Grace heckler dies in car crash

BULAWAYO Zanu PF youth leader, Magura Charumbira, famed for heckling former First Lady Grace Mugabe at presidential interface rallies, has died.


Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said Charumbira died yesterday morning, when his car rammed into a stationary vehicle in Norton along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway.

Zanu PF secretary for youth affairs, Pupurai Togarepi, confirmed the incident, saying they were still waiting for the family to announce funeral arrangements.

“At this point, what we know is that he was involved in an accident with a stationary lorry. In terms of burial arrangements, that will come from the family,” Togarepi said.

Two months ago, Charumbira led a group of Zanu PF youth into booing and heckling Grace Mugabe in November at an interface rally in Bulawayo.

The incident angered former President Robert Mugabe, culminating in the dismissal of then Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa two days later, as he was accused of funding the hecklers.

Soon after Mnangagwa’s departure, the military stepped in and forced Mugabe to resign, paving the way for his former VP to take over as President.

Charumbira rose to infamy over his strong stance against the Zanu PF G40 faction, which at one time led to his expulsion for indiscipline.

During the burial of former Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa, Charumbira reportedly organised other youth from across the country to bar former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko from officiating at the proceedings.

Just recently, Charumbira was accused of being at the forefront of torturing Mthwakazi Republic Party activists, who demonstrated against Mnangagwa in Bulawayo.

The activists were then detained by the army, who later handed them over to the police, but the courts freed them without charge.

Charumbira had also been involved in various skirmishes in Bulawayo and was once accused of extorting money from vendors, allegedly demanding $2 each from the informal traders as protection fees.

He was also allegedly stabbed in the head at the Zanu PF Bulawayo headquarters after a fight broke out between supporters of different factions of the party, leading to his arrest on suspicions that he was the instigator.



  1. Shame my brother you died for nothing l must say, politics will always be a dirty game. I knew him personally and his love for zanu was just astounding. It’s a pity he didn’t invest his energy in doing something better with himself other than being a livid zanu die hard. I hope he didn’t die “the zanu pf way” of accidents as being reported here. MHSRIP…

  2. RIP dear cde it is sad indeed to continue losing young life

  3. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    May be that is his reward, he was not a peace loving person .He also lacked respect for others.We thank God for taking him he was going to be a problem in this country of ours.

  4. The cries of the people you tortured and looted are still loud and clear, their tears have not yet dried up.

  5. Comment…aurahwa uyu mwari haasi benzi waiti wakangwara ED akubaisa

  6. night of the long knives starts …

  7. Ayihambe inja le. Mthwakazi rise

  8. Mtwakhazi kuitaseiko kkkkkk…..munyika mani mamunoita zva cessation?

  9. Whereas we may dislike his actions, it is not within the context of our African culture to rejoice in one’s death. Well, understandably, there may never be reconciliation without justice but its now time to drop our historical partisanship and embrace the paradigm shift. Let us not allow our past to dictate our country’s future.

  10. Good riddance, in this world never think that you are clever, when he was extorting money from the poor vendors in Bulawayo he thought he was above everything and id not know that God was watching torturing those who expressed their voices over the Gukuraghundi issue, now where is he, Let him rest in peaces

  11. “The voice of the people is the voice of God”….HE,ED Mnangagwa

  12. good riddance to bad rubbish! !

  13. Kana Ishe atonga tozvigachira. Uyu achapuhwa mutongo naIshe.Zvitadzo zvake hatitarire asi kuti kuMhuri, hama neshamwari matambudziko. Tese tirimo murwendo urwu. Uyu hongu ainetsa asika wayenda saka tosiyana nazvo. Asi mufana uyu ka, anyway adhiweta avemo zve muvhu. Satani anonyadzisa chaizvo. Zivayi kuti ayende kunge zvainzi naAmai Mujuru about Mugabe, ngayende Ngayende. Wayenda wayenda mwana wayenda chose hachadzoki. Hapana unobvunze kuti ondodzoke riini.

  14. Rest in peace my Bro. Please negotiate with Father Abraham to sent messengers and warn others from your group.

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