. . . Govt admits boob on ‘snow graders’

Government has admitted buying snow graders, saying local authorities should work with what they have as proper equipment is on its way.

by Jairos Saunyama

Speaking during a meeting with local authorities from Mashonaland East province in Marondera on Monday, Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Joram Gumbo said despite the boob of purchasing snow graders, it was time to bury the past and focus on the future.

“You (local authorities) were given graders by Zinara from a company called Univern. There was a misunderstanding between Zinara and Univern on how to operate the graders. It is true that some of the graders are not for road-making at all. They are for snow grading,” Gumbo said.

“But we have them, we have to use them. They were bought by us, that is corruption between us, that is what we did, that is how we failed. Those who bought them erred. But let us forget about it. Let us move forward.”

In 2012, Univern won a tender to supply 40 motorised graders worth $8 million to Zinara.

However, controversy rocked the deal after rural district councils that received the equipment said they were given “snow” graders.

Gumbo, however, said government now has full ownership of the equipment from Univern for optimum use.

“I am pleased that we have exceeded ZimAsset targets in grading, which was set at 4 000km in five years. Cumulatively from 2013, we have graded in excess of 103 000km of rural roads which is a major milestone,” he said.

“I wish to inform you that with effect from January 1, 2018, ownership and maintenance of the graders has been transferred to the various authorities. It is our expectation that will ensure optimum utilisation of the graders, so that the road network in your respective jurisdictions is kept in trafficable state.”

According to a latest survey results, the national road network length now stands at 98 049kms. The survey reported that 80% of the roads are made up of gravel while the balance constitutes surfaced roads.


  1. Richard Deschain

    “But let us forget about it. Let us move forward.” You can’t just forget corruption. Those who transgressed should be brought to book like happens what happens in a normal functioning country

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…If Chombo is singing the blues and wearing leg bracelets from Chikurumbi over what happened in the past, whats so special about those bought the snow graders? The simple reason is that they belong to the lacoste cabal

  3. Ngavasungwe or let them repay that money

  4. This is fraud!
    Those who stole the money should go to jail?
    What is so special about them by buying substandard equipment and converting the difference then someone should pay for it.
    Why should a certain class of people enjoy the fat of the land whilst the majority suffer.

  5. Boys dza Mboko ???????

    1. Death By Corruption

      No. It was Supa Mandiwanzira. He and his company bought cheap snow graders and sold them to the government for $200 000 each. Proper graders, brand new, cost not more than $120 to $130 000 each. Supa is a thief. Imbavha.

  6. We need accountability! Gumbo cannot be allowed to say thete was a misunderstanding between purchaser and supplier! Never. if this was a failure of procurement then heads should roll, including Gumbo. this is our money and they cannot abuse it like that


  8. Comment…Aikazve vaGumbo, vanhu ngavasukwe, humbavha huripachena kudai.Mhosva hairovi.

  9. Herbert Mugwagwa

    That explains why our roads are in such a despicable state of disrepair. Zvakaoma akomana! And nothing is even done to the culprits! Saka zvasiyanei naMugabe and his cabal?

  10. What? Snow graders for Zim? This is extraordinarily crazy guys. To make it worse we are saying lets forget about the stinking deal. Only time will tell.

  11. Is this the right man for the transport portfolio? Last time he was quoted as saying they were waiting for tyres for the locomotives at NRZ, yes, tyres. Wagons normally have wheels but this man was talking about tyres. He was harping on about the readiness of 2 wagons at that time.

    This case must be thoroughly investigated and the culprits brought to book, then we can forget about it!!

  12. Ahewa minister tipeiwo masiriyasi………. This is an outright fraud which must not be condoned. It means that Univern being a local company does not have knowledge of its product. These guys are just middle men set up to siphone funds from the State through dubious procurement decisions. A Zimbabwean company supplying snow graders to the Zimbabwean government and you say let bygones be bygones…….. uummmmm????

  13. Someone higher up got heir palms greased here. If it was your money you would commit suicide but because it was not your money you say let us forget it and move on. Heads should roll.

  14. Firs sentence should read, “Someone higher up got their palms greased here”.

  15. hoooo let bygones be bygones?tinosanga kumavote

  16. What are snow graders doing in a country that does not get snow????? Another one for anti Corruption who was at the helm of this company that purchased them

  17. Some Indians made alot of money on that deal…. It’s a fact!!!!!!

    1. Well if “some African” was stupid enough to get convinced by “some Indian” to purchase snow graders, then I think the fault lies with the stupid African. It takes two to make a corrupt deal.

  18. Some Indian family was involved in that deal and made millions!! It’s a fact!!

  19. What optimisation is the minister talking about with “snow” graders when we don’t have snow

  20. Uyo anorara nembwa anomuka nenhata so the Shona proverb goes. Let those that planted thorny trees reap their thorns. There is no change without change

  21. chakauya negarava

    Should we ask for snow this winter, so at least tax payers can see their funds being used?

    Please change boob to boo-boo. The first one, boob, is part of the human anatomy. The second one, boo-boo, means mistake.

  22. “Let bygones be bygones”, Are you sure with what you are saying minister. In the first place what were the specifications on the tender document. Did it state purpose as being grading snow. We raised this issue a long time ago. And one Zanu MP who is not ashamed to call himself “Engineer” Dexter vehemently defended the decision by Zinara. Why should councils be burdened to own items that do not work. Heads must roll. ZACC hero basa without fear or favour.

  23. can someone look at the rhodesville road tarring someone must train council how to tar road.the loose stone are hitting window screens.the tar not sticking to the road .at lunch the workers will be lying under a tree no food maybe that is also part of the problem

  24. This piece appeared in a local newspaper some days ago
    ” Government has finally admitted buying snow graders from a company owned by Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, saying local authorities should work with what they have as proper equipment is on its way.”

    The $8m should go to health why waste it on equipment in a country that does not receive snowfall and the roads have potholes and someone ispurchasing snowgraders to keep someone happy at the ordinary persons expense -shocking

  25. Nxa. Minister having guts to say such rubbish in a national newspaper because he is lacoste? Ndokujaidzwa uku.

  26. If I had a gun I would shoot someone.

  27. Gumbo said.
    “But we have them, we have to use them. They were bought by us, that is corruption between us, that is what we did, that is how we failed. Those who bought them erred. But let us forget about it. Let us move forward.”

    Yes, I agree, lets move forward but all those with dirty hands in the saga must face the music. These are public funds.

  28. Have they exhausted all avenues to be refunded or return the snow graders in exchange for the proper equipment??

    I shudder to think that these guys are running the country…

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