AMHVoices: ZRP must come up with modest, professional structure

AS the top-heavy structures at the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are dismantled, the public hopes the new structure will be more modest, professional and lean. The remuneration packages, too, need overhaul.

The reward management structure must be replaced with one that puts more emphasis on quality and experience, globally competitive salaries adjusted for purchasing power parity, with less emphasis and focus on extravagant perquisites.

The organisational structure should revert to the days of one commissioner and four or five deputy commissioners.

The tenure in these high offices must strictly be non-renewable, as the possibility of tenure renewal compromises the professionalism of these senior officers. If need be, the Constitution must be amended.

A non-renewable six-year term for the commissioner and a seven-year one for the deputies would be most ideal.

Appointment to these lofty ranks must be ratified by Parliament after nomination by the President.

The five or six senior officers must have a balanced skills basket that covers accounting and forensic auditing, human resource management, law and criminology.

As the force is being revamped to a service, foreigners with the right skills and experience may also be considered for these offices for periods of up to five years provided there are no suitable local applicants with a learning mindset.

The leaner structure means the total ZRP headcount could, over a five-year period, be reduced by half, equating to some 20 000 officers, with the retrenched and under 45 years of age going into reserves.

Going forward, the entry qualification ought to be raised to a college degree, with at least two to three years’ further post-graduate training, unless one is a lawyer, in which case a year will do.

Height, weight and health requirements must be restored, while technology is embraced — be it in traffic control, big data mining, crime recording, forensic sciences and investigation.

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  3. Yes yes siyanai nechiConstitution chakagadzirwa naMugabe zvakanga zvava zve power hungry. Thanks at least we now have complete overhaul of the police. We suffered muroad we will not forget the era of Chihuri and Mugabage .

  4. Where did the position of Commissioner General come from? Please restore the old positions of oneCommissioner of police. one Deputy Commissioner, one senior Assistant Commissioner HR, one senor Assistant Commissioner Administration,one senor Assistant Commissioner Crime and some Assistant Commissioners. We must not create positions to suit people, people must suit available positions.

  5. To be honest if one was to get rid of every parliamentarian, minister and public servant who was corrupt me thinks you would be back in the world of Ian Smith and his 16 ministers and your children would have had 37 years of education healthcare and increasing opportunity.

    What right did Great Britain have to decide that Mugabe would win those first elections what right did they have to open the door to Mugabe and Mnangagwa and permit the diabolical inhumanity of Mugabe and Mnangagwa and their brand of thuggery to be unleashed on this beautiful country.

    Indeed Great Britain’s failure to pay compensation to white farmers, as discussed with Mugabe BEFORE the Lancashire house meetings, bears witness to Great Britains criminality in this matter.

    I for one would like to see this become the subject of an international investigation and believe there are those in Britain who should face charges of crimes against humanity.

  6. Comment… “Going forward, the entry qualification ought to be raised to a college degree, with at least two to three years’ further post-graduate training, unless one is a lawyer, in which case a year will do”. Tisanyeperana guys. Graduates scheme is already available as a distinct entry point but not to go and do ordinary duties of a constable. The ordinary constable duties do not require a degree or diploma. Will you be able to pay them accordingly with all having degrees. Even in leading economies like UK, the entry point minimum is Advanced Level. Infact where will you get enough graduates to train as constables in a normal economy? Dont be confused or mistaken by this desperation in the labour market, owing to our desperate economy kkkkk

  7. gather up your facts before just commenting otherwise youy only make fools out of your selves

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