Jonathan Moyo escape details emerge

FORMER Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has for the first time revealed how he escaped from the jaws of the military during Operation Restore Legacy, where the army pounced on several houses belonging to G40-linked senior Zanu PF officials.


In an interview from an unknown location with BBC’s Zeinab Badawi on HARDtalk yesterday, Moyo said he was alerted earlier on about the military’s strike during Operation Restore Legacy, prompting him to seek refuge at his former Cabinet colleague and G40 ally Saviour Kasukuwere’s house.

“On that day, the military specifically targeted my house and myself with a clear intention to cause harm and that is why I am not in the country, although I left legally,” he said.

“I am not at liberty to disclose my whereabouts because they have shown a very clear and determined intention to find me and harm me wherever I am.

“On the morning of November 15, around 2:30am Zimbabwean time, between 15 to 25 heavily-armed SAS (Special Air Service) soldiers came to my residence and they destroyed the gate and entrance to my house and shot their way into every room looking for me, but fortunately they didn’t find me and none of the members of my family were there because I had been forewarned the previous night that I should not spend the night at my house and that I should take every member of my family with me out of the house.”

On the day in question, the army laid siege at Kasukuwere, Moyo and former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo’s homes, resulted in the arrest of former Zanu PF youth leader Kudzanai Chipanga.

This was Moyo’s first interview after the military takeover which resulted in the ouster of President Robert Mugabe and inauguration of Emmerson Mnangagwa as his successor.

Moyo, who expressed unwillingness to return to Zimbabwe under Mnangagwa’s rule, started off by chronicling how he left the country, refuting claims he sought refuge at Mugabe’s Blue Roof private residence in Borrowdale Brooke, Harare.

It is widely believed Moyo sought refuge at Mugabe’s home, but he was at pains to refute this, insisting he had been “saved by angels”.

There were reports that Mugabe had negotiated Moyo and Kasukuwere’s safe passage.

“That is false,” he said.

Moyo said his house was attacked almost the same time as Kasukuwere’s, illustrating that they were targeted.

“When they came to attack Saviour Kasukuwere’s house about 2:30am on November 15, they subjected it to some 15 minutes of gunfire,” he narrated.

“Amazingly after 15 minutes they had surrounded the house and the sounds of gunfire just went silent and we waited there for about 10 minutes and there was no movement or sign of any presence of these special forces that had surrounded the house.”

Moyo said they managed to get out of the house and embarked on a journey to leave Zimbabwe “legally”.

He described those who helped him to leave the country as angels for their role in saving their lives.

Moyo refused to say how they were helped or the route they used, but emphasised that he left when Mugabe was still President.

“I left Zimbabwe with the help of people, who to me are angels, because they saved lives and I am not at liberty to say who helped me, how they helped me and how I left Zimbabwe except to say I left Zimbabwe when President Mugabe was President of the country and I left with the assistance of these people legally,” he said.

“I managed to escape the net of the military people and to be where I am legally.”

Moyo said international law should apply to protect him from harassment and harm from the Zimbabwe army, as he left without a warrant of arrest against him.

He said he had not been in touch with former First Lady Grace Mugabe since he left, insisting those who were opposed to Mugabe’s wife’s ascendancy to the Vice-Presidency were in the minority.

Moyo said he looks forward to speaking with Mugabe.


  1. Moyo’s Saviour was Kasukuwere. Otherwise, he could have died. I strongly suspect that the unnamed angel who facilitated their escape was none other than Angel Gabriel himself! In any case, it doesn’t require a BBC interface for one to be convinced that the vengeful and spiteful cum fugitive Moyo is an international conman and cyber terrorist. The long arm of the law will soon find him and drag him by the collar all the way to Harare!

