APA slams ED over chiefs’ cars

ALLIANCE for People’s Agenda (APA) leader, Nkosana Moyo has criticised President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government’s decision to dish out vehicles to traditional leaders, saying this points to misplaced priorities.


Addressing party supporters in Mutare yesterday, Moyo said children were walking long distances to schools and hospitals had no medicines, while the government was pampering chiefs with vehicles.

“If we want to build the country, it should be built on the right foundation. As a leader, I should speak the truth and even if using the vote we should do so. The chiefs we are going to work with should responsible,’’ he said.

“When I was coming today, I saw children in Grade 0, who were walking five to eight kilometres to school and there are chiefs, who are getting cars. The prioritisation is not good.’’

The former Industry and International Trade minister added: “Instead, they should buy school buses and medicines for hospitals so that we can move in the right direction.”

He urged APA supporters to make the right choices when voting to stop the current suffering of Zimbabweans, most of whom were unemployed.

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Moyo said he was confident of winning the elections before encouraging party supporters to register to vote.

“If we go to elections on the ballot paper there would be Emmerson Mnangagwa, Joice Mujuru and I don’t know if Morgan Tsvangirai would be there or not,’’ he said.

Tsvangirai is suffering from cancer of the colon and already there are divisions within his MDC-T party on who could succeed him in the event his health further deteriorates.

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  1. thse cars were bought by mugabe for the chiefs not by ED ,,he was just finishing off what was started by mugabe ,if he could divert them , there could be a misappropriation allegation again!!!!

    1. he could reverse this and justify, he has already made a number of decisions to reverse what was done by Mugabe, he could just give these cars as ambulances or something and justify that, this just shows that he also continues with a policy of appeasement to buy votes form chiefs

    2. Cde FACT .. Remember on the budget statement that was presented by Chinamasa he said there is no money for the purchase of cars meant for the chiefs. When a budget is compiled data is gathered from various Gvt and non gvt institutions and its not a one days event .. it is a process which is researched in depth and finally results in the Budget announcement
      Ministry of Finance Departments and Zimra work hand in glove to facilitate importation of goods solely for State use such as Chiefs cars which are not subject to Duty ( So it should have been common knowledge that the cars had already been purchased and duty free certificates had been issued because Zimbabwe does not have a plant for assembling ISUZU cars hence there was no need to make such an announcement that the gvt was not going to buy the chiefs cars. Who were they trying to please buy announcing such then few weeks down the line a complete opposite happens. The money involved is not a small money . This is silly politicking when people are suffering due to lack of simple essential services such as clean water, medication in hospitals, delayed payment for Salaries for CIVIL servants .
      I feel that there was no excuse at all to go the avenue that they went , even if the cars had been purchased already they could have been diverted into other needy areas that have been suffering from neglect .
      Lets open our eyes people , carrying on with policies that were mooted by the previous President does not make sense for the sake of that they had already been done. Its No NO NO No!!!!

    3. What a silly excuse

    4. The vehicle were for Kudzai Chipanga Youth and Mnangagwa should have given the vehicle to the military that assisted him to be in power rather than give Chiefs so that vanowedzera kudzvanyirira vanhu hanzi nokuti ndiri Mambo. Most of the youngsters vanovambira ushe hwaana Baba vavo vatokwegura are real fools in Chiefs’ positions

    5. He can’t finish something he doesn’t believe in!! In fact, Chinamasa clearly stated that the government had no money for that after ED was sworn in. Lets not allow our affiliation blinds us. Lets consciously and thoughtfully choose, follow and support whoever we wish but lets just not do that at the expense of the truth. Thats exactly what made Mugabe and ED came very close to being killed by the very man he blindly supported for more than 3 decades.

  2. This guy when he came into office he reversed a number of Mugabe decisions eg indigenisaton act etc so there was nothing wrong in diverting these cars to various ministries and some to even the new Ministers, he blundered and blundered Big Time ,you do not act reckless when you are faced with elections, and lets not forget that this guys does not have the sweetest of reputations with voters.

  3. My only fear is that I strongly believe that ED was put in that position by God himself. Look at how he escaped death by that poison, unless it was not true.No man can save someone from that because I am sure the poisoners did not put a poison from which he should survive.ED must therefore remember that with God you can only do right.He talks good things but on the ground his actions are mostly at loggerheads with his words.I am sure like Bob he is surrounded by people who would benefit if he follows the latter`s steps.May his attention be drawn to the story of King Saul and shepherd boy David in the Bible. David survived all of Saul`s attempts to eliminate him because he remained in God and hearkened only to God`s voice. ED do not worry you have obviously done wrong in your life but no sin/wrong cannot be righted by God.The future is more important here because it is the one that will prove you have changed. Do not make excuses and do not continue to make mistakes because of fear that your past misdeeds will be exposed.Listen to God, do the right thing for this nation that God has put in your care and he will reward you himself and not Zanu-PF.You doing right and God wanting anything is possible in the coming elections. Do not force your way into the presidency if its not meant to be come the elections. God has a plan for all of us, you included.So my father can we start seeing and feeling a change now. Looters have brought back the money, in your own words, but where is it when Zimbabwe is still suffering so much. A good thing had started, do not be the one to destroy it.Do not fear God has already proved that he wants you to serve Him in that space for now.Do your best and leave the future to God as it is not yours to determine. If it is true that you have deployed soldiers in rural Zimbabwe, recall them at once and focus on re-building this chosen nation of God.

