ED faces tough questions over ‘coup’


PARLIAMENT is set to debate on events during last year’s “military intervention” that led to the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe, as the legislature seeks to know all the details that ushered in President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Mnangagwa will be summoned for Parliament’s question-and-answer session to answer on what was happening from the time the military announced its takeover to when Mugabe eventually resigned.

Proportional representation MP, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga (MDC) has given notice that she will move a motion that will, among other issues, require the invoking of section 140(3) of the Constitution to allow Mnangagwa to appear before the House to be asked on Mugabe’s ouster.

The motion is recorded on the Parliament Order Paper of December 19.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga yesterday told NewsDay that she would push for debate on the motion that will see Mnangagwa being asked to explain to the country what happened.

After thanking the people of Zimbabwe for presiding over a peaceful transition, the Proportional Representation MP, according to the order paper, requested the House to: “Invoke section 140(3) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and invites the new President to attend Parliament to answer questions relating to the transition.”

Misihairabwi-Mushonga told NewsDay yesterday that a full disclosure of what happened was something that was in the government’s best interests.

“It is not a motion targeting the regime; it is something the current establishment should do, to set the record straight,” he said.

“A blackout on what happened will not be in its interest.

“It will allow speculation that is harmful to the administration.”

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said Mnangagwa’s appearance in Parliament would be a milestone in the democratisation of the presidency itself.

“We can ask him what actually happened during the military intervention or Operation Restore Legacy and he should be able to tell the nation the number of people who were arrested, the violations done in the process and ways of addressing them,” she said.

“If there are some people, who believe their rights were violated, the President should tell them what they should do to get recourse.

“It will be in the best interest of the administration because this will avoid misinformation.

“Right now, there are many stories coming out.

“For example, some people told me convincingly that (former ministers) Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere were killed.

“Thankfully, Moyo has appeared on BBC’s HardTalk and the issue of his death is no longer on the table.”

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said others still believed Kasukuwere was killed.

“Mnangagwa should explain how many people were picked up by the military, what happened to them, how many deaths if there were any, who played what role and also answer to claims of rogue elements who took advantage of the situation and robbed people of their monies,” she said.

Moyo and Kasukuwere escaped into exile during the operation that saw many members of the vanquished G40 faction detained by the military.


  1. Bird of the mountains

    I will also be happy if that motion or debate is done , i wonder how the President will respond to this.
    Of interest i would wish to know who put the press release for Ed that he would be back in a few days to come .
    If our investigative journalist can trace how and from where the advert or press release came from and who paid for it and in what mode of payment was used, then i think some useful answers will be derived.
    Work up journalists and stop publishing useless stories when we have such important issues.
    You must be investigative and make your news fat , i wish you could borrow my investigative styles.

    1. Musorobhangu(G40)

      Also we would like to know how long has this coup or take over been in the pipeline.?Who helped ED to issue out that statement that he is coming back to take over reigns of power..that statement was treasonous at the highest order.

      1. Comment…these chiefs ain’t loyal, its embarrassing for a whole chief to be found in contest of bootlicking politicians. that’s the danger of having seriously emasculated chiefs who only survive on gvt hand outs.embarrassing!

  2. This is a task for journalists, writers, film-makers and historians. It would be naive to expect all the players, including the victors and the vanquished, to tell you all that happened without omission or exaggeration to suit their own ends. If you are lucky they will tell you that this and that is classified. “Who really killed John F. Kennedy?” Americans are still asking. So, good luck in your endeavour, Priscilla

  3. This is a task for journalists, writers, film-makers and historians. It would be naive to expect all the players, including the victors and the vanquished, to tell you all that happened without omission or exaggeration to suit their own ends. “Who really killed John F. Kennedy?” Americans are still asking. So, good luck in your endeavour, Priscilla

  4. It is amazing how people seek relevance. Some of these mp’s do not guage the political mood. Succession politics was handled in the best manner possible given the circumstances, and in a manner aligned to the constitution as much as possible. Let’s remember the current President could have been eliminated himself. As a reminder politics is not friendly remember what happened to Trudy Stevenson in the Mdc. Just saying look what is possible before a party even has control of security organs

    1. In the best interest to who? Its naive to think everyone supported the coup. I for one will never support a coup and raping our constitution. The constitution is sacred; sacred to the bone and no one should be allowed to violate it with impunity. Coups by their nature are cyclical. Mnangagwa was fired legally by Mugabe, we should never forget that. It was Chiwenga and his lawless soldiers who violated the constitution section 213 and deployed themselves. Mnangagwa should explain to us this act of lawlessness.

