Grain reserves adequate: Millers

GMAZ chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara

The Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) has said people should not panic about the prevailing dry spell as its members have sufficient grain reserves to take the country through to the next farming season.


Presenting food items worth over $145 000 to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces yesterday, GMAZ chairman Tafadzwa Musarara said: “Even when the weather is behaving as it is, we don’t panic much because our reserves can take us through while other interventions can be needed.”

He said the milling industry was a big beneficiary of command agriculture.

“From 2001 up to the commencement of command agriculture, this country imported maize worth nearly $4,7 billion and wheat worth nearly $1,5 billion. Since we started command agriculture, the first season we imported in excess of what we needed,” Musarara said.

“On the wheat side the country produced close to 200 000 tonnes and that is the biggest wheat harvest this country has ever had since 1965. If we are to talk about the amount saved by this harvest we are talking about close to $100 million of nostro money.”

Zimbabwe National Army chief of staff (logistics) Major-General Martin Chedondo said intended beneficiaries of the donated food would be, among others, medical institutions in all army and air force formations throughout the country.


  1. Grain Millers should fortify the maize meal for the benefit of people’s health instead of seeking political favors. You have the money and do as agreed with Ministry of Health!

  2. kkkkk aayas, Bishop Lazarus of the SundayMail…. whats your take on GMAZ on these donation sprees? We know Msarara and First Lady come from the same rural area, and now they are going into the army to caress the general’s tummies! Yoooo! And then Msarara can campaign as Zanu Pf MP for Chiweshe! And then become Provincial Minister! Now he cant go for minister of Agric,…. (mufana anomborota hake uyu kkkk) he is too tainted to be anywhere near the corridors of power… or some other time , some other place… in another Operation Restore Legacy; he might be the criminal we will be targeting around the presidency of the time. Bishop woyeeeee, Congregant is out!

  3. Nhasi varikuti we have enough grai reserves. GTichengetedze statement iyi because come August the same person will be crying kuti Zimbabwe is seriously short of maize unoshaya kuti chaenda kupi. Hoarding for profiteering, taking advantage of the shortage. Let them gtell us kuti how much in excess do we have? How much do we need to consume as a country so that we monitor these statisctics

  4. We no longer have real men with common sense and strategic planning attributes around,otherwise this country would be economically stronger than Britain and New Zealand combined. Ndosaka uchiona taakuda kufurirwa kuti tidzokere kwatanga takasungirirwa kuCommonwealth hanzi nokuti ndovanemari. Mari inobva muvhu(kurima nezvicherwa) ende yavanayo ikoko kuCommonwealth yakabva muvhu redu. Trump’s observations about the present day black Africans’ behaviour are true. The native uneducated precolonial African was smarter than us, for he was a good planner whose small grains strategic reserves would last 5 years or more.

  5. Tafadzwa Musarara should be made to account for his words. He is telling us not to panic when we have a serious drought before us. Does he know that farmers have already lost fertilizers, diesel, money for the work that they did on the farms anticipating the normal to above normal rains that were predicted in the grain areas of the country.Who will meet these costs that farmers have already incurred. Who will finance them in the next season (The grain millers association?). How much maize do we require per year including in rural areas where maize is now required and how much is the grain millers association in stock? The time for pretending to be the good guys should be left to the previous era if Zimbabwe is to progress and I wish Minister Shiri takes the statement by Tafadzwa Musarara seriously and verify facts in order to inform the nation the correct position.

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