Kanyemba woman appeals for help


A 36-YEAR-OLD woman from Kanyemba, close to the border with Zambia and Mozambique, who is battling a vicious tumour that has left her partially blind and robbed her family of a mother and a wife, is seeking $10 125 for surgery in India.


Prudence Kadziyanike, a mother of three, is suffering from a condition that was diagnosed as pituitary macro adenoma. She is desperately in need of corrective surgery that will restore her sight and afford her an opportunity to fend for her family.

It all started in 2015 when Kadziyanike started suffering from sore eyes and terrible migraine headaches. She sought eye treatment in Lusaka, the closest big city to her home.

Most remote areas in Zimbabwe do not have access to proper health facilities and those that are available do not have the necessary equipment and medication.

“The condition of my eyes didn’t improve. After realising that I was losing my peripheral vision and at the same time experiencing persistent headaches, I went for a scan of my brain in February 2017. The results confirmed that I had pituitary macro adenoma,” she said.

As the year 2017 progressed, her vision deteriorated living her practically blind. This year, through the help of family friends in Harare, they inquired in South Africa and India on surgery costs and received several treatment plans from South Africa, but the costs were thrice as much as the one treatment plan they got from India.

“Based on treatment plan of Dr Aditya Gupta, a neurosurgeon and director of neurosurgery at SCI International Hospital in New Delhi, I need an endoscopic removal of the tumour through the nose. Afterwards, I may need chemotherapy or radiotherapy.”

However, her family and relatives are unable to fund her treatment in India.

Kadziyanike is seeking $10 125 which will cover hospital bills, specialists, visas, hospital accommodation and her upkeep together with that of her husband, Tafirei Shamiso who will accompany her.

“It is my sincere wish to have the surgery so I will get my health back and be able to lead a normal life of looking after my family,” that is her plea

Those who want to assist can get in touch with the family on 0782767961, 0771324097


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