AMHVoices: Mnangagwa misled at World Economic Forum

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa tried hard to impress at the just-ended 48th World Economic Forum, but a few mistakes that he made could work against him.

By Kennedy Kaitano,Our Reader

The biggest error he made was to answer a question on whether Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora were going to vote.

He gave the impression that there were mechanisms in place to allow them to vote from wherever they are.

He said Zimbabweans in the Diaspora are allowed to vote, but did not say that his administration is not making any attempt at all to enable the estimated three million Zimbabweans living outside the country to cast ballots.

What Mnangagwa did not tell the audience was that for a Zimbabwean in China, the United States of America, Australia or New Zealand who wants to vote, they should make the long trip to Zimbabwe to register first as a new voters’ roll is being prepared. Come election time, they must travel the same journey to Zimbabwe to vote. That can only be advocated for by a President who either has lost his brains, or is deliberately excluding certain voters who he suspects will not vote for him.

That is illogical, that is not practicable. While he emphasised that his administration wants to consolidate and deepen constitutionalism, the same Constitution he says he wants to uphold says Zimbabweans, wherever they are, should be given an opportunity to vote. Our President is truly a hypocrite. ads Ads

Voter registration for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora could have been done through the Zimbabwean embassies, assisted by the host governments, and the registered voters would have been able to vote at voting centres in the countries where they are, with all parties sending their election agencies to polling stations, and the votes counted at the centre.

And it is not too late to do that.

Answering a question on political violence by his party, he also misled by giving the impression that he does not tolerate violence, but said he has no control over those who perpetuate violence as they do not apply that they want to engage in violent activity first, yet I in particular and many other Zimbabweans have complained that he should have restrained the now late violent youth Magura Charumbira who terrorised Bulawayo residents, assaulting opposition supporters and extorting money from vendors in broad daylight.

He turned a blind to such pre-election atrocities, but instead honoured the thug by conferring hero status on him when he passed on following a car accident.

While Mnangagwa was telling the world of the new electoral reforms, the chiefs, who he bribed with cars recently, were busy employing intimidatory tactics by calling gullible villagers to come and have their voter registration slips recorded into Zanu PF databases.

What is he going to do to those chiefs who are violating constitutionalism which he says he wants to consolidate and deepen?

Mnangagwa should be shown the video footage of people having their voter slips recorded at Zanu PF gatherings called by the bribed chiefs and see what action he will take.

On Gukurahundi, Mnangagwa refused to apologise, and instead talked about his meeting with chiefs who he has bribed with cars so that they do what he says.

Mnangagwa is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if one takes a good read of these issues, and Zimbabweans must open their eyes wide and discover who Ngwena (the Crocodile) really is.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    haana chaekuziva uyu. is far from presidential material.

    1. Independent 21/12/2017

      But he’s still the President of Zimbabwe. Like him or hate him varikuto tonga President

  2. The issue of the diaspora vote is a delicate one, remember Zanu Pf officials are not allowed to travel to certain countries like THE UK USA Australia where Zimbabwean diaspora is living in their thousands so agreeing to that will disadvantage them as they may not be allowed to campaign and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would disadvantage them to that extent.

    1. the a plain lie, only RG was left on the travel ban. the rest can go anywhere they like

      1. Not true

      2. mmmmm, when was the travel ban lifted on everyone, lets not lie

        1. “On 15 February 2016 the Council adopted a decision extending EU restrictive measures against Zimbabwe until 20 February 2017. The decision follows the annual review of EU restrictive measures against Zimbabwe,” reads a statement from the EU.

          “The restrictive measures will continue to apply to Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe his wife Grace Mugabe and Zimbabwe Defence Industries while measures against five high ranking members of the security apparatus will remain suspended.

          “Furthermore 78 persons and 8 entities against whom measures had been suspended will be removed from the list. An arms embargo will remain in place.”

    2. GET RID OF “M” CONSTITUTION (communist)


    3. Why ZANU PF members are barnished to enter certain countries, it is because of their selfish intrests. Come elections, Mnangagwa will certainly leave the office.

    4. You are spot on. How can you allow people in diaspora to vote yest you are not even allowed to travel there by the countries where these Diasporas live.

  3. poor analysis… the reporter is definitely under-educated

    1. Independent 21/12/2017

      I wouldn’t agree with you more, you are spot-on.

    2. reporter is very wrong


    but just imagine the outcry if zanupf scored a majority through those disapora votes from say SA?

    1. Very unlikely, most people left Zimbabwe because of economic hardships imposed by poorly thought-out Zanu PF policies. The few that like this party are relatives who have no option except to vote for their next meal. I suspect that the majority of Zanu PF supporters are ignorant, uneducated, lazy, mostly rural people which is a section that is often pliable, malleable and easily fooled.

