Gweru residents petition Parly over prepaid water meters

GWERU residents have petitioned Parliament to stop their local authority from installing prepaid water meters in the city.
The petition, handed over by Gweru Residents’ Forum director Charles Mazorodze to the Local Government Parliamentary Portfolio Committee yesterday, said the prepaid water meters, if installed, would exclude many from accessing potable water, which, in turn, would expose them to waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.


“Gweru Residents’ Forum, representing Gweru Urban Residents, have conducted citywide consultations in light of the recent development that Gweru City Council intends to procure 15 000 prepaid water meters at a cost of $6 million,” the residents said.
“The initiative is a direct contradiction of the Zimbabwe Constitution Amendment Number 20 of 2017 as well as breach of the post-2015 eight millennium development goals and the newly-adopted 17 sustainable development goals aiming at integrating social inclusion, economic development and environmental sustainability.

“Water is a human right as enshrined in the Constitution Amendment Number 20 of 2013, which must be observed at all times, in terms of chapter 4 section 77, while the prepaid water system does not have any preventive measure that those who cannot afford water are not denied access to safe and potable water.”

They added: “In Gweru, the majority if people are unemployed and, hence, cannot afford prepayment of the precious commodity at all times. The prepayment system does not work in an ailing economy like Zimbabwe.”

Gweru residents have been fighting the city fathers since early last year when the issue of prepaid water meters was first introduced.

When the move was introduced, Mazorodze said it was “saddening . . . that the people whom we elected to represent our interests as Gweru residents are at the forefront of ensuring exclusion of the poor, unemployed and the senior citizens from consuming water”.


  1. So these guys want free water. Who pays for the chemicals, the electricity for pumping and the salaries?

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      O n my own point of view, its not a matter of “these guys” and “free”. Its a matter of mis management alongside corruption that domains the calm city of Gweru( council) Where was the meters in the 90s?

    2. O n my own point of view, its not a matter of “these guys” and “free”. Its a matter of mis management alongside corruption that domains the calm city of Gweru( council) Where was the meters in the 90s?

  2. devaldo dee mauritius

    so these Gweru people want free water and do not want to pay for the services. Vajaira kusabhadhara makanzuru achiwira pasi.zvino pamuchaita cholera sekuChegutu ndopamuchaziva kuti you should pay your bills. we need chemicals, repairs and maintenance, upgrading the infrastructure as well as salaries for those varikugadzira mvura yacho.kana muchida yemahara endai kumusha munochera kuchibhorani hapana anokubvunzai. hakuna zveulele, pay for services. pasi nevanhu vakadai.iye anotambira chipetition chakadai anoda kuongororwa brain dzake.we need to move forward and develop zimbabwe, but with such type yevanhu anoita petition kuti asabhadhare mvura yaanonwa iye aaaa mapenzi chaiwo.pasi nevanhu vakadai. look at Kwekwe City, Plumtree, Bulawayo, vanowana mvura 24/7, residents pay for the services kwete imi vekuGweru

    1. kana usina zvekutaura nyarara

  3. meters are very good. so that everyone pays for the service. The government has to introduce prepaid meters throughout the country and cancel all previous debts kuti varerusire vanhu. people have to pay for services kuitira kuti ma councils akwanise kubhadhra mushonga nezvimwewo

  4. The water must be reasonably priced so that everyone can afford it. It’s not a sin kugara mutown.

  5. While water meters create a balance between supply and consumption and ensure that the provision is constant and continually improved upon through revenue inflows. However I have to totally agree with Mazorodze on this matter. Some foregoing comments are just uncalled for. Here’s the uptake, Gweru City Council has over the years completely neglected its mandate to ensure that the City is maintained in tandem with current variables, they have embarked on a war with the residents, collecting revenue and mismanaging it.
    It is a misrepresentation offacts to state that in all other towns and cities residents are paying their bills except in Gweru, infact it is criminal and mischievous, if anything Gweruians are exercising their rights to objectivity. Its these very comments that propped up the previous administration. What Gweru needs is Management committee to run the affais of the city, Gweru is the Capital City of the Midlands and could very easily be the Capital city of the country given its geographic locality!

  6. Harare city can you borrow these gadgets we want them here and we have been waiting for one and half years for these precious tools.

  7. PREPAID meters are the best koz this will teach people to use water for important things only plus ma lodgers they are leaving landlords with huge bills wotiza pamba . This is a good move by gweru city council and long overdue , warikuramba ma prepaid meters ma reasons awo defy logic ko wanoti mvura yacho inoitwa treat nei .

    1. you nail it

  8. Its actually cheaper to use prepaid meters than to get water bilks

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