In Pics: Mnangagwa visits Tsvangirai


  1. famba tsvangirai famba dzamara tatora nyika yedu nekurwarwa ikoko we will vote for u famba tsvangirai famba dzamara tatora nyika yedu

  2. You won previous elections M.T., and you will win this one. The world is watching, and we are watching. You have our vote!

  3. The truth is everyone in Zanu pf knows it that Tsvangirai is by right the legitimate President of Zimbabwe. Vose ava they are there by default.

  4. Newsday what the hell is wrong with your website? asi you got a designer pasi pe muti?

  5. fantastic these adults finally had to swallow their pride and visit this man, this is good news.

    1. Good news indeed, Eliasha

  6. We pray for divine healing for Morgan. In God we trust that Morgan will be healed.

  7. Shaolin Kung fu master

    tsvangson looksmuch better now

  8. Agreed he looks much better

  9. Encouraging indeed hope n ED will hand over power to Mogiza after voting bcoz Moprgan is the guy to be our NEXT lawful President

  10. Newsday please sort out the Website it is now very disorganised.

  11. Mnangagwa is very cunning. The world will see those pictures contrasting him and Tsvangirai. Who looks more fit to be the president of a country. Ubuntu or a calculated political move by the crocodile?

  12. Tsvangirai is too frail to take over, ED ataridza hanhu kunoona Morgan, #edhasmyvote2018

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