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Flying Bantu wrap up new album


VICTORIA Falls Afro-fusion outfit, Flying Bantu, has produced its second 10-track album in South Africa after issuing their debut, Cruising Attitude, and an EP, last year.


The group, formed in Chinotimba in 2016, plays an eclectic mix of Afro-fusion infused with elements of funk, jazz, reggae and rock overlaid with a distinct traditional Zimbabwean flavour.

The group’s vocalist and song writer, Tinashe Maoneni, told NewsDay that they have wrapped up the project and the only outstanding issues were the title and launch date.

“We are hoping to communicate a message of love, togetherness and peace, a message that defines Zimbabwe in this new era that also brings out an African perspective and expression into a space that is predominantly devoid of that African essence,” he said.

“Our lyrics are in English and we mix them with Ndebele and Shona, but we want to bring the African mind.”

Maoneni said they wanted to break the boundaries of culture to allow people to come together in unity and love.

The outfit is made up of Maoneni (vocals), Amkela Moyo (lead guitar), Bongani Ngema (bass guitar) and Sam Gulubane (drums).

With only a year-and-a-half in music, the band has toured countries including Botswana, Zambia and South Africa performing at various festivals.

Maoneni said their debut performance at the just-ended Victoria Falls Carnival provided them “a big learning experience” and helped them realise they had a chance to make it big.

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