services of all political parties without bias.

  18. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Comment…RUNYARARO rwunotanga neni. RUNYARARO rwunotanga newe. RUNYARARO rwunotanga nesu TOSE. RUNYARARO rwunovepo neRUDO. Hoyo muyenzaniso/mufananidzo. RUGARE!!!!

  19. A good move , ED knows who can make this country move forward , this is hunhu ubuntu , Save save the nation but those with dirty hands must be brought to book , corruption is deadly . Keep the good inclusivity ED , hats of to Chwenga you are proving the media wrong about your approach to Tsvangirai , hope to keep on seeing this engagement , may I also say hat off to VC Hnr N Chamisa for the work you are doing , keep focused you are proving to be a good candidate for the MDC presidency with your age and experience , I wish you the best.

  20. Tawanda Mpambwa

    Well Done Ngwena. Keep rocking.. you are getting plenty of secret admirers and this will translate into votes!


  22. Guys let us give credit where it is due,Bravo Mr President.

  23. Thanks CDE Mnangagwa

  24. Goodenough Sithole

    That’s true leadership.I like it for Pirates and 5 skipas, Cde Prez.

  25. ohh you still remember that one thumbs up.

  26. Comment…Mr President salute you.You are leading by example

  27. Those who saw Mugabe in 1980, then affectionately called “Jongwe”, as he inviting all (black and white) into the Zanu PF big tent, with radios blasting Bob Marley’s “Zimbabwe” in the background will be smiling gently….


  29. We must be as a nation be careful of political gimmicks and we must not be fooled easily we must make sure Mnangagwa go have a rest after elections he has nothing to offer this nation .Its total change we need another political party to take over zanu must go we can not forget all the suffering we endured for 38 years bcoz ED visited Morgan

  30. Ubuntu Ubuntu. Thank you Cde President. You showed that politics doesn’t make us enemies but competitors for the benefit of our beloved Zimbabwe

  31. its noble what ED has done.politics shldnt be about beating and killing eachother.
    i think the president should be a people person.
    and going forward we would should have him do live debates with the opposition leaders so that people are well informed

  32. this is wonderfull unit is number one

  33. keep the spirit of peace going

  34. Ishona lishona,akujiki,remember gukurawundi!!

  35. ED vanoita

  36. chakanaka chakanaka its a gud beginning thank u ED ko asina chakaipa ndiani we learn from mistakes and pull up

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