Khupe faces MDC-T expulsion

Thokozani Khupe

MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe could be thrown out of the party if she misses today’s national standing committee (NSC) meeting, which will be chaired by acting president Elias Mudzuri, NewsDay has heard.


Khupe missed last week’s meeting together with national chairperson Lovemore Moyo, who, however, issued an apology.

Sources said Khupe’s failure to attend meetings was now being viewed as contemptuous in the context of her reservations about the creation of the MDC Alliance – a coalition of opposition parties.

Senior MDC-T officials, who spoke to NewsDay yesterday, said moves were already in place to censure Khupe for absconding party meetings.

“She has chaired NSC meetings before and we gave her the necessary support, but we have realised that she does not want to support others,” an official said.

“We are going to have another NSC meeting this week and if she fails to attend, but later goes to Parliament, we will cause her ouster.”

Khupe, who missed the previous meeting, is reported to have attended Parliament later during that day, something that peeved her MDC-T colleagues.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed today’s meeting, but declined to reveal its agenda.

“It’s a routine NSC meeting that will be chaired by the acting president Elias Mudzuri,” he said.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who is currently out of the country for medical attention, appointed one of his deputies, Mudzuri, as acting president, further fuelling already raging factional fires in the party.

Khupe is reportedly against the MDC Alliance and has insisted that if the MDC-T wants to go into coalitions with other parties, it should only do so in Mashonaland provinces, where it has traditionally fared badly.

Gutu dismissed the alleged plot to kick Khupe out, describing it as “hogwash”.

“I am not going to dignify trash by providing a substantive response,” he said.

But another source said it was a matter of time before the party makes its position on Khupe if she continued to miss meetings and allegedly “fund rebellion” within the party.

“The problem is that she thinks she is entitled to succeed MT [Tsvangirai] and she wants to hold us to ransom. No, she must know that MDC-T is bigger than an individual,” the source said.

“We are watching her carefully.

“The more she bunks party meetings, the easier it becomes for us to take action.

“We know Tsvangirai will reverse the decision, but we would have sent a clear message to her and others.”

The MDC-T is facing internal fights, with officials angling to succeed Tsvangirai, who has indicated his intention to step down.

The fights are reportedly centred around Tsvangirai’s three deputies – Khupe, Mudzuri and Nelson Chamisa – who are reportedly vying to succeed the ailing party leader.

Attempts to get a comment from Khupe were fruitless.


  1. The Second Coming

    She thinks she is special. We are tired of such selfish people who take people for a ride

    1. Ngaaende haana kana basa Khupe uyu. Nonsense dzaari kuiitira idzi!!

    2. She thinks she is bigger than the party, Khupe must change

  2. expel this tribalist and you will be a clean party

    1. Its not god start expelling each other at the moment, while its quite true that some of the new members of the coalition do not bring value to the mdc

      1. Its not good to start expelling each other at the moment, while its quite true that some of the new members of the coalition do not bring value to the mdc

  3. sent her away she will teach others BIGWINGS DID THE SAME and went for ever

  4. Why is she causing this unnecessary confusion in the party at a time there must be unity of purpose?, She has to urgently correct herself.

    1. You can say that again hako iwe.Khupe must use her brains apa

  5. Khupe is the only VP of the MDC. Chamisa and Biti were installed to dilute her power. There is nothing that you can do to her without destroying your party.
    She is right, she should be the next president unless if a congress is called for and she loses in a democratic way.
    The MDC is lacking democracy.

    1. Yep, she’s the only one elected congressionally. But apparently MT was “given” powers to handpick VPs, a very sad development in MDC-T. It is the hand-picked individuals who are likely to think they are special, not elected ones. This is the scenario that put old RGM into trouble.

    2. The President had seen something on her and he became pro-active remember this is politics where you don’t have permanent friends or enemies. She is power hungry, let her do her job not boycotting crucial meetings. She is proving that she is not one of us ngaaende if she continue with Moyo to boycott.

  6. josphat mugadzaweta

    and kiss the matebeleland vote goodbye!!!

    1. Khuphe does not own people in Matabeleland. You are leading her astray. Welshman once thought so too

    2. Welshman did that and look where he is now

    3. Wrong comment, No-one owns anyone in Zimbabwe. So not having Khype does not neccessarily mean that Matebeleland is gone, never.This is the trype of politics we do not want where people think that they own people . No, No, No, No, No, Josphat

    4. Getting or not getting the Matabeleland vote will not make Matabeleland win an election.. So thats not fixing anyone. A minority vote wont win you to rule the country

    5. Josphat Mugadzaweti you are not Matebeleland and l doubt if you know where it is. Khupe is not again matebeleland and if she wants to end her political career and vanish for good on the political seen let her keep on doing what she is doing. She will end up being vana Mahoka and Chimenez.

