Chiyangwa ‘sweats’ over divorce

FLAMBOYANT property mogul Phillip Chiyangwa has filed an appearance to defend the divorce litigation brought before the High Court by his estranged wife, Elizabeth (nee Jumah), who is seeking termination of the couple’s 30-year-old marriage citing irreconcilable differences.


Elizabeth rekindled the divorce proceedings on January 11 this year after the initial application filed in 2013 failed to materialise following what appeared to have been efforts to amicably resolve the matrimonial impasse by the couple.

“Take notice that on January 23, 2018, the defendant [Chiyangwa] entered an appearance to defend this action. The summons was served on the defendant on January 22, 2018. The defendant’s address for service is care of his undersigned legal practitioners, Kantor and Immerman,” Chiyangwa’s lawyers said.

In her declaration, Elizabeth said she married Chiyangwa on November 11, 1988 in terms of the Marriage Act (Chapter 37, now Chapter 5:11). The marriage still subsists, but she said she had since lost love and affection for Chiyangwa and both had a mutual wish to be divorced.

“The relationship between plaintiff (Elizabeth) and defendant (Chiyangwa) has irretrievably broken down and there are no reasonable prospects for the restoration of a normal marriage relationship, more particularly in that; the parties have been living apart for a continuous period in excess of 12 months, since plaintiff moved out of the matrimonial home on September 18, 2016,” Elizabeth’s lawyers, Zigomo Legal Practitioners, said.

“It is accordingly just and equitable that the marriage relationship between the parties be dissolved based on their mutual consent. It is reasonable and practicable, and just and equitable, pursuant to the provisions of the Matrimonial Causes Act that the matrimonial estate between the parties be divided in the manner set out in the original consent paper executed by the plaintiff and defendant in the presence of their legal practitioners that is to be filed of record with this honourable court based on their mutual consent and agreement.”

The Zifa boss and Elizabeth’s marriage hit a turbulence in 2013 when Elizabeth filed divorce papers, claiming 85% of the couple’s assets and $83 000 per month for 120 months as maintenance after the termination of the matrimony.

However, a year later the flamboyant businessman wrote to the High Court requesting that his divorce case be scrapped off the court roll as the parties were reportedly locked in out-of-court negotiations to stop their acrimonious divorce.

In her affidavit, Elizabeth said she was seeking to divorce the Native Investments Africa Group founder over alleged infidelity and demanded a lion’s share of the family’s estimated $230 million estate.

But Chiyangwa objected to the divorce accusing Elizabeth’s lawyers of incompetence for listing some properties that did not belong to him without verifying.

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  1. How did he ”earn” $230 million, we’ve only had dollarisation for 8 years?

  2. Money can not buy love.

  3. Money can not buy love.

  4. Married in November.

  5. Perfecto opportunity for you Pfidza to hunt for a younger, definitely sweeter and more beautiful wifey!!!

  6. fidza iyi hauibude unotorohwa mari malawyers ake anotoita pro bono ndaaa mari achatobudA ndiriwe dai wataura naye woita uncontested divorce then iwe paside womupa mari

  7. He is corrupt. The wife must milk him dry. After all the wealth he accumulated is as a result of corruption.

  8. The courts should consider contributions from both parties for settlements, the business of dishing out money/property to non contributing spouses should seize, that encourages abuse of the system.

  9. Comment…sharp i agree with yu women these days take advantage of our constituation that thing of 50 50 its nonsense i wll be the one working 24night mukadzi akarara woti ngatiite 50 50 thats why sme people nolonger marries

  10. Comment…Our exotic divorce laws do not seem to deliver necessary justice in African sutuation. Frequently midst erroneous presumptions of integrity and reason. Highly abusable exotic legal/justice instruments we have. Equitable sharing of what was created by who? Why? The official answers are frequently more political than solid factual.

  11. She is wife number what?

  12. That’s unfortunate

  13. Silly Newsday you block decent posts

  14. achaona kuti haana kungwara philip

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