Jonathan Moyo on BBC Hardtalk

FORMER higher education minister and now prominent government critic professor Jonathan Moyo has appeared on the BBC’s HARDtalk with the pre-recorded interview set to be broadcast Thursday morning.


The programme primer says the former Zanu PF politician is “described as one of the most hated men in Zimbabwe and is wanted in the country on corruption charges”.

Since his ouster from power and scape into exile, Prof Moyo has used social media to condemn last November’s military coup in Harare and disparage the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa as illegitimate.

The last time he appeared on the hard-hitting programme as information minister in 2015, Prof Moyo scoffed at interviewer, Stephen Sackur, suggestion that then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa was “now the heir apparent” to veteran leader Robert Mugabe.

Retorted Moyo, “That’s your view. Don’t state it as a fact.”

He added; “He (Mnangagwa) is a Vice President of the country, one of the two appointed by the President (Mugabe) to assist him to implement the President’s agenda related to his pledges to the electorate.

“I want to repeat, this reference to him as the next President is yours and it is a burden that you should unravel for yourself and not state as a fact.”

However, just over two years later, Mnangagwa is now Zanu PF leader and state President with Prof Moyo forced to escape into exile.

This was after the military intervened last November to thwart was seen as an attempt by Moyo and his G40 Zanu PF allies to stop a Mnangagwa succession and facilitate the elevation of Mugabe’s wife Grace instead.

Mugabe, 93, was forced to resign under military pressure and the threat of impeachment.

Since his resignation Moyo and his close allies have escaped into exile, claiming to have escaped assassination attempts by the military. A Malawi publication this week claimed that he was in that country.

Meanwhile, former ministers and other ex-Zanu PF officials linked to Grace Mugabe and the G40 faction who are still in the country have faced arrests on corruption charges.

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  1. In this day and age its surprising that there are people who still takes Jonathan Moyo seriously. The last time he was expelled from ZANU-PF, he openly said its cold out there and i bet he has started feeling the cold.

  2. no offense but i think somehow the prof is right. zimbabwe is under coup-leadership. in other countries leaders come from God but in Zimbabwe they come from the army thus need for ED to reward the guys with top ranks. cant imagine the fear that Chipanga went through after standing for what is right. he (chipanga) was under duress thus his apology to ED AND Gen. chiwenga.

    1. chinzwa kuhumana

    2. Do you really believe that God will send Aliens to rule over you, or it’s you who vote in idiots. As long as there is people who associate oppressors with God nothing meaningful will change.

  3. Do you seriously intend to spend the remaining 22-25 years of your life on the run,Prof ButterNutHead? Come on Sorodamba, I know you can do better than this-humbly retrace your steps to the feeding trough!!!

    1. you want him to be killed. he survived by a whisker

  4. I smell a Big Rat here, if the Prof cum Prophet is in hiding how did BBC manage to fish him out for this damaging interview, there is a conspiracy theory going on here and it involves very influential figures and i am not also ruling out the ousted President, lets see how this one will work out in the next coming days.

    1. its not damaging its a fact eliasha


    1. This prof is a day dreamer still employed by Grace same as the mbanje snortin Zhuwao no one and i mean no one takes them serious they are barking hounds without teeth and are feeling very cold out there,Come election they will see the love ED commands,its actually Jonathan spearheading the MRP agenda and the the so called Gukurahundi issue.Smith killed more than the Gukurahundi did,after all Mugabe is the one answerable and the stupid prof dined with him and dared raise the issue..To hell Prof your twitter prooved ineffective BBC hard talk is even chicken with no soup,no one will listen to you ,you are a gonna like Robert,start lessons in malawi oblong headed idiot,they will need your head to feed the fish msunu kanyoko.Me pied piper

      1. Gubhi chikunguwo

        These guys were so arrogant and made themselves people’s enemies. They were rude,untouchables and from another planet. Now they looking for pity from the same people they treated as fools. What goes around comes around. One thing they never saw coming is starting the new year as fugitive, with few people listening to them

      2. Tell them loud and clear

        Comment…Hahahah how the clock of l life turns so quick. Its hard for Jonathan Moyo to accept that he is an opposition person in Zimbabwe; and not only that but a real Diaspora. also and a fugitive

      3. its better to be killed with non relative than your close relative brother. Judas was the worst enemy of Jesus Christ more than those who killed him.

