AMHVoices: Muchinguri must value human life more than animals

In response to Shoot to kill: Muchinguri: Firstly, was poaching itself so rife as it is now as compared to the early 1980s and 90s? I strongly believe some of these activities are mostly fuelled by the current economic hardships where people engage in indiscriminate activities out of poverty and desperation.

Therefore in as much as those resources are supposed to be protected, government must also come up with initiatives like the Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (Campfire) as was before.

Environment, Water and Climate minister Oppah Muchinguri must stop threatening people and communities by using the words “shoot to kill” because this may also haunt her in the future.

As a leader and educated minister, she is supposed to go back to the drawing board and see where it all went wrong and re-implement those programmes and communities will start to benefit especially the less privileged.

At times leaders think they are more important than the people they lead because they are in positions of authority, which is wrong. Being there is because of people.

If you only had those animals without people, would you be a leader of rhinos and elephants without people?

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  1. A leopard derives great pleasure when dragging another animal`s folly and when it is the one dragged it cries fowl.

    All those who support the”Shoot to kill” slogan kana mwana wako or any relative of yours yafa isina basa nhasi ndopaunoona kuti masamba hausi mushonga.

    I am saying leaders must be objective not subjective.Kana mutemo wakaiswa nevakanga vasingagone kutonga vavepo must show us their true leadership style by coming up with paradigm shifts and show that they are think tanks not just liabilities in Government vanoteedza zvakaitwa nevamwe. Apa hapana chaari kuchinja apa kuteedza zvagara zviripo uku.

    Come out as a new minister wotiratidza pfungwa dzako iwe itsva to save both the environment and people chete.

    The likes of David Coltart vakamutsa education system in Zimbabwe which had crumbled down to its knees by proving to the nation kuti i am also a Think Tank.

    Saka izvo zvokuti URAYA izvo zvinoitwa nenyope dzekufunga izvo, simbe dzisingade kushandisa brain.

    I am not supporting poachers but i am saying minister show us what you are made of to balance the equation without taking human life unnecessarily.

    I thank you.

    1. The point is lets all support the ‘anti-poaching’ call for wildlife is a very important resource to current and future generations!!

    2. It is the poachers who do not respect human life not the minister. It is also important that when we are commenting, we need to contribute meaningfully to the topic. Lets support government attempts in whichever way we can, be it an editorial or comment. While we respect people’s opinions, it is surprising that someone somewhere in Zim is not aware of the rampant poaching which is causing suffering to the people and the wildlife. I definitely support “SHOOT TO KILL”

      1. 1. My friend, In what way does poaching affect human life?
        2. How do you mean contribute meaningfully?
        3. Should we support everything because its coming from the government?

        My dear friend you should know that from the beginning man was given authority to rule over every other thing include all those animals you are crying over.

        Is the life of an animal more valuable than that of a human?

        Government is there beacuse of the people and people they must serve not animals.
        who pays the tax, animals or the people?

        That being said the government should therefore protect people first because its us who put them there to begin with.

        Government should do so by providing opportunities for all to live self sustainable lives.
        Create jobs and you will see corruption, poaching, and all forms of criminal behavior zero down.

        id suggest that minister mchinguri concentrates on creating jobs in her sector other than kill people. We didn’t allow her to attain that position so she can kill people.

        1. One could argue that the animals benefit the economy more than some people. How can the Minister create jobs when there is rampant abuse of the resource. For us to have a tourism sector we need to have animals. You need to look at the bigger picture. Poachers have a very narrow minded and short sighted way of looking at things. A lot of the people in the comments here would do well to read their children’s grade 5 books on the effects of poaching on the environment. Ultimately, you don’t want to die? Don’t poach in Zimbabwe.

    3. Oden, it is always good to crosscheck words which you are not sure of before submitting your comments. The word should be foul not fowl(ye hanga).
      The minister has already clearly stated the solution:’shoot to kill” Any other solution which was implemented was not effective at all. We need to protect our wildlife at all cost and poachers must be stopped dead in their tracks!!

      1. create jobs then poachers will vanish as they will be working at the factories


  3. The good thing is you wont get affected when you not try a poacher,,,just like poison can you blame the manufacturer when you take it knowing the consequences???DORO HARIDHAKE ASINGANWE

    1. Sorry,,,i mean when you are not a poacher

  4. The poachers have now adopted a policy of shooting at rangers first before they go for the animal and how do you expect me to act do lose my life lets all be realistic its tough out there

    1. prevention is always been better than cure.
      JOBS FIRST!!!!!

  5. Poachers are the ones who are shooting first at game rangers, so she is very correct. I support her 99%. Dai vaidya nyama yacho better. Just killing for the ivory, nxaaa.

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    1. Nyatsimba Mutota

      why is the doctor not sending this good medicine for approval by the relevant authorities so that every can be saved.

      1. Nyatsimba Mutota


  7. I support what Minister Muchinguri said. If other countries can do it to protect their heritage why not us. These animals will become extinct generation ichauya yozodii

    1. Extinct kudii get away apo, these animals are God’s creation and every human being has an equal right to them none above the other. how can only the rich be the only ones allowed to hunt, yet they are in our soil.