    6. We will want to see to that.

  7. its too late for her to keep on campaigning against the coalition. she must flow with the tide

  8. Comment…Am behind Khupe futseke went imi vana mbwa

    1. What are you behind on Khupe? She needs a good advisor or she will be misled

    2. No one is shouting at anyone here its an open discussion for people with open minds like us. With your stupid comments we hope Khupe is not like you too. If you look at the number of people not in support with Khupe and Moyo the writing is on the wall she is doing the wrong thing. Come congress she will loose her post if she does not change now take it from us. Matemadanda once said l quote ” Anenge abuda mu 999 ndiye anenge arasika.” Khupe arasika.

  9. Wrong comment, No-one owns anyone in Zimbabwe. So not having Khype does not neccessarily mean that Matebeleland is gone, never.This is the trype of politics we do not want where people think that they own people . No, No, No, No, No, Josphat

  10. Comment…I think ultimate remedy is party constitution allowing party presidential aspirants to freely campain and win in such primary election. “Mugoti unopiwa anyerere” option seems fraught with potential hickups. Alternatively incumpent appoints single successor who immediately appoints own single successor, to ward-off dangerous dreaming.

  11. Comment…Khupe is no doubt a historian of the “chibwe chitedza” national political era. Fortunately our constitution allows unlimited freedom of imagination. However others of MDC might not recommend party political investment in the Khupe noble dream in today’s national political climate.

  12. My take is that Thokozani is insecure. If she is such a strong leader she should be asserting herself in the party. Now she is behaving like a small child who is throwing tantrums. Her behaviour only serves to show us that she lacks leadership qualities and is giving her enemies sufficient ammunition to further derail her. Strategy yekuramwa does not work in politics.

  13. sister khupe mapindwa nei ,madii mabatana nevamwe

  14. As Zimbabweans I think its high time we stop talking alone tribal lines. Honestly, this will never do any good to this lovely country. I personally call upon all the loving people of this country to just try and work together as Zimbabweans. Currently the opposition in Zimbabwe has exposed themselves that they might not have what it takes to take this country forward witnessed by these petty power fights forgetting the causes that led to the creation of opposition. Pull up your socks opposition we are not convinced yet.


    1. I think you lost it all. I never endorsed any party. I never mentioned any party, so where are you getting all this. My comments were purely on unifying the people of Zimbabwe. You are the one who is not real. Read and understand before you comment.


    2. People like you who jump to conclusions before understanding what is carried in the message are very dangerous. Revisit yourself my brother. Read my message again.

      1. True Paul, too many pathetic people in Zim, they can’t even interpret a simple comment, that’s why these parties a tired in tribalism and cannot move forward, unfortunately those who notice are very few and get pushed out, as long as some feel more superior than others, change will remain a dead dream. Keep up the positive attitude bro, it’s all you can do.

  16. Ngaaende Mundebele uyo ,havafe vakatonga muno,igore remakaranga CHAMISA naBLAZ vake Mangagwa

  17. Welshman got a kick in the butt / and this lost the electoral vote 4MDC.

    This will be a very competitive election – if the people of that region feel marginalised you wont win the election.

    Cool heads need 2prevail.

    1. josphat mugadzaweta


  18. Tinemishonga yechibhoyi inobva kuMalawi isina ma side effects inorapa zvirwere zvakawanda zvakasiyana siyana kusanganisira ma fibroids, asima, shuga, kuuchika, kusuka mudumbu, kuwedzera nguva pabonde, kukudza nhengo yababa mumazuva gumi, nezvimwe zvakawanda.fonai pa0714066125.Tinodhilivhara pachena mu harare.

  19. munhu wese kuna amai

  20. By saying coalition must be done in Mashonaland she is being regionalistic and the country has no place for such people. Does she think she is a VP for Matebeleland or for a National Party which covers the whole country.

  21. go team tsvangirai go zimbabwe will never be a dictatorship again.chiwenga is our biblical david tsvangirai is our biblical joseph our moses our aaron take us to the land of honey and milk SAVE

  22. MDC makadhakwa guys instead of uniting to put up a good fight against other parties you are busy fighting on your own. This idea of giving the president powers to hand pick deputies is ZANU Pf style, different characters, same stadium, so we are are now heading for G40 vs Lacoste part 2, the MDC way. Tirpo hedu pa bay 20 apo watching and taking notes.

  23. Why blame Khupe yet you have never heard her side of the story blame blame that is stupid . Becareful of cio and zanu supporters pretending to be opposed to maKhupe to fuel hate in the party . All true respect this iron lady .

  24. Comment… yeah I am now convinced that zimbos are not mature yet. MDC you will just not win this election. anyone in support of anything in this party at the moment is an enemy of progress. let all business minded zimbabweans rally behind and give total support to ED who is showing clear commitment to turn this country around. you will see this when he come from davos that opposition is no longer relevant. Investors would rather trust ed rather than mt at the moment. just watch and see

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