Chiwenga to lead crackdown on prices

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga will lead a Zanu PF politburo taskforce to deal with price increases and multiple pricing structures as President Emmerson Mnangagwa warned stern action against “economic saboteurs”.

BY Everson Mushava

Addressing journalists after yesterday’s politburo meeting at the Zanu PF headquarters, party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, said several measures had been put in place to deal with pricing problems and these would be announced soon.

“The politburo discussed the issue of rampant price increases and has identified various strategies to curtail this phenomenon,” he said.

“In his discussion, President Mnangagwa warned economic saboteurs that their days are numbered. The party is aware of those who want to cause confusion and inflict economic pain on our people. The issue of the three-tier pricing system was also discussed and measures to curb this will be announced in due course.”

Moyo said a politburo ad hoc committee has been put in place to deal with these issues and would be chaired by Chiwenga.

Mnangagwa took over from former President Robert Mugabe late last year courtesy of a military intervention codenamed Operation Restore Legacy. However, despite hope of economic revival, the government has been met by a wave of price increases.

Moyo said Zanu PF secretary for indigenisation and economic affairs, Mike Bimha, reported to the politburo that there were sudden price increases last year, which peaked around September 2017.

“Social media, of course, also contributed to the problem through falsehoods. This resulted in retailers randomly increasing their prices,” he said.

“There is need for increased production and capacity utilisation. There is also need for retooling and new investment in the country. Bimha also stated that 14 items were removed from the list of Statutory Instrument (SI) 64, these include milk, cooking oil, rice, meat and soap, among others. This was to allow people to import these goods on their own at a cheaper price.”

SI64 was introduced in 2016 to protect local producers from an influx of cheap products from South Africa, the regional economic powerhouse.

Moyo also said Agriculture minister Perrance Shiri gave an assurance that there was sufficient maize in the country although there was need to top up on wheat stocks. Mnangagwa also called on his party to work hard in preparation for elections this year.

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  1. How is this going to be done if there failed to convince the meat industry to lower prices.
    The only way out as alleged by Prof.Jonso on BBC Hardtalk programme this morning if there is a grain of truth that you had gone to talk Tsvangirai into a government of National Unity and delay elections for three years, it is the only solution which will correct all the ills besieging the economy.


    Chombo looted millions of USD through Fraud & corruption , only to be granted $5000 bail….. Really??

    MUNANGAGWA IS PROMOTING CORRUPTION!! NO INVESTOR WILL COME….We are into another Junta Dynasty after Mugabe dynasty.

    All soldiers did very well to remove Mugabe they made a big mistake to impose them

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous, this issue should be handled by economists & not a soldier or gun. Honestly what does Chiwenga know about price controls. They may have gotten rid of Mugabe in Zanupf but the archaic political mindset will haunt it forever

  4. Price controls do not work at all. Soon goods will disaapear from the shelves. Money should be accessed from banks not from the street as it is happening now. RBZ and banks have should be investigated on how they operate as more money is found on the street other than in banks.
    Shops which are asking for cash only and not banking the money like most shops downtown should have their business licenses cancelled.

    1. mr reporter wy are saying party instead of the government

    2. For starters We (as government) engaged all the sectors with their reps along the supply chains. the shocking truth is retailers initiated price increases even when producers never increased anything. This was driven by mere profiteering spirit and nothing more. Denford Mutashu could not answer on the trigger for price increases. Beef industry said its because of high demand due to low chicken supplies. How does that contribute to cost structure? So what is required is not economis but politecomics. Chiwenga musnt be viewed as a General of Army. he is now the VP of the republic and he has some ministries allocated under his purview. Lets view him as such. His approach and precission we shall see with the results. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuu

  5. chairing a committee does not mean you are the one to implement so pliz guys lets think positive. also a crack down on prices does necessarily mean price controls. it can be just engagement with the relevant people to come up with a lasting solution rather than continuous price increase. l salute the government action taken so far they cannot just relax an watch the consumer suffering.


  7. I wonder how they are going to implement it without facing resistance. The other reason for this is that these retailers are buying money in the streets in order to import goods. if they fail to address the cash crisis, then their mission wont be a success. they should be careful on what they want to do otherwise we are destined for another 2008. Groceries will soon disappear in shops.


  8. The method is completely wrong that happened 2007/8 and no one controlled prices,we only need policies that will make a decision on the market hence controlling prices

  9. Short memories, we have tried this nonsense before, prior to 2009!
    Crack down on the useless bond notes instead, get rid of the garbage!

  10. Zvinhu zvirikutanga kushayikwa manjemanje

  11. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Its not bond notes that is causing the ecocomic challenges but rather mismanagement, corruption, lack of production, low or non value addition etc. There is nothing wrong on zpf setting this committee

  12. Chiwenga is a very level headed chap. I’m going to give him and his team a chance. I’m sure they will come up with a good solution.