      1. You lie Sharia.

        1. Independent 21/12/2017

          “You suspect the majority of Zanu Pf supporters?”, And you want us to support your opinion based on that? Nxaaa…

      2. now this is the most ‘ignorant, uneducated, lazy’ comment i have ever seen. probably from one of the ‘rural people which is a section that if often pliable, maleable and easily fooled’ by those who want to tarnish ED’s image

      3. Gukurume ReMasvingo

        When you say “the few that like this party……” where did you get your statistics. Remember we have a Parliament that can enact a Statutory Instrument that can enable those in diaspora to vote. It is not a hard n fastened rule that new registration bio metric is the only way to vote. I am not a legal person but I know that plan B is there

      4. nehanda nyakasikana

        you lie on the contrary majority of ppl in zimbabwe where ever they are located rural and urban alike are actually enlightened enough to make sound choices for themselves bearing in mind a lot of other factors than just hatred toward zanupf coz mind you politics is dynamic, a thing may politicians take for granted….I have the feeling that this would be the toughest election for the opposition in as many

      5. If education is whats important can the writer please tell us why educated politicians like Mangoma, Biti, Welshman Ncube not even voted for MPs at this stage?

        1. They were recalled from parliament when they left MDC

  5. some journalists should avoid giving analysis and also note that every doing has an advantage and a disadvantage. the Gukurahundi issue is hijacked by political opportunists who forget that the contents of the peace agreement signed by Zapu and Zanu bear testimony that both parties were remorsefully of the happenings. You are busy riding on the Gukurahundi issue for political gain but please show the Ndebeles respect by granting Khupe her entitlements in Mdc T. you just want the Ndebele vote but you don’t want them to lead you…..hypocrites. This tym the Ndebeles will not be fooled

    1. So you gonna vote for ED then? Cut off your nose to spite your face…solid reasoning! You are a genius!

      1. Independent 21/12/2017

        If not ED then else? Lets not always leave in the past.

  6. Did we watch the same programme because I thought I heard him say we do not have that facility yet. Maybe in the forcible future.

    1. A forcible future is something few would want in Zimbabwe, I’m sure you wanted to say foreseeable future….

    2. this writer is the one misInterpreting the whole thing,to be honest i think mnangagwa demonstrated some political maturity in the way he tackled those questions.

  7. It is hypocrisy of the highest order that the Zanu pf government wants people in the diaspora to remit their hard earned money to a government that denies them the right to vote.Some of the money remitted by the diasporans should actually be used to finance things like diaspora voting logistics.It is crystal clear that the Zanu pf government is afraid of the diaspora vote on account most people fled from Zimbabwe due to political persecution and economic meltdown,so it is most likely that the biggest chunk of the diasporans would vote for any other political party that is not Zanu pf.So like what Jonathan Moyo said Zanu pf cannot reform itself out of power,in other words to expect the Zanu pf govt to allow the diasporans to vote from their bases around the world is a pipe dream.As long as Zanu pf is still in power no matter who is at the helm,they will still use the same tactics used by their predecessor to prolong their stay in power.

    1. I thought we remit the funds back home to support our families back is Zimbabwe although it boosts the country’s forex reserves. Its a lie to say Diasporas directly support the fiscus. If those remittances are diverted to support the fiscus you cry foul again. The is need for a thorough research on the actual costs involved to conduct the diaspora vote and whether our current resource base can sustain it.

  8. Zanu PF is made up of, amongst other groups, war veterans, who fought the colonial government so that people become “free”. I always wonder what kind of freedom they want for those people. Voting under hostage conditions or any other form of intimidation is the exact opposite of what they fought for methinks…so why are they afraid of genuine freedom? They obviously don’t want rural people to be free, why?

  9. Douglas DLSphere

    All those in diaspora must come home to vote. I am leaving my employment kwandiri kushandira in another province to cast my vote. ED can not take ZEC to my company. I go to them.

    1. Sir Douglas show some respect, don’t forget that the money you earn comes from those diaspora people, how much more do you want them to sacrifice?

      1. you show some respect, he earned the moneymeaning he worked for it. They do not have to sacrifice anything bcoz he worked for that money

      2. Musatinyepere apa. How many diaspora send their money through formal channels. We agree takatiza nhamo created by Zanu PF, but tell me how many countries in Africa are able to make people in the diaspora to vote. I am not a Mnangagwa supporter but let’s be realistic here. Why should we expect him to perform miracles in such a short period of time. Give the people time

  10. The problem with people is the need to continously compare the capabilities of developed countries and developing countries. Understanding the difference between the two is the start of wisdom. Zimbabwe is a developing country with no mechanism or funds in place that can allow people in the diaspora to participate in the electoral process. The inability for the author to accept Zimbabwe current position shows the low sense of reasoning. Mnagangwa has made it clear that those that want to vote in diaspora can register and go home to vote when the time permits. The article rocks of propaganda coupled with bloody lies.

