Councillor seeks court to force Gokwe town secretary suspension

A GOKWE MDC-T councillor has taken council chairperson Ester Senga (Zanu PF) to court for allegedly refusing to suspend town secretary, Melania Mandeya, to facilitate investigations into the $491 000 which went missing from council coffers.


Jameson Mhlanga accused Senga of defying several council resolutions compelling her to suspend Madeya to pave way for a forensic audit.

In his summons filed at the Gokwe Magistrates’ Court, Mhlanga said he was seeking the court to order the suspension of the town secretary for three months pending forensic audit.

Mhlanga also sought the court to order council vice-chairperson and finance committee to have the power to write the letter of suspension as per council resolution.

“The order must order that town secretary be suspended for three months in order to carry out the forensic audit. The respondents writes a letter as per council resolution and if the respondent fails the vice-chairperson of council or chairperson of human resources and finance committee be allowed to write the letter of suspension,” the summon read.

Mhlanga accused Senga of failing to discharge her mandate in accordance with Urban Councils Act.

“Councillor Senga has the duty to conform to the principle of good corporate governance. All five councillors out of six felt the town secretary should make way for forensic audit to take place,” Mhlanga submitted.

“We pray chairperson Senga allows the will of majority to prevail and good corporate governance be observed and write a letter of suspension to the town secretary.”

Senga is yet to respond to the summons.

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