Electric train for Mutare-Harare on cards

THE Transport and Infrastructural Development ministry is planning to introduce an electric train between Mutare and Harare in a move that is set to boost tourism in the Eastern Highlands.


Transport minister Joram Gumbo revealed the plans on Friday after touring the National Railway of Zimbabwe (NRZ) department in Mutare, where he said that his ministry was also fighting vandalism of railway infrastructure across the country.

“We want to reintroduce the passenger train and there are plans to have it electrified. We are also fighting vandalism of NRZ equipment. We also have plans to bypass Christmas Pass so haulage trucks do not use that route,” he said.

There have been calls to bypass Christmas Pass as many lives have been lost on the precarious road after haulage trucks fail to negotiate curves, or lose brakes and hurtle down the steep slope into Mutare.

“We are also looking at the Vumba and Montclair roads. We want all roads to be in good shape in the province,’’ he said.

Speaking at the NRZ tour, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Monica Mutsvangwa said the new electric passenger train would decongest roads bringing stability in the transport sector and boost employment.

“We know the importance of an electrified railway line, it’s not only good for Manicaland, but for the entire country. The projects will decongest roads and this will reduce road carnage,” she said.

“It is cheaper to carry our goods by a train, so this will reduce prices of some commodities.’’


  1. amana this dude anorwara nemusoro. shuwa train yepachitungwiza apo kubva rinhi ichitaurwa nezvayo.. haa taneta mhani

    1. Cry my Beloved Country

      I can’t agree any further Tazvi. You are spot on. We need a second operation restore legacy to kick out all these old horses who also lied to us during Mugabe’s time. I first heard of the Chitungwiza railway project from my dad as he read the Herald sometime in 1981 and I was doing grade 2 then. Now I am 45 and my son is in university and the Chitown Railway Project remains a pipe dream. To add insult to injury, Jorum Gumbo insults our intelligence again by promising to buy us HIGH SPEED TRAIN FOR MUTARE.

  2. For sure, our public systems need to be overhauled. So talk of electric trains sounds encouraging. But we are living in a country where the capital city (by its own mayor’s admission) cannot even guarantee the safety of the water coming out of its taps. Low and high density suburbs are serviced by pot-holed roads that in places look worse than endurance or cross country rally training tracks. This government’s early days are becoming notable for promises (‘free and fair elections’ and yet simple things like appointing a replacement ZEC chairperson or re-branding ZTV/ZBC are not a priority). Government is well advised to show us they can crawl before promising us to fly. Electric trains? Where I live, ZESA power interruptions occur unfailingly, every 2 to 3 weeks, lasting from hours to a day (occasionally two).

    1. The Capital City is greedy, that is why it is in a mess like this. If you are Bambazonke, everyone across the country will flock there for opportunities, then what happens to infrastructure; housing; social amenities; transport etc? I dont really know why Africans have this belief that a Capital City should necessarily be the biggest City in Town where everything happens. We have Pretoria just next door; but everything happens in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban – even in much smaller Cities like Polokwane and Mombela/Nelspruit. Its about time Zim stopped this centralisation thing and went for devolution – that is why you will never be nominated to host events such as the FIFA world Cup. You wont get it because you only have one City worth talking about – the rest have all become growth points or villages to be precise!

  3. Electric train? How did we lose 275km of cable between Harare and Gweru, without anyone being caught? What measures are going to be taken to make sure we don’t lose the Mutare cables in the same manner?

    1. They were not caught because the thieves were either ZANU PF politicians themselves or were sent by ZANU PF politicians. Thats Zimbabwe for you!

  4. Gumbo anorwara chaiko. Iyo yeGweru to Harare remains vandalised and is talking of new one from Harare to Mutare. ED dzingayi munhu.

  5. Gumbo is not serious at all, he is from the Midlands where the 1st electric train once was but goes to promise elsewhere. Why no resuscitate the one that needs only cables as poles/posts are still standing along the railway line then talk about a new one.

  6. Handiti ndiye wekutenga masnow plough achifunga kuti maroad grader?

  7. You just have to look at the congestion and kilomeyres of HGVs in Europe and UK to see that even if you have an EXCELLENT rail system road haulage is still preferred.
    The only way is to make road haulage VERY expensive, fuel, vehicle taxes, road tolls and even labour laws for drivers.
    SA has been talking for years to take trucks off the roads from the ports and nothing has changed.

  8. Gumbo’s mind remains in the Mugabe era. He just has to GO!!!!

  9. The Minister wants to pocket money here…first deal with the Chitungwiza and Gweru railway lines….mbavha dzevanhu.

  10. These guys, all bark but no bite. They are all over the place in terms of priorities and what needs to be done

  11. musangoshoore mainitiative ehurumende.kasi muri ma G40?

  12. fantastic day dreaming but we once had it harare to dhabuka in the late eighties or so so no big deal here

  13. i just cant resist the urge not to comment but alas will keep my comment short “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride”

    Thank you

  14. Once upon a time there was a Minister of Local Government in the 1980s who also spoke about building Canals in Harare, so that the Capital City is on Water like in European Cities!

  15. i am compelled to say distribution of development in zim tends to b tribalistic.bulawayo is the headquarters of NRZ.Bulawayo being an industrial hub.bulawayo with railway links to victoria falls via hwange and to chiredzi is it not logical n proper than electrification should have started from byo.well the first skipped bulawayo bt any electrification should now be from bulawayo.may this government start doing the right thing.mubhoni zorro

  16. Lieutenant Colonel Sbhamu

    Comment…the moment the minister Goche oversee the commissioning of one transport infrastructure project then will believe his overzealousness, right now he is too much of yep yep

  17. Comment…Ko cheHarare-Bulawayo chitima chemagetsi chakaenda kupi tisati tataura nezvechnyowani

  18. Haaa kungotaura kani, Ko cheChitungwiza chirikupi? Haikona kungoteerara zvisinabasa mani

  19. There is no vision, people just have dreams and come to the press to shout out disorganised stuff. What is the vision for infrastructure development in the country? where do we want to be by say 2030 or 2050. These things have to be guided by well thought out spatial and development plans. We cant afford to waste resources and a few years down the line that train is ill-maintained or out dated.To boost tourism in the eastern highlands……..thats a joke.

  20. Maida kuti atii anzi taura he knows he speaks nonsense he does not even believe himself. Arikutoti ndakatii zviya? Ma grader amakaisa muMasvingo road aripiko nhai vaGumbo

  21. Your post has moved the debate forwdra. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Let’s have bets on which will start first – the Harare -Mutare electric train, or the Harare – Beitbridge road dualisation?

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