Hwange Power Station output increases to 661MW

POWER generation at Hwange Thermal Power Station has increased to 661 megawatts (MW) following the completion of refurbishment works at one of its units which had been inactive for years, Energy minister Simon Khaya Moyo has said.


Moyo told journalists in Harare yesterday that Hwange’s unit six, which had been under refurbishment, was now up and running.

“It has been years since we last had such an output (661MW),” Moyo said

Hwange is Zimbabwe’s biggest power plant by design capacity and is made up of six generating units which at intervals require overhaul to maintain its efficiency.

The plant was first constructed in 1973 and was generating about 500MW against its installed capacity of 920MW due to technical issues and its advanced age.

Moyo also announced a maximum pump prices for petrol as $1,35, diesel $1,23 and paraffin at $1,17 per litre following the reduction of excise duty on the three fuels by the Finance and Economic Development ministry.

“I wish to point out that the reduction in fuel prices will not mean that these will remain fixed. Going forward, the prices of fuel will either go up or down in tandem with international price movements as has always been the case,” Moyo said.

“As you are aware, Opec (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and Russia have been implementing crude production cuts. These have resulted in continual firming since mid-last year,” Moyo said.

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  1. how much was it producing before

    1. Agree @munya, poor reporting.

  2. And how does this affect the consumer price per kilowatt/hour. For long consumers have been subjected to high utility prices and Government has offered no reasonable explanation and we only assume that its revenue generation to bridge gaps in the budget shortfalls. Further, the fuel reduction mentioned by k. Moyo is unacceptable and far too small to make reasonable contribution to effective price reductions in the manufacturing and other related industries. So think it over again, in the interim reduce the price of electricity to the consumers forthwith! Cease bosting on the power output which most probably will end up being exported to the region, by the way how revenue is derived from exports???

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