  2. Moyo should know that even the devil saves his own so that gullible people will follow him. The so called are not angles at all but agents of the devil. What harm is Moyo of which surpasses the harm he did to Zimbabwe through the various laws he helped to enact. Stay wherever you are Moyo, Zimbabwe does not need you at all. The whole of Zimbabwe except Moyo, Chombo, Zhuwawo and Robert Mugabe wanted Grace to the president, so for Moyo to say that the minority did not want Grace to be president is a total lie. Who needs a president akazhandukira. Donald Trump is saint compared to Grace. Ukaona munhu anoburitsa ziso pane vanhu, that person is possessed and dangerous. To Moyo and your cronies, adios. What Zimbabweans wanted was for Mugabe to go and those who removed Mugabe and his cronies from power we thank them. The whole world is happy that Mugabe is no longer in power. Basa rekuita donate to AU when his own people are suffering.

  3. You really have to be out of your mind to appear on international tv defending Grace and Robert Mugabe. It simply shows how out of touch with reality G40 was. Professor, where ever you are, swallow your pride, accept defeat, don’t be bitter. You placed all your bets on the wrong horse. Real politics is not textbook stuff. It is not unimaginable that you embrace the new dispensation. It is you Prof who once said only a fool doesn’t change his mind. Supporting Grace and Robert Mugabe is a lost cause.

  4. Zvipikovo… isai mari magweja anosvivhomora kwasviri ikoko dead or alive. Ngasvisa nyaudza vanhu svimbogara svinyerere kwasviri ikoko other wise basop mese nazhowahwo unongovukurawo arimuno. Hakuchina 51% yekuti ndini zhowao muzaya wakule, futseke, jump off a cliff and f%&# off

    1. Jonathan moyo is story telling a Robin Wood story to the poor malawi rural community.what a disgrace We are happy and our super President ED is trying and we will give him time,Jono waste your time with MRP they are irrelavant and unnoticeable.chimbovukura isu zetee na ED wedu

  5. Strange indeed. The SAS shot at and entered into every room of Jonathan Moyo’s house, but only shot from outside and did not get into Kasukuwere’s house. Hmmm Professor.

  6. Jonono your ego is probably the size of your head. When you were in position of authority you abused that authority masquerading as the smartest man in Zimbabwe but the fact is, your not anywhere close! You post crap on twitter insulting all and sundry and now its your turn and you cry foul. Just like the dread lock fella, you guys have very dangerous minds. You learnt well from your principal and now you should consider therapy.

  7. This Jonso Moyo should not be taken for granted , these are the type of people who can block development to the new dispensation than the Chamisas whom people spent almost a week complaining about their visit to the USA.Remember he once been in Cabinet, Politburo and one of the master minder to most activities hence this guy holds a lot in his heart of which once revealed may shocked everyone

    1. nehanda nyakasikana


      This confused professor only thrived in an environment where he has authority or he is the authority…outside that he’s harmless…confusion pamunhu akadzidza inodambura brain…you can hear elements of dementia in his BBC interview

  8. I recall your answer pertaining to Dzamara’s where abouts… you articulated hate into Zim politics and we hate you too!

  9. If i was Mugabe I would have built escape tunnels in the blue roof house. I am sure there are tunnels there and Jonso and Tyson used these to escape

    1. Moyo vasikana, since when has he been an activist against brutality and misrule. This guy has sour grapes. Does he think he has any support or simpathy of the masses of Zimbabwe except a few of his fellow criminals? Shame on him. He must stop all the writings he is maing from the diaspora, kkkk…..!

  10. I think you are a coward Jonathan, noone was going to kill you. You just need to come and face your issues just like your friend Gina. Most Zimbabweans are happy here, we celebrate the freedom we have now. We enjoy driving around freely like most people in the world not being treated like criminals because one drives a car. Learn from others wherever you are, every human being has rights; thus all we wanted. I do not care who governs, all I care about is how I am governed. I want to give the new guys a chance because so far so good.

  11. Kkk the minority where aganist disgrace presidency my foot msoro bhangu g40 was a jority and lacoste majority you suck joana.