      1. In fact, in Central and West Africa as well as Central and South America where it used to be normal practice, coups have become very outdated and primitive.

      2. in how many ways was Mugabe and Grace violating yo so called “sacred “constitution?Why did u not raise yo head when Mugabe was undermining the authority of the people?All that happened to Mugabe is a holy move that everyone rejoices over. the numbers that demonstrated against him tell u how masses were against his rule. No-matter how u might try to justify Mugabe he remains the overstayed tyranny who began in good steps and ended a threat to Zimbabwe ‘s prosperity

  5. This stupid idiotic foulmouthed useless and unwanted mp never ceases to amaze. For what benefit are you asking that question. Mugabe is gone and we are in new era period.

  6. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    ana Mushonga asi mamwa musombodhiya. Zvine basa rei zvamwurikuda kuite ask . Kuda kungonzi mavukura chete . Kana mashaya zveku taura rarai mhani.hauna nyaya iwe

  7. SoME MPs behave as if they are on continuous menstrual period. Who is this Mishirambwi

    1. thats very childish and unwarranted and sexist ,please do not think all of us in Zimbabwe accept the current government ,she is representing her constituency which you dont belong but i doand its my democratic right to have such representation.by measuring your response we are quite sure those on continuous menstrual period speak and behave as you have done and clearly she is not but you are

  8. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment… very silly mp thus they will never rule. its amazing one can be seen to to side with state capture of the highest order. does she really want Grace back in power?

  9. Priscila is doing the right thing and must not be intimidated by those who still believe in patronage politics. The request for answers on what happened must never be interpreted to mean GRACE must be back later on she was a zanu product like Mnangwagwa himself. was there no better way to deal with her than resorting to a coup? we need answers.

    1. Bystander Martin

      President Mnangagwa was not in Zimbabwe when operation restore legacy started. Maybe Priscilla can tell us what happened.

  10. this coup will not last

  11. Misihairabwi-Mushonga has done no wrong. It her democratic right and if she was wrong, Parliament would have refused her request. What will those who are denigrating her do when the Presidents agrees to appear before Parliamnet. Zimbabweans should grow up and accept that these things and issues are expected of in a true democracy. True, not all Zimbabweans are for the current government and thus, do nor assume that everyone was and is in support of the ‘new dispensation’ which is a continuation of Zanu PF rule. Do you want to be rule by one party for over 50 years?

  12. Lets wait and see whats happend

  13. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Misihairambwi and your ambitious silly G40 mukwane. You tell me you wanted Grace kuti aite zvaanoda . Ukwane Priscila

    1. So now everybody who opposes ED will be labeled G40? yOU ARE A Silly person.

  14. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Who in his senses would vote for such a clueless MP. Don’t tell me you did not witness the way corruption was now fast eating our country under the watchful eye of sleeping mugabe and his disrespectful wife. Zimbabwe is now breathing a fresh breath of air under the new dispensation. At least we are beginning to see prospects of a brighter future which were not evident under the Mugabe regime or the dynasty that was about to be unleashed upon us. If you miss the Mugabe era just go to Sudan or Ethiopia Madam Mushonga. Next time don’t make unnecessary noise. Otherwise we would call you a stupid and unthankful ill advised kid. Think not like a street kid.

    1. am sure this is serious political immaturity. she never seconded support for mugabe, the article ine certain nitty gritties which require probity. if u take this arguement personal then i wonder how u passed your tertiary education. verenga and pick highlights and fundamentals.

    2. Who told you you are God’s wife with powers to consign the MP Mushonga to Sudan or Ethiopia.Iwe tama uende kuSudan kwacho kana usingade kuti bona fide citizens dzishandise maconstitutional processes.Isn’t she discharging her constitutional mandate? Ko zvaformer first lady zvapinda papi apa. And please speak for yourself not in “we” terms. Looks like the guilty are afraid.

  15. Comment…Vana MDC munopenga endai mogara na Mugabe wenyu kuneimwenyika muzimbabwe ndeme vana vezimbabwe vanhu veM D C munopenga

  16. military operation. you will get nowhere. the military is not known for telling the world how it operates. the nation was on the verge of a catastrophe at the hands of the pawn dr cables, demented amai kwete vangu but vachatunga braggart. someone had to act. the military did. focus on the fact that the goblin is gone and how to win in the forthcoming elections. focus on nation building now. focus on the second coming of zimbabwe. collateral damage happens in such operations. not condoning that at all.