  8. Poachers are extremely dangerous heavily armed murderers. Seek knowledge first.

  9. Personally l agree with the minister. Poachers are naturally killers and they should be dealt with..with the equal force.

  10. One option is to shut down ivory markets and make it near impossible to smuggle. We all know the general direction and destination of the ivory. Also really deterrent punishment for possession of ivory!

    1. That is pointless,, it will just be smuggled and traded like cocaine and other drugs.

  11. minister uyai mubvise shumba kuchimanimani tapota moda kuzobvisa dzadya vanhu

  12. Somebody makes a choice to poach, it is not accidental. Poachers themselves shoot to kill, anyone who has been out there knows its war n you tell the minister to tell her rangers not to shoot during combat? It is not like she is saying whoever is seen in the parks area is shot dead but who offers resistance

  13. If every person in authority says kill.If you poach we will kill you,if you murder we will kill you (remember even president ED is against the death sentence),if you rape we will kill you,what kind of governance are we practicing ,are we observing the rule of law or the law of rule????this isn’t a jungle.

    1. Nyatsimba Mutota

      You will not understand this until one day you are given a chance to be a ranger yourself. These poacher have guns and they use those guns like trained sharp shooters. Gara wakagadzirira sefeso, rinorara manhede rakateya mapfumo.

    2. True that We are all humans after all


    1. Game ranchers must embrace to deal with the poachers, advanced technologies to identify any encroachments
    2. Could it be those who are blasting the policy makers are poachers themselves?

  16. The point is that lets all support the ‘anti-poaching call’ because wildlife is a very important resource for current and future generations

  17. shoot isnt enough they have to be torched and shoot them

  18. kana zvichibvira ngavamwiswe poison yavanouraya nayo mhuka ivo

  19. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    The writer is defending poachers as though he doesn’t know the ripple effect of such gruesome activities. Tourism brings over 20% percent in foreign currency that will not only benefit the government but all and sundry including those poachers. Let us not just criticize for the sake of it.
    Except if the writer is part of the syndicate

  20. Listening is a skill guys.

    I am not supporting poachers but i am saying minister show us what you are made of to balance the equation “without taking human life unnecessarily.”

    That was my statement previously meaning that will be the last choice to shoot but poachers must be arrested and brought to book and be accountable for their action.

    You will see as some get arrested will be in syndicates with high profile people.

    Armed robbers are terrorising people and communities and robbers shoot to kill human being not animals.

    Surprisingly we have seen a good number brought to book and sentenced for their action in society. check your statistics will tell you how many armed robbers have been convicted and sentenced in Zimbabwe, many of them but they kill people not animals.
    I really appreciate and support the point made by Douglas Gasva who said’

    The point is lets all support the ‘anti-poaching’ call for wildlife is a very important resource to current and future generations!!

    1. tawanda mupandiri

      Oden,i do get your point of trying to come up with a solutions that dosent involve bloodshed on both sides(animals and oachers) but to be realoistic,poachers are very organised and complex to catch,just like money launders,thus when poching in parks surely theres is no means of catching these culprits because they will be heavily loaded and one thing we can agree is that the rangers cant be mobile all the time in the park thus strict deterrence measures become the order of the day.Last year many elephants and rhinos were lost due to cyanide poisoning.LET ME PAUSE A SIMPLE QUESTION THAT WILL BURY THIS ISSUE.How does the Government control intruders who will want to smuggle diamonds in Chiyadzwa fields? (sei vanhu vakusaenda kwaChiyadzwa kunochera ma diamonds zvechitsotsi nowadays?The answer is crystal clear,if you are caught then you will face the gun music and to be honest kwaChiyadzwa zvakashanda so the same should be implemented kumhuka. We are the custodians of our own resources including wildlife!!!!!!!

  21. There is no difference between terrorists and poachers,,shoot to Kill the bastard. Otherwise treating them with baby gloves will not work.



  22. oden ,you can see you by your self.poachers are not human beings, human beings think of others,think of the suffering they cause to animals.most african countries dont have wild life ,WHY because they treated poachers as human beings.shoot to kill is a must .wild life guys should take this guy with them in the bush so that he can see for himself how poachers behave.thay shoot to kill game rangers.some people dont enjoy seeing wildlife but some of us do.

  23. Shoot to kill is the correct policy. What all of you don’t understand is that there is no human life without animals and subsequently Flora will be affected. If all our animals are poached and wiped out, the vegetation will also suffer and so will we.

    Flora (Trees and Vegetation) and Fauna (Animals) are linked, if you allow people to wipe out animals we will all suffer!

  24. This is a silly article we don’t expect this kind of journalism from a paper like this
    Killing animals is killing a whole eco system poachers should be killed the same way they kill animals Shame on you who ever wrote this article

  25. Be more serious on wetlands as well?????

  26. i support what ODEN has said

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