  6. The man sounds very bitter, and is talking hot air

  7. we only had love for ED for a day coz he removed Mugabe from power otherwise we don’t really give a toss about anyone to do with zanupf whether lacoste, G40 or whatever faction

    1. you shouldnt have bothered mate with or without your so called he was still going to make it.As for sorodamba being on skype from wherever u hiding on bbc is just exposing how wicked u are coz the same journo u were mocking about ED landing the top post in zim is trying to show how irrelevant u are.VIVA ZIMBABBWE 2018 IS OURYEAR

  8. The people of Zimbabwe are being blinded by their hate for Mugabe, which unfortunately Jonso represents. Yes he is bitter but that doesn’t make what he is saying any less valid. ED and gang are illegitimate period. They came in via the gun and that is not acceptable. The coerced a sitting President to resign, after using the masses for demos. Yes, we needed Mugabe out 20 years ago and they were brave to do that, but only after their own positions were threatened. ED was fired, Chiwenga was about to be arrested coming back from China. It’s only sad that Jonso has no legitimacy either to say what he is saying, just like ED has no legitimacy to rule. Both factions are as bad, what Zimbabwe needs is free and fair elections then put in place a gvt that works for the ple. I’m not fooled that ED and army gang will let opposition a chance to win elections. ED and Chiwenga personally oversaw the 2008 violence to reverse a MT victory. People were burned, ple died. We shall see.


  9. Dear Jonathan Moyo
    The people of Zimbabwe are tired of your political prostitution and as such will not listen to you. You are selfish and corrupt yourself and as such you lack credibility, all of a sudden Mugabe once your sworn enemy is now saint for a simple reason he was now buttering your bread. The People of Zimbabwe will never wish Mugabe back, not in a million years. Just come back here and face the music, the (Juanta) wants you home.

  10. Gubhi chikunguwo

    These guys were so arrogant and made themselves people’s enemies. They were rude,untouchables and from another planet. Now they looking for pity from the same people they treated as fools. What goes around comes around. One thing they never saw coming is starting the new year as fugitive, with few people listening to them


  11. Zimbabwe ED must be brought to justice for murder charges (Gukurahundi). He has evaded the courts because he is the president and those who support him and hate Mugabe or Moyo are just stupid as these people are the same

  12. I read all these comments with utter surprise as to why Africans cannot get focused. The future of Zimbabwe lies in its citizens deciding on what they want, and then going for it. ED is selectively arresting the ‘corrupt’ (read his political nemesis) and is being hailed!Its not going to help create the healing process but rather will cause more hate and rancour.

  13. JNM – has rights / speech in Zimbabwe is free. What is unacceptable is to dismiss Gukurahundi and short long sleeve atrocities on the back of one disagreements with JNM.

    I have no issue with JNM standing trial over allegations of corruption levelled against him by the Zimbabwe AntiG40 Corruption Commission (ZACC). What I want is a commission independent enough to pursue allegations of corruption against all criminals without regard for party or office they occupy.

    It is small talk not to acknowlegde the coup – unless you are on this platform to sing for your supper. The precedent set will come back to haunt the instigators.

    If JNM was denied burial rights for his father when still a minister, it follows many people have been denied the same rights. How does one begin to justify this? You can dismiss this / but it wont take away the pain, anger and resentment of the affected people.


      Gukurahundi was not even discussed in that interview so its essential but off topic in this instance

  14. The currency of politics is not permanent friendships. No. Zimbabwe must learn to move with the times. JNM, for me is no longer an issue.

    Ana Charamba vatibvire ku mhepo. He should have justified the use of 25 trigger happy snipers to arrest a criminal or is ti G40 polical opponent. Thug power will not subvert the will of the people.

    I have moved past him / its the Lacoste Government that is having sleepless nights over him. We must be equally energised – MRT, Chamisa, Khupe, Mudzuri were are you its election season.

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