Chibero College students protest over unhygienic living conditions


SCORES of students at Chibero Agricultural College in Norton stormed the principal’s office on Wednesday protesting against alleged maladministration and exposure to unhygienic living conditions.


The students accused the administration of turning a blind eye to their welfare, including lack of electricity and running water in some halls of residence and being fed on poorly-prepared meals.

A Students’ Representative Council executive member who requested anonymity said they feared that the unhygienic conditions were exposing them to diarrhoeal diseases such as cholera, which has wreaked havoc in the nearby Chegutu town.

“We are all living in fear because there is cholera in Chegutu and our toilets are so dirty and disgusting at a time we should up our hygienic standards because there is cholera and this is not a joke,” he said.

“We have not had electricity in most parts of the school for the past six months and they have not engaged Zesa to solve this problem at a time when some students failed last year because they could not even study. Until this is solved, nobody is going for lectures at this institution.”

College principal Phillip Mushayi declined to comment and referred all questions to Moffat Nyamangara, the director of colleges in the Ministry of Higher Education.

Nyamangara confirmed receiving reports of the students’ protest and urged the parties to find ways to solve their differences amicably.

“We are aware of all these issues and we are going to assess the situation to get full appreciation of what is happening, but I am aware the students refused to engage the principal today (yesterday), but I hope that this can be done in future because our position is that all the issues can be addressed,” he said.


  1. This episode demands for the new Minister or parliament to constitute a commission of enquiry whose mandate will be to perform a due diligence on all Agriculture colleges concentrating primarily on management and control. These challenges of inept leadership are prevalent in all agric colleges save for Gwebi, Kushinga and Mlezu who have robust leadership otherwise the rest are run like tuckshops ,instead of them being centres of excellence the current crop of principals have successfully transformed them into centres of gross inefficiencies. Trying to victimise lecturers and other senior staff on the feeble basis that they incited students is not only false but also reveals a desperate Directorate whose legendary hallmark is repugnant indecisiveness. The said policy makers have been soundly asleep all along and are now trying desperately to paint a picture of stability in the department which is full of a myriad of festering and unresolved issues.

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