    1. I am deeply Christian but I sometimes think religion is surely the opium of the masses as many says. In Zimbabwe, when it comes to religions, our insanity knows no boundary!!! Please ED was putting by Chiwenga, of course people, including me, supported the actions of Chiwenga. Lets not pretend he can’t be removed because your faith makes you think its God who puts him there. In fact, its better to respect the sanctity and holiness of the name of God by not just through his name everywhere including our politics where we know its bloody.

  4. cheap politics mr moyo even America builds a $10 billion submarine when there are slums in new York at queens.china and india have extravagant space programmes when millions are poor. a country can not only have policies that cater for the poor it must also satisfy the rich what is imppntant is to strike a balance well done munangagwa

  5. There is nothing wrong with giving cars to Chief`s.It is cheap Politics indeed to equate the Chief`s car awards and a Grade 0 pupil walking to school. Politics is about knowing what to do at the right time. Right now ED knows where his bread will be buttered come election time.This to me was long overdue. We need to grant our Chief`s some respect and this also helps to minimize corruption in the Villages. If a Chief is driving a twin cab, it is difficult for other people to approach him to solicit for a bribe because he has some status in the community.Hats off ED, this was good, please deliver the remaining cars

    1. Politics is about satisfying the average needs of majority and if you don’t you end up stealing elections hence going back to Trumps statement that Africa is full of Sh*tholes, you do not go for the needs of the few and say you have scored it has a tendency of backfiring tomorrow.

  6. Richard Deschain

    @ Doug Regarding America spending that money on a submarine program is just justified because they are spending it on an American company that would have employed thousands of people thereby keeping money in the American economy. Same with those extravagant space programs India and China are embarking on, not only does the money stay in their economies but these programs are helping those countries becoming knowledge based economies which will benefit their future generations. How you compare those programs with our government spending scarce foreign currency on foreign made vehicles for traditional chiefs is beyond me.

    1. Indeed, indeed! This guy needs his head read well.

  7. Lunacy and absolute devoid of clear thinking expected of a change leader. You say your government is going to be about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Tomorrow you say my Government is going to be about Economy , Economy, Economy. Again you say my government will stabilize the economy and ensure price stability as well as enough liquidity for Zimbabweans to be able to access their moneys in the banks. for more than 60 days in power all we have seen are blunders in sellecting cabinet, filling top positions with deadwood and generals. Now it is giving chiefs cars. When are you going to deal with cash shortages and the economy or Jobs which you claimed would be your first priority.Mugabe once said there was no one fit to be a good president in the current crop of leaders specifically within the presidium.Signs are beginning to show us that Robert might have been right after all. He knew about all these guys long enough to pronounce this to all Zimbabweans . Please prove he was wrong before we give up on you croco.

  8. Poverty-affiliated reasoning to expect respect because you drive a car? Wouldn’t it be better to actually assemble vehicles in this country – creating jobs and proper “respect”? In some countries cars mean nothing, in Zimbabwe they are almost worshipped.

  9. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Cde ED, you missed the point here. Who will service those cars. ISUZU does not come that cheap. Imagine CMED even fail to service their own fleet. Again why pampering chiefs with such expensive luxury when the economy is on its knees? Give them motor bikes at least not these cars. To be honest their roles are becoming more and more insignificant in this day and age. So what are you going to give to our teachers, nurses, doctors and magistrates? What are you going to do with shortage of graders for DDF, when are you going to buy buses for health workers so that they will not perish in UD open trucks on government duty. Cde Ngwena, I am beginning to wonder where to place my X come the day of voting

  10. I am saying and i will always be saying this that Zanu pf will never ever develop Zimbabwe come what may.Zanu pf’s life span in government is over 27 years ago. Let us all change this governing party because developed countries does that,thus why they are developed because changing government brings in investor confidence.

  11. I think Nkosama Moyo is missing the point here. We are paying other leaders of our society such as those in the civil service. But why should we not pay our traditional leaders? Is it because they are traditional leaders that you do not recognise the need to pay them? If we should debate about paying them it should be the quantum only. If we are to say that there are higher priorities such as health, then we must ban the whole ministry for local government until we have first world health facilities. Perhaps buying a gun for a soldier is lower priority than buying malaria tablets for a dying child, so let’s ban the whole ministry of defence and the army, until priority number 1, health, is fully catered for. That’s your reasoning Mr Nkosana Moyo. I think you fail to understand the importance of traditional leadership, and how to weigh priorities in our economy. Think about that before trying to be our president.

  12. Anadi Arnold Sululu

    Dr Nkosana Moyo. Welcome to the reality. I remember you saying that Mngangagwa shall be different and a better President than the former vaMugabe. What’s the problem now ?

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