‘Late CIO deputy director left a trail of terror’

THE main opposition MDC-T has accused the late top State security agent, Nixon Chirinda, of unleashing a reign of terror on its members during his tenure as provincial intelligence officer for Mashonaland West province.

MDC-T provincial secretary, Edward Kadewere yesterday told NewsDay that his party members heaved a sigh of relief when Chirinda was transferred to Harare.

“Chirinda was a cruel man not only at work, but even in the community. I remember during his reign at NSSA offices (NSSA Building houses the CIO offices in Chinhoyi) the CIO members were very ruthless to our members. Most of our members were picked up and tortured during his time there, but the situation greatly improved when he was transferred,” he said.

A former newspaper vendor recounted how he was interrogated after he gave Chirinda bond notes as change after the latter paid with $5 for a copy of a newspaper. “I was surprised that he refused bond notes as change, yet he was part of government. He ended up asking me if I knew him well, as if I had committed a crime. When I failed to give him change in United States dollars he took the newspaper without paying. Chirinda was bad news,” he said.

Chirinda’s former tractor driver, James Basera, claimed that he was fired for allegedly failing to finish ploughing a portion of land in a short space of time, and left without getting his dues.

Basera said when he went back to ask for his money, Chirinda allegedly pointed a gun at him and ordered him off the property.

“He reminded me of the colonial days when the white men would beat us when we did not do things their way. In fact, he was worse than the white farmers,” he said.

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But Zanu PF officials, among them Provincial Affairs minister Webster Shamu and central committee member Philip Chiyangwa, described the late CIO boss as a hard worker and jovial person.

Chirinda died in an horrific traffic accident in Chinhoyi on Saturday night and was declared a provincial liberation war hero.

At the time of his death, he had just been promoted to Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) deputy director (non-traditional threats) and was now based in Harare.

Chirinda will be buried at Glen Forest Memorial Park in Harare tomorrow.

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  1. Unokohwa chawadyara. Ichokwadi ichocho. Rough for rough, good for good. Let’s learn maZimbos.

  2. he once clapped me twice for overtaking hing at a hump in Mzari

    1. he once clapped me twice for overtaking him at a hump in Mzari chinhoyi 2008

      1. @mc dee, why were you overtaking on a hump?

        1. if he did that(overtaking on a hump) , what laws says someone must be beaten.

      2. You also posted this twice? did you think once was not enough? Maybe that’s why this dead crocodile slapped you twice!

        1. iwe Tajamuka uri bofu. Hausi kuona the reason why mc dee aposter ka twice? chako kuda kungoshora chete. manje iwe ndiwe wazoshoreka . take a closer look on mc dee’s comments uchaona the reason why aposter ka 2. after all a hump is not a continuous line, one can overtake if he sees that the road is clear. wambomubvunzawo here kuti aimhanyira kupi? ko pamwe aiva nemurwere mumota waaimhanyisa kuchipatara. tanga wafunga before wacommenta!

  3. Being a “hard worker and jovial person” does not make a cruel person any better.

  4. it sad that some of these people were so cruel at their kinsmen and though were immortal.Instead of being condoned the world appears to be better without them and it should be a big lesson to fellow intelligence officers like mashingaidze who is terrorising villagers in Matopo over Maleme Ranch.These guys will never learn and appear to be more than evil and this the time reorient themselves and not be wished dead by people

  5. Your deeds will follow you. Kunyangwe vashoma vakada kunatsidzira asi chokwadi chezvauri chinobuda muruzhinji rwevanhu. Zvanzi nemuimbi ngatiyedze misi yose kufadza muponisi not Mugabe, Munangagwa etc. Kana une hutsinye, Mwari vanokuurayawo zvine hutsinye. Chidzidzo kuvapenyu, kungonaka kwakanaka.

  6. We are all celebrating as another crocodile goes 6 feet under.

  7. This spy unit is very dangerous. Accidents…accidents…they seem not to have other means of eliminating the unwanted.

  8. may his soul rest in pieces

    1. His soul should never rest

  9. What is the need for this CIO unit. The country is not under threat from anyone. Ed and his cabal should just close this nonsense and save us money.

  10. He once beat me with my shoelaces for 10 minutes after I had eaten his orange at a zebra crossing. Cruel man

  11. if that is the case then its good riddance on bad rubbish

  12. True,his soul should never rest.

  13. Dust to dust…

  14. The late used to behave like the other CIO guy called Made who is currently doing his farming business at Lionsdone area. That one he is devil.It is matter of time that God will sort him out.

  15. munhu anokowa chawadyara true but most do not understand when we talk about these same guys and gukuraundi issues. where is nabanyama an mdc activist and many more that are not accounted for. zimbabwe is a peaceful nation despite the fact that the government perpetrated the most horrible situations on its people and it all goes down to one point that the government should protect its citizens .now zimbabwe has a false history written by those who were actors but we know a lot is not in order.

  16. zim was never a peacefull country boss it has always been run by these ruthless pseudo guys hw can we call ourselves peaceful wen 20 000 people died in Matebeleland, 1990 election what happened to ZUM and Kombai 1997 mass staways,1999 to 2007 hondo ye minda ,2008 election run off and we say we are peacefull: i beg to differ zim is a warring country but the violence is done pseudo style

  17. Hanzi wafa wanaka asi uyu vanhu varamba. Unoroyiwa ukaita sudden death netsaona nenyaya yekuita mhandu yevanhu vese.

  18. Yaive mhondi MaCIO a Mugabe ndoraive basa ravo vaiponda nokuda kufadza Mugabe yobvayanzi patriotism. Ngaaende mhondi.

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