APA rings alarm bells over voter harassment

NKOSANA Moyo’s Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) has raised concern over alleged increase in cases of voter intimidation by suspected Zanu PF activists and traditional leaders who were said to be demanding voter registration slips from prospective voters ahead of this year’s harmonised elections.


APA officials in Bulawayo said they had received reports about a Zanu PF, female activist in Cowdray Park who was demanding voter registration slips as a condition for residents to be shortlisted for employment opportunities available in the city.

“We have been receiving reports from our members and citizens that there are people going around collecting voter slips’ serial numbers from voters. Here in Bulawayo some members told us that a certain woman in Cowdray Park area 94 collected their voter’ slips promising to secure them some jobs at companies yet to be opened,” APA official, Mduduzi Mahoqa said.

APA also claimed that their members in Lower Gweru had allegedly been ordered to surrender their registration slips to the traditional leaders.

The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) in its December 2017 monthly report said it had recorded an increase in cases of voter intimidation.

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has confirmed that the noting down of the serial numbers of registrants has no effect when it comes to people’s choices ZPP is still concerned that those who are doing this are being given a free reign resulting in citizens being instilled with fear,” ZPP report read.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    If allowed to continue with this abhorrent conduct,the next thing these criminals are going to do is demand goats,chickens or any manner of livestock from hapless citizens.Registration as a voter is an individual decision and no one should be coerced to do so.Political parties including the ruling party can only encourage,through persuasion for that matter, their supporters and the generality of the populace to register as voters.Coercive measures by chiefs and Zanu pf would be counterproductive and attract ill feelings against the ruling party with disastrous consequences.


  2. The culture of violence intimidation and scaremongering runs deep in the veins of Zanu PF and I’m not surprised at all. I am amused and baffled though by lack of action by the relevant authorities to weed out this ugly practice. Go to Dzivarasekwa, Kuwadzana Phase 3, Glen Norah, Mbare etc and bring the culprits to book.

    1. Senior Assistant Commissioner

      Mai Munyamani of Ndangario Street, Dzivaresekwa 1,
      is big and notorious ZANU PF thug. She is going round asking for those BVR slips. Tibatsireiwo kuno ku Dz.

  3. Rice donated by the Chinese government still being used to buy votes for Zanu PF.

    ZPP please investigate and name and shame those doing this.

    Psychology Mazivisa is one culprit!
    Investigate his constituency and report him to the appropriate office.

  4. All political parties must be heard to loudly condemn this practice otherwise those that do not are complicit.

  5. It’s a bit too early to oppose the new setup since it was already embraced. the only vacancies at the moment are in parliament. Nkosana and them should humble themselves, campaign for parliamentary posts and take it up from there, to save face and to avoid wasting their precious time.

    1. THESE B******S ARE THICK

  6. Madagara Kasulumane

    Wonderson its not too early. you want someone to lose ther life before they complain. Think twice, if the life likely to be lost due to political violence would be yours. So we need to act responsibly and avoid political posturing

  7. Producing a voter registration slip only proves that you are registered to vote .This does not affect anything even if the slip is taken away you will still vote . These baby Parties do not even know what to complain about . Those who are asking for registration slips or recording the serial numbers are wasting their time because it does not affect the voting .

    1. clearly you have no idea what intimidation means

    2. but the masses do not understand that cz they hv been told that they can trace who u vote for using the registration slips andthey a told that they will b removed from aid if ey dnt vote for a particular candidate

  8. In Senga Gweru I have justed witnessed uncultured Zanu pf Youths marching door to door requesting these serial numbers and National I.D numbers. They are recording these numbers in counter books and if you ask them they say its requested by our Zanu Pf Harare office. I phoned ZEC on 08080219and the response was we will investigate the Issue. I doubt these elections are going to be free and fair.

  9. This NKOSANA guy entered the ring declaring that there is no rigging in Zimbabwe and that the reason why Zanu stayed in power is because there was no better alternative. if you thought fighting Zanu is a walk in the park, enjoy the ride. This emphasizes the need for a collective voice in form of a coalition but you will never see it mr know it all

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