ED govt illegal, brutal regime: Jonathan Moyo

FORMER Cabinet minister and G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo has described President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration as an illegal and brutal regime that forced itself on the people, but he immediately drew equal fire from the government, which accused him of “acting like a spurned suitor”.


In an interview from an unknown location with BBC’s Zeinab Badawi on the HARDtalk programme yesterday, Moyo claimed Zimbabwe has reduced itself to a “banana republic”.

Moyo’s interview has ignited the long-standing rivalry with presidential spokesperson George Charamba, who hit back at the former Higher Education minister in equal measure, daring him to return to Zimbabwe if he has no case to answer.

Moyo, who repeatedly described the military intervention as a coup, said he was pinning his hopes on the application of international law, insisting it was unconstitutional for the army to deploy itself.

“The army deployed itself in Zimbabwe yet the Constitution says only the President can deploy it,” he said, insisting that even if offered immunity, he would not accept, “as when the devil offers you amnesty, you would be a fool to enter into the Faustian bargain.

“When you have people deploying themselves and taking over all the institutions of the State and government, you don’t discuss immunity with them.”

Moyo said he was unapologetic for supporting former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rise to the Vice-Presidency, as she held a strong position within Zanu PF.

“First of all, it is not corrupt to support a particular politician to become an office holder whether it’s Vice-President or President,” he said.

“It can’t be a crime in a constitutional democracy.

“It is false to allege that it was an attempt to elevate Dr Grace Mugabe, the former First Lady.

“What is really going on here is that there is a group of people that sees itself as the stockholders of Zimbabwe and this group is led by Emmerson Mnangagwa, but the de facto controller of this group is (Vice-President Retired) General (Constantino) Chiwenga.”

Moyo equated former President Robert Mugabe to former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and took exception when he was asked about the ousted leader’s legacy of running down the country.

He said the Constitution had been violated and people would not be expected to respect “the most feared gang of people, who perpetrated the worst forms of human rights abuses” in the country such as Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina.

“Every right-thinking Zimbabwean would like to see the restoration of constitutionalism and legitimacy,” Moyo said.

“It is not about an individual, but it is about the rule of law.

“The Constitution of the country has been subverted and there has to be a return to constitutionalism and we do not expect the very people who overthrew the Constitution to restore it.”

Moyo claimed his hands were clean and he never stole money from the government.

He said the level of allegations that former Cabinet ministers and senior Zanu PF officials hauled before the courts were facing did not warrant the military intervention. But Charamba hit back, saying court proceedings against Moyo would go ahead in his absence and at that point he would realise that the government has a long arm.

He said even without the military intervention, Zanu PF had decided to retire its former leader and then nominated a successor, who was endorsed at the congress.

“So what is their problem? Also we are listening to the verdict of a suspect who is wanted in the courts of law,” Charamba said.

“Why doesn’t he worry about his status as a suspect? He should come and clear his name is a court of law.

“Legitimacy of the government is not derived from its critics, he is just one rejected voice, and he doesn’t command a body of opinion that worries anyone.

“He comes from a very discredited cabal and it would be foolish for us to be expecting him to be full of praises over that action.”

However, Moyo described the endorsement of the “military coup” as an “international conspiracy”.

Moyo in the interview also alleged that when Mnangagwa and Chiwenga went to MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s house last week, they pretended they were concerned about his health, yet what they wanted was to negotiate with him to postpone elections for at least three years.

He claimed they are afraid of elections.

Charamba responded that contrary to claims that Mnangagwa asked for the postponement of elections, he invited Tsvangirai to make his submissions on his desired reforms in November and the MDC-T leader was yet to provide his submissions.

“This one is not about yelling from the sidelines, there is need for a proper paper, which is well-substantiated, which will then be forwarded to the relevant arms of government,” he claimed.

“That is the kind of submission the President has been waiting for from the opposition and the President intimated to Tsvangirai that the submission hasn’t yet come so that he can study it so that they find common ground,” he said, adding it was not true that Mnangagwa was seeking to postpone the elections.

However, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu denied Charamba’s remarks.

“Charamba is being extremely economical with the truth. The MDC has consistently and persistently advised the electoral and political reforms that we would want to be put in place in time for this year’s elections,” he said.

Gutu said they had written several times to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to have the matter addressed without success.



  1. Jonathan Moyo is referring to the Constitution and saying that the new government is illegal. Does the same Constitution also say the President can fire a Vice-President on recommendations from the First Lady? Does the same Constitution say the First Lady can be flown around the country in Air-Force helicopters to shout at anyone she doesn’t like? Does the same Constitution say those who do not kneel before the First Lady risk losing their jobs? Does the same Constitution say a minister may use funds under the control of his/her ministry to fund political activities of his/her party? Jonathan Moyo is either very dump, plainly criminal or both.

    1. First Jonathan is correct and two the President can fire the Vice president once his allegations are proven. In ED’s case he was staging a coup.

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…In Egypt, a military coup was accepted by the international community because it was against the Brotherhood govt which is the same with the Mugabe Administration. Chiwenga staged a coup and installed a puppet to make it look like a civillian change of govt. Chiwenga is the strongman behind the scenes.

  3. Moyo is sick.

    1. moyo is stupd

  4. Achingovukura Garwe richingotonga, if he thinks the country will be ruled from hardTalk interviews he is very mistaken. Better uende undomwa mhamba nekuputa mbanje na Zhuwao. Get over it, its over prof.

  5. You Jonso when did you start to respect the constitution. Its on record you were against the present constitution as you campaigned for a NO vote in a referundum. Saka nyarara and sit down. Zimbabwe is in a new dispensation. Walala wasala.

  6. Nyoraiwo kuti akanyepa papi Moyo, musati matuka? Kumhanyira kutuka, pfungwa dzenyu dzisati dzaratidza rutadzo rwamawona rwaakataura panyaya iyi iye Moyo, uyezve motidzidzisawo kuti sei, nepapi, hapana kuvaka kuripo kunoititika, kunenge kwangove kusurirana kuripo nekuti avo vacho varikutukana hapana anganzi ingirozi pakati pavo.

  7. Richard Deschain

    Some people are incredibly delusional and so out of touch with reality that its scary

  8. Moyo should realise that the ED govt is exactly the same govt as Mugabe’s except that it doesn’t have Mugabe or the G40 cabal in it

  9. Remember Mugabe refused to handover power to Tsvangirai after the defeat and he once declared that he will be never removed by a pen from power. So prof, what are you saying here?????

  10. Moyo has always tried to be highsounding but this is ridiculous. He thinks telling the British that Zimbabwe has reduced itself to a banana republic when they have been calling it that for years will make a difference because he has told them? I wonder what the BBC hope to achieve anyway by airing his rants.

  11. moyo go to hell and yell,leave our beutiful Zimbabwe to us

  12. “Charamba responded that contrary to claims that Mnangagwa asked for the postponement of elections, he invited Tsvangirai to make his submissions on his desired reforms in November and the MDC-T leader was yet to provide his submissions.” Taurai henyu takaterera secrets will be revealed one by one.Jonso uyuka uyu be careful naye.

  13. This boy is hurting, this will kill him. The chief Gukurahundist is none other Mugabe himself. Why does this confuse Jonso.

  14. He has a point though, indeed there was a coup in Zimbabwe and those who staged the coup have vested interests to protect. They are not in the least worried about Zimbabwe and its people. Its not to say l support the idea of Mugabe having overstayed his welcome, but lets call a spade a spade. The Americans and international community have strategic interests in Egypt which are largely influenced by the fact that it straddles the Suez Canal, a port of entry to Asia and also the geopolitics of it having been one of the few Arab countries to recognise Zionist Israel. As for Zimbabwe, l don’t know how we serve the interests of the West

    1. To answer your final question, the “friends” from the east on one hand, are desperately eying a return to the diamond fields were they were chased by Bob for looting without benefit to the locals, while the west including Australia that British Protectorate on the other hand, still feel they have to maintain their centuries old colonial entitlement over chrome, coal, gold, other strategic minerals claims and off course LAND – all this constitute their permanent interests in Zimbabwe and they are anxious for a new friendship.

