Chinotimba, son sued for $842 000

BUHERA South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) and his son, Edwin, have been taken to court by former Chipinge farm owners H De Foiard Brown (Pvt) Ltd, who are demanding over $842 000 in compensation for their seized land.


H De Foiard Brown (Pvt) Ltd filed the summons last week accusing Chinotimba and his son of forcibly evicting them and in the process causing them a huge financial loss.

In his particulars of claim H De Foiard Brown said prior to January 28, 2015 he was carrying out farming activities on Chihosa of Subdivision A of Excelsior of Hofstede measuring 164,00 hectares, in Chipinge.

“On January 28, 2015, first and second defendants (Chinotimba and son) forcibly removed plaintiff (H De Foiard Brown) and its employees from the property when they had no right to do so. Second defendant (Edwin) remains in occupation of the property,” they said.

“As a result of the wrongful eviction of plaintiff, plaintiff has suffered damages in the sum of $842 400 being the prospective income, which plaintiff would have earned, but for the wrongful eviction by the defendants.

“Wherefore plaintiff claims for damages against the defendants jointly and severally one paying the other to be absolved in the sum of $842 400 together with interest thereon calculated at the rate of 5% per annum from the date of service of summons to date of full payment plus cost of suit.”

Chinotimba and his son, who is into macadamia nuts farming, are yet to enter an appearance to defend.

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  1. Since when has Chinotimba been in macadamia nuts farming they took a macadamia nuts farm that does not make them macadamia nuts farmers.

    1. They are nuts!!

  2. Soon that farm will be a firewood area just as the mango and orange farm in Chegutu has become.

  3. Mr Chinotimba what you did to my home area was very cruel and inhuman. Honestly that farm is no longer productive as it used to be. The farmer used to provide us with jobs, food and shelter which you cant offer anymore yourself. that was greedness at its best, mazara sora, maNuts acho angove huni zvadzo. Kubva kuBuhera Kwese uko kuuya all the way to Chipinge. It was because the farm was 200% utilised and productive and was benefiting not only to the Chipinge residents only but to the entire nation bringing in foreign currency. Saka munofunga kuti kwedu hakuna MPs wo here like you vaizodai vakatora that farm iroro. Bhadharai mari iyoyo please. WE SAY NO TO CORRUPTION ACCORDING TO THE NEW DISPENSATION, PRESIDENT MUNANGANGWA HAVAZVIDE IZVI. HE IS ANT-CORRUPT PPL LIKE YOU. Zvakashata zvamakaita.


    2. All the farms whjich are now Black Owned were once White Owned. Ivhu nderedu. Vakaritenga kui farm iroro varungu avo.

  4. stupid thieving MP. You area a shame

  5. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    CdE ED Please you are our last hope. Use all authority vested in you to put a halt to those with Post Mugabe drunkenness of not respecting property rights. We used to hear positive stories of H De Foiard Brown (Pvt) Ltd but now we hear that the farming investment is no more why. What will happen to all employees, the investment, the revenue that was also benefiting our nation. Please stop these Zvinotimbas. Zvina murondatsimba . How can you use your political muscle to enrich your son at the expense of Chipinge community you Chinotimba murondatsimba. You are a disgrace. You do not belong to this new Zimbabwe

  6. Justice must prevail.You must remember the so called land reform program was the sole author of all our suffering since 2000 when the madness began.

  7. Vakomana but why Joseph Chinotimba and Son do you do such disgrace thieving under the banner of ZANU PF. Takusekerera nguva yakareba Joseph wakuzodya sipo manje dzikamna. Mr President ED Mnangagwa you shuold off load these kind of calibre in you pact. Joseph Chinotimba you still have a case to answer, in year 2000 you shoot a person in Glen Norah nyaya yako haisati yatongwa. Haikona kuonererwa you shall face the Justice one day.

  8. VaChinotimba neMwana wenyu please ibvai zvenyu paFarm ipapo. Dzorerai munhu Purazi rake basa reFarming riinde mberi kwete mbeva dzamave kuchengeta imomo. Mwari vachakutongai imi nerimwe gore nezvamakaita izvi. Makatirwadzisa stereki isu vagari vemuDaisy Hill, Chipinge. just across Chihoza river, tisu taishanda papurazi ipapo neMurungu iyeye. basa makatidzinga, the farm is just idle now, tsine nembeva chete. zvaKesari kuna Kesari. Its Not Fair, Dzokai kuBuhera kwenyu, Mbau dzakashata maningi. Kunyarara hedu asi tirikurwadziwa.

  9. what is it with people from Buhera by naming their boys Edwin , Chinos son is Edwin and Morgan son is also Edwin, what is going on.

    1. Saka newewo ukaenda Buhera chenjera kunzi waakunzi Edwin.

  10. refugee in my own country

    edwin handiti ane munda kuMazowe kwa Burton kwa Makarani ko kuChipinge waitsvagei futi panoda audit ye ma lands why vari so greedy vamwe tisina minda apo munhu wa concillor

  11. kkkkkkkkkk aaaaa shame

  12. Muchenjere ku Dubai kwaakanzi arikuenda ne ndege achanoita land grab achifunga kuti ari mu Zimbabwe.kkkkkkkk

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