Baby Rudorwashe dies


A NINE-MONTH-OLD Bulawayo infant, Rudorwashe Grace Moyo, who was battling a life-threatening heart complication, has succumbed to the disease.


Her mother, Tendai Moyo (32) told Southern Eye yesterday that her daughter died on Monday.

“I want to thank you very much Southern Eye for your assistance and I want to inform you that my daughter whom you assisted so much to gain mileage is no more,” a tearful Moyo said.

“I am traumatised and confused at the moment.”

She said they were making funeral arrangements and will announce the arrangements in due course.

The Nkulumane baby, whose parents appealed for $15 000 for her to undergo a life-saving heart surgery in India, had been admitted at Mpilo Central Hospital after well-wishers donated $3 200.

Rudorwashe was battling a congenital heart disease and had been on life support for the past three months she was surviving on anti-heart failure medication.

Rudorwashe was admitted at the Mpilo intensive care unit last Wednesday after her condition deteriorated.


  1. Sad indeed. I think the government should really consider heart diseases as a matter of agency because many of these cases are being attended to well wishers of which sometimes the money required fell short. $15000 for to save a life is not much compared to vote buying donations.

  2. Its so sad. Ko iyo hurumende ngaitumire vanhu Ku INDIA inoona kuti machines akadii anodiwa kuti tikwanise kuita ma heart surgery so that toita muno munyika yedu.

  3. Very sorry indeed vanhu vane mari dzavo makawoma last year pa birthday ra Dr amai takakuonai muchiburitsa mazimari ma $50000 asi honai tarisikirwa nehupenyu nekushaya $15000

  4. so depressing may she rest in eternal peace.government saw it fit to give chiefs vehicles worth 50000usd yet they couldnt help this lovely soul.

    • True very painful, especially when you know that public funds are being spend on things that do not help the society

  5. Saddening indeed. Ko vanozviti vane mari varipi. Asi ndeyemushonga isingabatsire vanhu vanorwara. Talk of riches acquired through demons.

  6. while Munakwakwa had taken a delegation to davos when an innocent soul was begging for help. Munakwakwa can afford to take Mugabe to Singapore for medical check up but can not extend the same on his kith and kin but wants their votes only

  7. I support our government in its current state and I congratulate for all the minor steps and announcements it has already done but it is Very sad such a story especially when I ask myself why our government is happy to spend millions of dollars on vehicles for the Chiefs but there is no plan for situations like this to find 15.000 to safe a life of a baby.
    May the little soul rest in peace.


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