  17. ..Proportional representative after being rejected by the electorate,ndivo vekumboti ndakuda kusiya surname yababa ndakutora yaamai,she also brings used undies and pads into the house of assembly to try and push her point!she tries hard to stay relevant,i dont take her for real

  18. I wonder who this Mushonga is working for? every state has its classified files and it appears she is the mother of gossip judging by her own utterances that someone told her in confidence that Jonso was killed suppose that he had not appeared before BBC what signals would this falsehood have created.

  19. Chiwenga was not supposed to use a national army funded by our taxes to settle personal zanupf factional fights & then go on to reward himself with the vice presidency. That is the worst abuse of national assets ever

  20. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Priscilla don’t be stupid. All MPS both Zanu PF and MDC , Civic Society , the Business community and Zimbabweans supported the planned impeachment of dictator Mugabe. You know well what happened why pretending now. You are an idiot .

  21. With this kind of opposition we will not get any where.

  22. Kana vanhu vasingazive zvekubvunza kubva ngatingodzosera Mugabe vacho anga aripo.kkkkkkk

  23. You seem to be the idiot here. An idiot is characteised by sacrificing long term gains with short term crumbs. What exactly do you call this new era where we have replaced a despot with his wing commander and hit man…who by the way goes by the pleasant sounding name of “crocodile””

  24. No one wanted Grace. ED must be ashamed, it is erry to note that as unlikeable as he is as a character he was right – ED had long planned to wrestle power from his master with support of the army. Its in plan sight for all to see. Army waded into a factional Zanu PF dilema and sanitsed the coup through peoples loathe for the despot and his wife. There are many more questions to be asked. What happened to General Mujuru? Clearly this is where the whole journey started for this cabal. Running short of innovataion team lacost has now done a full 360 circle and are hobnobbing with the povo and the opposition of which they had accused him of.

    1. VIVA LACOSTE VIVA This is politics and we ARE love it,Waiting for the other side of the coin to follow suite VIVA CHAMISA VIVA MAKARANGA WOYEEEEEEEE.It seem people you want to investigate what you already know.ED was not here during Operation Restore Legacy he was in SA so literally he knows nothing.If you want full answers you can contact your Brother SORODAMBA since he was able to count the number of SNIPERS WHO WERE SPREADING BULLETS AT HIS HIDEOUT.

  25. Why does your publication couch the word coup with inverted commas as if to suggest it was something lesser than an actual coup de tat? A rose by any name remains a rose. That which we witnessed mid-November 2017 was a coup de tat plain and simple!

    1. Exactly…just as suffocating somebody to death under a pillow or fatally stabbing using a jagged sword are all murder…there is no such nonsense as smart or soft murder.

      1. Spot on. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga did a coup.
        There is no such a thing as bloodless coup.

  26. We support ED and his GENERALs for a well done Job Ku gwauta kwavapwere vasingazive kwarikuenda hatinei nako what we need is good leadership without corruption thats all.

  27. Right now H.E ED is just about to complete his introductory talks with Sadc heads of state. Soon he will be going to China and Davos and others are still dealing with issues to do with legitimacy. Electorate is watching the man at work already. Talk about being behind the program

  28. Dai mukamubvunzawo mubvunzo wekuti; ku g40 ndokune mbavha chete here. Sei tisati tamboonawo lacaste dzichisungwa.

  29. Tichine basa paZimbabwe. dai wana wevhu waziwiswa chinozi
    leadership transparecy…
    leadership accountability…
    non-bootlicking politics…
    citizens’ freedom of expression…
    personal emotional intelligence…

    kupopotera aita pfungwa dzake hazvina chazvinotipa. say your facts not your emotions against fellow countrymen. ndokuvakana ka.

  30. Mnangagwa will just say i was a border jumper during the Operation Restore Legacy i dont know anything may be you can summon the Generals you will Get the Answers +++++ the answers you want to know you can get them from George Charamba,Aaron Nhepera and Father Mukonori,Tese tinoziva kuti ED was not here.The ARMY did not nominate ED for president but it was ZANU PF.

  31. This is one MP who knows and does her job well. Tax payers’ money was used by the army to overthrow an “elected” government from office. That is why such act is called a coup d’état (an Overthrow of the State). Who gave Chiwenga the right to use the army to go to war with an unarmed gang of 6 or 7 G-40 members? Was the amount of resources employed justified? That is what we need our parliamentarians to do. Could the Chiwengas not have waited fora ZaNU congress which was less than three weeks away to go and remove Grace by mobilizing their members to vote? It will also be interesting for Mnangangwa to tell the nation that the whole Zimbabwe army supports ZANU PF while the citizens who are paying it are from various parties.

    1. Very true Fundani. That was a clear coup and illegal.

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