Khupe snubs crucial MDC-T meeting

MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe and national chairman, Lovemore Moyo yesterday snubbed a crucial meeting to discuss widening ruptures over the succession of ailing party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.


This comes as MDC-T provincial chairpersons demanded a review of seats distributed to MDC Alliance partners. The chairpersons said negotiators gave away too many seats in the party’s strongholds as infighting continues dogging the main opposition party ahead of this year’s elections.

Tsvangirai is out of the country for medical attention and appointed one of his deputies, Elias Mudzuri, as acting president.
In an interview yesterday, MDC-T secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora downplayed Khupe and Moyo’s absence at the crucial national standing committee meeting.

“What I know is that she (Khupe) had meetings with a diplomat and was unable to attend. It was not a boycott the way, I understood it,” he said adding Moyo gave an official apology.

The MDC-T is currently facing internal fights with officials angling to succeed Tsvangirai, who has since indicated his intention to step down.

Some provincial leaders expressed concern that although they were agreeable to the coalition, the manner in which seat distribution was conducted had weakened the party.

Mwonzora confirmed the concern was brought forward to the standing committee.

“We discussed the proposed seat distribution as well as the concerns raised by our chairpersons and provincial leaders. What will happen, therefore, is that these concerns are going to be taken back to the alliance partners through our negotiators for further discussion,” he said.

“We were of the opinion that some of the concerns raised by our chairpersons were credible and we will bring those concerns to our partners in the alliance.”
Mwonzora expressed optimism about reaching a consensus with MDC Alliance partners soon.

MDC-T chairpersons met on Tuesday ahead of the party’s standing committee meeting and demanded that there be a review of the seat distribution.

Manicaland provincial chairperson, David Chimhini said although there was no going back on the alliance, it was the seats allocation system, which members felt could have been done better.

“In Manicaland, our concern was on Mutasa South and Chimanimani West. They are our constituencies, we won them before,” he said.
“Other constituencies, after we were asked to surrender some to the alliance, we just accepted as a principle that is being applied throughout the country.

“It was really a very fruitful meeting in the sense that the leadership was very accommodative and the chairpersons and the provincial leadership were also very frank with one another.

“It all reflected the seriousness of people to build a strong alliance and build a strong MDC-T party because after the elections definitely people will remain in their respective political parties and this is why people are saying let’s try to make us grow as a party while we are working within the alliance.”

In Harare, provincial chairman, Erick Murayi said their concern regarding the distribution of seats hinged on giving away both constituencies and wards.

“We have no problem having some of the seats going to the alliance. What we are against is the idea of ceding both the constituency and the wards because there is life after the elections, the party must remain visible so we want that to be corrected,” he said.

James Gumbi, the provincial chairperson in Masvingo, however, accepted the distribution, saying in negotiating, they could not demand everything.

Bulawayo provincial chairperson, Gift Banda acknowledged that there could be some challenges, but expressed hope that they would find common ground.
“It is my view that everything is not cast in stone. This is an on-going process and I think people are going to be amenable to alterations here and there,” he said.

Party spokesperson, Obert Gutu has already thrown his hat in the ring for the Harare East constituency, which was given to PDP, a development that is likely to create a rift within the alliance.

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  1. in any case she is irrelevant in MDC politics

  2. No one cares about her , there are several people in MDC who can take Khupe’s place. This is the problem we had with Mugabe he thought that he can not be replaced. Zimbabwe goes on as there are several intelligent people in this country to propel it to greater economic prosperity as this is the only thing Zimbabweans want at the moment.

    1. Eliasha & Kangaira, speak for yourselves and remember that Harare is not Zimbabwe. Always remember where the MDC-T seats come from. For some of us when the likes of Khuphe speak we listen. Besides it is Morgan who is behaving exactly like Mugabe, wanting to run the party like his tuck shop, deciding with his wife in the bedroom who the next shopkeeper should be. Democracy respects elected leadership plain and simple.

      1. Matebelaland no longer supports MDC like wat it used to do so even if Khupe goes or is replaced, the party won’t feel e heat

      2. Khuphe has failed to rise to become a national leader, she still represents matebeleland, she should stop talking as a matebeleland rep and talk as the VP of a national party, thats why she can be ignored.

  3. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Muchaifunga nguva yamurikutambisa iyi muchiita zvemahumbwe. Mutungamiriri wenyika vakati SARUDZO mumwedzi mina kana mishanu inotevera. Musazotinyangudza.

  4. chihombe madhara

    kkkkkkkkk,pakaipa,ngwena will simply win the elections ,there is no more opposition to talk about.

  5. This is the end of MDC

    1. This is blue lies. It is unhealth and is a sign of being undemocratic to agree on everything. What is happening in MDC is very health and democratic. People are freely debating and out of that a real and strong MDC will emerge.

  6. the problem is as long as ED wins, that election is not ‘credible’. personally I am disgruntled by these disorganised cry babies in MDC. they cant manage one party. how can they manage all the national resources and systems. how long do they need to conclude this alliance thing? is it worth taking the whole year? even if God wanted them to win, he will definately disqualify them only for their inability to manage. Morgan has failed. some one should assist him. he needs our help. Restore Legacy.

  7. its an opportunity the khupes will cherish once lost, why being selfish they are supposed to be there and air their views . she is said to be senior party member and elected but she lacks maturity and therefore she is not presidential material, you cannot avoid the people you lead. hope you realise this and act accordingly

  8. Toko kupe you are the one suitable to lead MDC and not those with honorary Doctorates. Mamwe ma Engineer even basis such as Norton, Superpostion and Thirvenin are not known maybe kuhwereketa nechindevere chavo zvakatonaka.

  9. I donot think Khupe has tact and wisdom in her reaction. If she stays away from crucial meetings in the MDC-T, how then does she keep abreast of goings-on in the party. How does she get to know the pulse of party politics within its corridors of power and the body language and off- the-cuff comments of officials. When president ED was being persecuted in Zanu-pf, he never boycotted party meetings and rallies. That is the only way you connect with sympathisizers or even engage with those you disagree with. I think this is a serious miscaculation on her. Besides, none has done well after leaving the MDC-T and usually all those that leave tend to overestimate their political capital. Take heed.

  10. @Rook … well spoken.

  11. I wish this could be reproduced today together with the comments so Khupe understand why she gave Nelson a step ahead of her.

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