Council stops construction on recreational land

HARARE City Council has ordered six home-seekers, who were allegedly allocated residential stands on a recreational facility in Sunningdale to stop construction work, pending investigations into the matter after the community raised a red flag over the housing project.


According to the offer letters shown to NewsDay, the 300sqm stands were allocated by former acting housing director, Retired Major Matthew Marara in January last year before the new housing director, Admore Nhekairo intervened last week and ordered a probe into the development.

“My department has been petitioned by the residents who are against developments that are to take place on your stand. As residents, they feel they were not consulted and that development is not in the best interest of the neighbourhood,” part of Nhekairo’s letter dated January 26, read.

“Given the foregoing, you are hereby asked to stop any developments that you may have been undertaking or planned to undertake until this matter has been resolved.”

Nhekairo’s move followed a petition signed by over 50 residents, who accused council officials of corruptly pegging and allocating residential stands on land reserved for a recreational park.

The residents had given Nhekairo seven days to investigate the matter or risk legal action.

Ward 10 councillor, Hammy Madzingira claimed the land allocations were done behind his back.

“I was alerted of the development by alert residents who informed me that there was construction work in the basketball court.
I consulted the acting district officer who said he was not aware. The area zone officer also said she was not aware,” he said.

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  1. A great many corrupt activities have being going on at Harare City Council, Remembrance drive office. These corrupt activities seem to include the old guards, officers who have been at the helm for many years and understand how to manipulate the system for their own personal gains! it is for this very reason that a complete restructure of all these officers be conducted as a matter of very urgency. We too will petition the council to remove these officers! Act Now!!!

  2. At last, someone out there has come back to their senses. I have always argued against the allocation of residential stands in recreational areas. We need those sports fields that have been turned into residential areas. This is one area where we can draw parallels with the Rhodesian era administration. Smith aisiya nzvimbo dzevana dzekutambira imi mosvika moita kwachu kwachu

  3. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Taura hako Dzimbahwe. Takakura tichitambira munhandare dzaidiridzwa. Zvino zvazviroto. Dzimba ngadzisamere kunge hohwa.

  4. Mutambirwa is the biggest culprit and the most corrupt council official. Please investigate him especially where the allocation of stands in concerned…

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