DJ ordered to play Kutonga Kwaro for First Lady

AN event where First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa was donating to 14 orphanages in Manicaland province in Mutare yesterday almost turned farcical, as a DJ’s failure to play Jah Prayzah’s hit song Kutonga Kwaro almost brought the function to a premature end.


The song had been requested by Provincial Affairs minister Monica Mutsvangwa and the DJ’s failure to play it was met with disapproval from several government officials and guests, who accused the entertainer of sabotage and being a member of G40.

“Do you have Kutonga Kwaro Garwe? I thought you would have the song so that the First Lady will come to address us after we have enjoyed it,” Mutsvangwa said.

A former Mutare councillor, Cecilia Gambe, was heard accusing the DJ of being bribed.

“Have you been bribed not to play the song? We said we the have song and you refused to take it,” she said.

A group of Zanu PF supporters came to the stricken DJ’s rescue when they handed him a disc containing the song, to the excitement of delegates, including some legislators.

Mutsvangwa then said the song was not political.

”There is nothing political about the song, it is just artistic,” she said.

The song is the unofficial soundtrack to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rise to power.

Auxillia, in her speech, urged families to adopt the disadvantaged in their communities for them to grow up in family set-ups.

She also said the disadvantaged should be enrolled at vocational training centres at a tender age to equip them with skills that would benefit them later in life.

‘’I was talking to the minister [Mutsvangwa], she said they have a vocational training centre,” Auxillia, who is going around the country donating basics to various charities, said.

“We are urging the disadvantaged to enrol at vocational centres when they are still young to find their weakness and strengths.”

She urged women to have their own projects.

Mutsvangwa said the First Lady has people at heart.

“We want to thank you our First Lady. You did not go on holiday, you were all over giving to the disadvantaged and the underprivileged. We hope that your good work is going to continue,” she said.


  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    At times people could be so trivial to the extent that an important even could be disrupted because of a sound music track.A whole provincial executive behaves like primary school children.With this calibre of shallow minded politicians could this country move anywhere?Hopefully other provinces don’t have such type of leadership.

  2. @Mgobhozi Wezintabeni you are right. That’s what I wished to say. You have rightly said it!

  3. Comment…Also sometimes just a mere asking for a certain track from a DJ’s playlist might be misinterpreted as a big issue overshadowing the real event by some overzealous scribes.

  4. The reporter could have focused on the real issue here…not to bring up silly issues so as to over shadow the good that was done on the day.

  5. @Anonymous.What you might take to be a silly issue may become the real issue and overshadow what ever is being done.One funny statement from the speaker may redefine the purpose of the meeting or event.Leaders should show a sense of maturity when dealing with what might be thought as a silly issue.after all it was a charity work.

  6. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    This issue is of paramount importance , it shows how boot licking has taken the so called leadership of this country.
    The current crop of leaders we have is fluffy, regressive, outdated and primitive minded.
    Personally i wish we work hard and remove these unaccountable and defrauding leaders.
    Its time for the young warriors(G40)to rule now.

  7. After all if we have leadership with shallow minds to the extent of labeling the poor DJ as a G40 simply because he did not have the song. Zanu pf mentality is very bad. We are tired of factional fights.

  8. By the way was this song written and sung by Auxillia or Jah and why all this fuss about nothing??lets grow up ladies and gentlemen.

  9. This is but a glimpse of the intolerance that will be on display when election season begins…. as they say, same s**t, different day!

  10. Auxilia pliz, slow down, we are trying to recover from one overbearing first lady & now we are not so sure why you want to travel this same road & what authority you are using with all these gatherings & donations

  11. SMH!! With this kind of petty & childish leaders,the nation is headed towards another state of failure! God have mercy on Zimbabwe! Can’t we just learn from other nations how they conduct themselves, leading to their success!

    1. Its just an overzealous journo besides kutongwa kwaro rinonakidza siyai vanhu vanakigwe aaah

  12. Comment…If the song was by public demand then there was nothing funny or trivial about the furore, unless someone seeks to supress majority rule or PURE democracy.

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