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Bizure returns with Tsvimbo Yemudzimu


FOLLOWING the successful release of his debut movie, Camouflage, last year, Adoration Bizure has not looked back.


The journalist, who found the lure of film too strong to resist, is working on his second film production, Tsvimbo Yemudzimu.

Bizure told NewsDay yesterday that his next film explores the dilemma of a priest trapped between his calling and his father’s cultural legacy.

“Tsvimbo Yemudzimu is a Christian film based on the life of a priest, who will be in a dilemma of fulfilling his Christian calling or to inherit the legacy of his late father, who was a sangoma,” he said.

Bizure, who traded his pen for the screen, said the film’s storyline is centred on a rod (tsvimbo), which the late priest’s father used to perform miracles, which he is now entitled to inherit.

The production team has since sent out an SOS to potential actors to attend auditions on January 27 at Jam Jam Studio in Harare.
“We need eight actresses and 11 actors and then we will need a lot of extras,” he said.

“Everyone is welcome, as long as you have the ability what we are expecting.”

Although there have been complaints that contemporary local productions were a far cry from those produced in the 1980s and 1990s, Bizure begged to differ.

“Well, I feel it’s not about time frame. Every production has its own strengths and weaknesses,” he said.

Bizure said given the raft of challenges afflicting the local film industry, many of the stakeholders were fuelled by passion, it was not a lost cause.

“Passion is what drives me the most and though the industry has such challenges, it is promising,” he said, although he was not keen to spell out the budget that the production commanded.

Drawing parallels between Camouflage and the current production, Bizure said the two were set in the urban and rural settings, respectively.

He, however, said viewers should expect to see a vast improvement in the forthcoming production because they had moved several notches higher in terms of quality.

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