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Forced Religious Conversions Bring Human Rights Violations into Focus


This January, rallies for advocacy of human rights and religious freedom are being held throughout South Korea following the death of Ji In Gu, who suffocated allegedly at the hands of her parents trying to escape from a coercive conversion programme involving abduction, confinement, and assault.

news coverage in South Africa on forced conversionS

The attached feature article goes beyond simply describing an incident that occurred in a South Korean family; it seeks to provide a fundamental solution to the religious discrimination that was the cause of the recent incident. It also sheds light on the true culprit and the process of conversion education, as well as the human rights issue that has surfaced in a country whose Constitution preserves the right to freedom of religion. It also speaks of the dreadful results of Christianity’s secularization by traditional powers.

As the problem of religious conflict is an international issue that needs common efforts around the world, please consider covering this news in your country so that the world could recognize it.

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