Hurungwe health accessibility decentralisation takes shape

Karoi Town Council is rushing to complete work on the Chikangwe Maternity Clinic, which has been lying idle since 2015, as part of their 100-day action plan, NewsDay has learnt.


Town clerk Wellington Mutikani confirmed that they were prioritising Chikangwe in their 100-day results-based plan as required by President Emmerson Mngagwagwa’s government.

“Chikangwe clinic is our priority because we want to decongest Hurungwe District Hospital which caters for over 20 outlying clinics in both communal and farming areas. We believe pregnant women are most affected as some have to travel long distances from surrounding areas such as Nyama resettlement area,” he said.

Karoi requires $20 000 to complete the project after Zim-Health, a Netherlands-based organisation, donated various items including refrigerators and bedding in 2015.
In July last year, NewsDay revealed that the maternity wing was in limbo over failure to mobilise resources.

The maternity wing was established to assist expecting mothers and was to cater for 32 outlying clinics in a district with a
329 197-strong population, according to the 2012 national census.

Mutikani said they want to ensure the maternity wing becomes operational within the stipulated time-frame.

Last week, they fenced off part of Chikangwe Hall that houses the wing.

Mutikani said they would also purchase a refuse truck, provide skip bins, street lighting and work on the road network in new residential areas.

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