Chihuri fingered in fake spot fine books scam

WOES continue to mount on retired Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, who now faces a possible criminal case of abuse of office and corruption.


Former police officer Tafadzwa Gambiza, fired from the force after refusing to cast his ballot in front of his commanders, has opened a case of corruption against Chihuri, demanding that he be brought before the courts.

The case, reported at Kwekwe Central Police Station and captured under RRB number 3284257, was made before Chihuri was fired.
Gambiza accuses Chihuri of illegally printing fake spot fine books which were not prescribed at law and converting the money to his own use, paying his top officers and abusing his position for self-enrichment.

“The accused designed his private national deposit fine schedules illegally usurping the mandate of the Ministry of Justice, instead of issuing motorists with Z69J tickets as prescribed. He used police printers to print own tickets, which was both illegal and corrupt,” wrote Gambiza in his statement to the police.

Chihuri is accused of pushing the police to fundraise for money which he allegedly used to build homes in leafy suburbs.

“The offence of not having red rear reflectors, for instance, is covered by Chapter 13:11 section 37(1) of the Road Traffic Act and was $5 fine, but Chihuri gave an illegal instruction to have his officers charge $20,” he wrote.

“Further, Chihuri, through his fake ticket books, violated the law by remitting all spot fines to the director of finance at Police General Headquarters, when this issue of admission of guilt is provided in Chapter 9:07 section 356 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act and the Zimbabwe Republic Police standing orders volume 1,” Gambiza said.

The Act specifies that Z69J tickets for spot fines have the original white copy and be remitted to the clerk of court together with deposit fines.

Gambiza said he was aware that the matter had Cabinet approval and was debated in Parliament, but this did not make it law and Chihuri, as a law enforcer, was supposed to be competent enough not to implement illegal decisions.


  1. “…the matter was approved by cabinet and debated in parliament…” Nyudzai munhu uyu purizi nevese vanga vari mu ca-bin-et al yacho. chavakadya chopfuka.

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…ED, a competent lawyer was the minister of justice and leader of the house must dragged before the courts with Chuhuri

  3. Thanks to the ED and other government officials we the motorist we were suffering through police road blocks taking our money for their own use , we say no corruption again at last God has answered our prayers and those criminals must be brought to books

  4. Chihuri has been a criminal frm the word go dnt 4get he was once arrested 4 car theft

  5. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…Chihuri once suggested that our traffic fines were too low compared to Germany where drivers are fined $10 000 for a minor traffic offence yet he was siphoning drivers for his own benefit. This is not Germany
    mr. Lie on your weell prepared bed mr and feel the heat u had put us in.

  6. Almost all traffic offence fines were suspiciously pegged at $20

  7. If ZACC is sincere to be honest as Zimbabwean motorists we want to know why Chihuri was milking us all our hard earned money using dubious road blocks which resulted in serious corruption in our roads. Where was the money going? Can Chihuri come and explain why he was fronting such wicked measures on us as Zimbabweans? Was it because he built another mansion in Malawi and has decided to leave in Malawi? All female Police officers salaries was deducted because of Chihuri wife who was forcing them to wear her cheap fabric because she wanted to steal from husband work. Chihuri family deserve to be in Chikurubi for the rest of their life.

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