  15. Hate him or love him. Jonso is true, and the Junta must be taken down for Constitutionalism to take over!

  16. Sometimes in life it takes a criminal to remove another criminal from office, therefore Jonso must just keep quiet about this issue

  17. Moyo is 100% right the coup government did not follow procedure therefore it is illegitimate

  18. Ko nhai vanhu vaJonso, munotaridzireiko kusafunda kwenyu imi makafunda. The people of Zimbabwe rallied behind the Army and ED Munangagwa for a change from Mugabe and the G40 Cabal. We as a people endorsed it and if you don’t like it go to hell and come back alive and we will still denounce your parroting. This is the problem when someone becomes too close to someone’s wife. You smell Grace and shamefully talks like her. You are slowly reasoning like her, as if you have acquired your professorship through the back door. Please shut your foolish and uneducated mouth inherited from Grace Mugabe who stole a doctrate degree from our university. Chinemanenji hachifambisi, chinomirira kuti mavara acho aonekwe. Takakuonai kare kuti muri ndwise dzevanhu.

  19. ED was defeated by jonso pabrain so he resorted to guns

  20. chihombe madhara


  21. chihombe madhara


  22. Comment…spot on Professor so the junta and Tsvangirai are dining together? handei tione……..

  23. Rallying behind an unconstitutional thing doesn’t make it constitutional. A coup was a constitutional blunder and it violated the dictates. People are not the constitution and a nation should be guided by the constitutional dictates.

  24. it is yet another issue,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,woza lazo mfo ka MOYO


  25. That was the only way to remove the old man. Sekuru vaiuraya vaya ukangoti penyu pakwana. Jonathan forget about Zimbabwe mismanagement under your friend Mugabe unechipo checritisizm chete kwete kufunda. Come back home and face the law if you think you are clever.

  26. Haasiye here wekudzinga BBC neCNN muZimbabwe zuro riya? Ko akutsvakei zve kwavari? Ngaadzoke kuZBC ataure nyaya yake.

  27. Tawanda Mpambwa

    Regai vanobwereketa vachivukura varambe vachivukura. This change of regime is the greatest Christmas and New Year present we ,as Zimbabweans have ever received in the last 37 years. Ngatimhanyeyi ne Command Agric, COMMAND FISHERIES, COMMAND Tree Planting, Command Water Harvesting and all the other Commands that are comuing and let us turn Zimbabwe into the best country in the World. Jonso akabvisirwa chingwa pamuromo because he was betting on a losing horse, so those are sour grapes. Same na Zhuwawo they thought the status quo would remain forever but they lost it. How can any sane person support zvaiitwa naGrace and the Cabal honestly? Inyika here inotongwa nemaRally, maCivil Servant achitukwa willy nilly nemukadzi waPresident as if they are employed by her! Aiwa povo yakaramba saka let Jonso make noise he has no takers. Icho charira!

  28. Jonso uri mugodhoyi….mai vanoroya.

  29. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…BBC neCNN zvinonyepa. Chidzidzo ichi takachipiwa navaMoyo. Ini handione zvenhema.

  30. nhaimi mungati mbavha ne hure zvingatungamira nyika here isai jonso na grace mujeri ko ati majeri arikuda vanhu vane mhosva munoziva mose kuti jonso imbavha huru ko grace mabasa ake munovaziva wani kuti apfambi yenyika yose

  31. shuwa mopusiswa nevanhu vamunoziva mabasa avo

  32. shuwa mwari havana tsitsi musoro wa jonso ukautarira unoita seguyo kukura kudaro nhai jonso musoro wako hausi unorema 10kg chaiwo pachawo haaaa haaaaa unezimusoro weeeena

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