  13. Let the invisible hand allocate resources

    International trade is being distorted by embargoes in the form of SI 64. The government sought to protect domestic industries by barring most goods from being imported. However, the local industry is predominantly inefficient and we are now paying for that. The solution may be to increase competition by removing the protectionist SI 64. Mukabvisa SI 64, maPrices anodonhedzwa mangwana chaiye!

  14. It’s a question of semantic here. May the problem is the phrase “crack-down”.


  16. Let Chiwenga do things differently. We have seen other commissions come up withnnothingas they failed to ddistinguish determinants on price increases.But perhaps the VP will deal withthis in another way that is economics influenced. But bottom line is our industries ate taking advantage of the monopolistic and ooligopolisms presented by govt lack of intervention in the circular flow of business. The cash crisis needs a commette to look into but to this day non and yet its the reason why prices shoot bcoz of perceptions.

  17. zvinoita regai timboona

  18. the solution is not on having a team that looks on prices but it just rest on production. if u just take a look in our external border entries everyday in the morning there are ques for Zimbabweans that goes to our neighboring countries for buying goods that can be produces locally.

  19. Just a lead to Cde Chiwenga, izvi zvakamboitika pakaenda VaMugabe naFirst Lady kuAmerica last year. Pavakadzoka vakati tichazvigadzirisa ende zvakamboti gadzirikei. Vakazviita sei? Also, who is controlling the economy, esp the pricing?

  20. don’t remind us of the issue of military take over all the time you want to write about his excellence mnangangwa get straight to the point if you don’t have stories to write keep quiet from the look of things you are one of the saboteurs in media industry/catalyst .

  21. Voodooo economics. Learnt by correspondence from the barracks. Believe me , we will give as we have already given Chiwenga time since 14.November 2017. So far all we have seen are Generals promoting each other both in rank as well as highest positions in the land. Nothing for the Povo so far apart from All Zimbabweans giving these Generals a blank cheque through positive optimism that the country is in a new dispensation and the generality of Zimbabweans hope for hope only because mugabe has left the scene.
    Starting by dolling post amongest the comrades before Povo will prove to be the achilis Heel of this out of sorts administration. To commandore the economy the Mugabe style will be the first to succeed in the world if it does. These guys have no coherent plan if there is one at all. It is a shoot at sight approach without evaluating and stratergising. Where are the Technocrates? These guys will work for you your excellency, put them in strategic and problematic ministries and ask for results and you shall get them. Chiwenga performed for you to become President and he does not need to perform any were any more for any one. Every one owes him including you Mr president. Leave him out of Key performance area except where ginya is needed. But surely not the economy. It is too early for you Sir to be making such a litany of mistakes despite your several decades in government. Didnt you learn or did you learn any good lessons over those decades. I am feeling sad that Gushungo may soon be added to the list of real prophets in Zimbabwe. He once said there was no one fit to Run Zimbabwe better than him in the crop of cadres he had and the current lot was with him then. God forbid.

  22. Now if anyone thinks Mnangagwa is going to solve the economy woos then god forgive the guy is just a gate crusher not a leader at all . Good economy controls the prices not the other way round never it never works Come 100 days which is fast approaching nothing will have improved as they is nothing has changed so far and please lets all be serious and remove zanu from power if we dream of a better future for this country ,


  24. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Vatapi venhau nyorayi nhau senhau. Kwete kuramba modzokorora. Mutungamiri wenyika
    akapindaseyi pachigaro, ndodzanhau chete here? Nhau dzinotanga zvakanaka, pedzisire, vaMnangagwa vakazenge vazo neMauto. Nyorayi bhuku kana mune shungu dzekunyora nezvazvo veduwe. Kana kuti gadzirayi mufananidzo touona kuoonekwa minanidzo, vanhu vowana mabasa.

  25. If Ministers don’t back money who should and why? Ministers have 80% of liquid cash in their bedrooms and a tuckshop owner is expected to bank money which erodes everyday. Why would I bank money to sustain the politician and banks if I can help it? The problem with unqualified people holding government influential posts is that they seek to be feared and boot-licked. How does price control of basic commodities promote business? Never let a baboon blow a whistle.

    1. ministers don’t bank money….

  26. for starters let people bring all the consumables they need without duty.this will force retailers to lower its back to 2008. shops are not putting prices on shelves they have someone changing prices in the office maybe twice a day.when production resumes then price controls can resume not now

  27. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Ndinovimba apachazove neprice control Hurumende isati yaisawo mari ekubatsira Companies dzinogadzira izvo zvichazenge zvine price control. Hurumende ngaitange yasanga navose vari muIndustry iyi, voisa misoro pamwe.

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