  12. Somebody should have put a round through that peanut head of yours years ago. You thieving bastard.

    1. Comment…Jonso you are far behind

  13. Moyo is the main man

    1. nutty professsor some of us are not political scientists. we long saw it coming. grace was never going to rule us. that scum bag. loved nani. dr cables oh no no no

  14. kkkkkk it seems someone is really worried about the professor although they won’t admit it.A thorn in the flesh

  15. Kkkkkkk Jonso vanogona kutaura ngano. Who would believe that story for a second?? 😳

  16. Not the SAS I know of!!!

  17. What a load of rubbish. There is no SAS in Zimbabwe and hasn’t been since before independence. He’s trying to be a hero and impress people. He is nothing but a conniving coward who thinks only of himself.

    1. JP the SAS are there a unit of Zimbabwes speacial forces. but they would never be used for the task that Jonso claims. they are too professional for that. had itreally been the SAS he wouldnt be talking where he is. he should not rubbish the countries most elite force. they are not Boy Scouts.

  18. What a load of rubbish. There is no SAS in Zimbabwe and hasn’t been since before independence. He’s trying to be a hero and impress people. He is nothing but a conniving coward who thinks only of himself.j

  19. looting is over

  20. dai dzaisava nyasha dzamwari dai makatimedza tiri vapenyu chimbonzwaiwo kurwadza kwekugara munyika isiri yako makadya nekukohwa pamusina kurima prof hanzi tsoko inonakirwa ichitanda gudo kana mukana wakwagudo tsoko ochema hanzi kwangu kuduku kkkkkk

  21. jono you put zimbabweans in hell for yes and for those years you enjoyed now in three months you are on tight corner and we are enjoying .shut up jono come and face the music wakuwara

  22. Moyo was getting angry on behalf of Mugabe himself. Kasi wainyenga Gire here? You left Grace to fight your fights naNgwena but it was crystal clear that Gire was never going to out do Ngwena. Gire’s politics dzepatsime kumusha kwaBimha uko dzaionekwa kuti Gandanga haridye derere. We love Ngwena, Sibusiso Moyo and Cgiwenga. They are our heroes for stopping the establishment of a dynasty in Zimbabwe. Makafongorera museve vakomana!

  23. Comment…Mmmmm team bobgracajona was disastrous thank God they’re gone. Jona mustn’t be feared@all its nw a toothless viper.

  24. the professor lacks wisdom. how can disgrace, a lady of loose morals, who decides to marry her boss older than her father zvino nyadzisa musociety munhu ano tenga DPhil, rule a country of 14million normal people

    1. the professor lacks wisdom. how can disgrace, a lady of loose morals, who decides to marry her boss older than her father zvino nyadzisa musociety munhu ano tenga DPhil, rule a country of 14million normal people

  25. Need I say anything , INI viora ziii zvangu.Prof you are not that intelligent.You were bitten twice by the same snake in your own house.Tsholotsho now this .Retire your degree .

  26. Comment…siyai moyo varikuruzevhakwavari ikoko

  27. Im not surprised!just the shape of his head reveals all…come back to zim jonso we waiting for you and tyson.

  28. Comment..Jonso is trivially singing for his Gire tied continuous suppers, as he has always done for much of modern life. He has always epitomised, extinction bound , if tragically aberrant, popular definition of education, largely responsible for our post independence miseries, mecurial story tellers, with scant imitation of bankable character, as if to suggest there exists society that sends its children to school with such character expectations.

  29. Comment…

  30. Regai vavukure variko isu naED wedu tichienda mberi nenyika yedu.

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  33. Test of own medicine,waiti zvinoguma nepi,kana vakuru vakati chisingaperi chinoshura wani,RIP Jonah,it was long overdue

  34. i want to thank you Jonah for making the Junta remove Mugabe ,now its even easier to get rid rid of Zanu as a whole

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