    1. Spot on. People must learn to separate emotions from reality

    2. zimbabwe is an underdeveloped country not developing. get your facts ryt first them comment

  11. those in diaspora if they are seriosy about voting they must come back home, register and vote. the country is struggling haina mari yekuita izvizvo. ngatitarisei zviri pa ground first

  12. Good afternoon people of Zimbabwe. I think we now have a healthy environment because we can air our views in THE HARD TALK way, if I may put it that way. But I was of the opinion that, yes lets come up with all the ideas, suggestions or whatever for President Munangagwa and his team so that he knows that we are watching and scrutinizing all what is being done by his government unlike what we did during the former president. Let us give his time in the first 100 days, he has promised results, let us see what comes out. Then we have the period before the elections, based on the results from the 100 day period, we then must decide the devil we want. I do agree with points being raised by everybody but I think for now we are giving Trump ammunition to hurt us even more. I think the whole country was happy when the old men was shown the red card. For now let us show more of solidarity than anything, ngatimboregai kufukura hapwa for now. Please get me right, I am not saying we must not criticize the president, lets do it with a some credence, and you know guys time is a nuisance, look where we are not, 100 days is almost up. Hapana nguva isngakwane, even the time for the old man came and he is out.

  13. Marufu Chihwandire

    Mnangagwa can even win in the diaspora hands down. The majority of Zimbabweans both home and away see hope in him. Election is a game of numbers that’s why I said the majority.

  14. Lets hear more of these voter slips …where can i get one.

  15. We came home in December but they closed voter registration immediately before we returned home for Christmas. They reopened registration soon after our return back to the Diaspora. some of us came ready to register and return for voting.
    all effort is being applied to discourage the diaspora from voting and they have managed. I will not burn my hard earned money going to and from Zimbabwe so many times just to vote when all they will do is just rig the election like before. disenfrachissing the diasporans is a way of rigging the vote and it started in 1980 with Bob.
    I will just keep the few bobs for my family instead of wasting them travelling to and from for a mere vote that in the end counts for nothing.
    They can enjoy the fruits of a failed state and hopefully find satisfaction from that as has been the case before. Alluta continua…

  16. I think president mnangagwa is going to win the elections, i am not saying he is good but he might be playing his cards right by trying to attract the investors into our country unlike the opposition senior members who puts there efforts on going to USA to ask for sanctions are they the only opposition there is DA in SA we have never heard of such shallow minded action

  17. The reporter has not the slightest information regarding the President’s speech in connection with diasporans voting oosition. The President put it very clearly that at present the government has no capacity to enable diasporans to vote.

    1. reporters are supposed to research before reportin arent they??where dd they get this one kkkk .

  18. ZANU & ED will not allow Diaspora vote its a lie he was just trying to be clever.ZANU nxaaaa

  19. Great Leader. Very Intelligent and knowledgeable. Haters will not Stop him.

  20. If you love Zimbabwe there is no way you will vote for Zanu Pf again or ever. They have had their share lets have different others.

  21. If the diaspora cannot vote with ease, and thus achieve a truly representative feeling of who all Zimbabweans support for our country to go forward, can we honestly say “FREE and FAIR ? “

  22. The issue of diaspora vote comes down to one basic issue,does government have ample resources to put this into action, or whether is there a willing partner to fund the process.The limited resources at the disposal of government cannot be prioritized on less compelling needs, therefore if you really want to vote then make a plan.It is not a secret that even if you make it a reality that diasporans can vote,still voter apathy will be a trend meaning some wont bother to partake in the vote.It is dangerous assumption to conclude that the elections will be rigged because this can only be judged after observing the voting ,counting and announcement.If even international observers are allowed free access to all points of interest in regard to the election process then we will get a qualified verdict from observers both local and international as to whether the elections were credible or not.

  23. were is the opposition in all this, who are we supposed to vote for if not ED.At least he is trying and should be given a chance. What is the opposition offering except for fighting for power and all that.100 days is too short,how many have made huge differences within such a short period? go ED GO.There is also an issue of MDC MPs who have spent all those years in parliament yet they did nothing in their constituencies and they go on to blame 1 man, ohh come on.

  24. your eyes were supposed to be open during referendum

  25. chihombe madhara

    Ngwena yadopinda,watch the space!

  26. nehanda nyakasikana

    Zanupf should have done “ORL” 10 years ago and put ED as their candidate…Bob was over-glorifying himself while suppressing other talented cadres

  27. Vote for Zanu pf so you will die and leave nothing for your family when you die

  28. Ndabazezwe Viki

    Why I am being blocked from posting on this forum? I feel you are tempering with my freedom of expression.

  29. everyone is on ID Registration computer(except Gukuruhundi victims?) as the Biometric System is not completed & distrusted can we not have elections with the Diasporans helped by EU, AU, Commonwealth, UN help, like in 1980. I am I being to simplistic to settle all political views on how & who & where to vote. Presuming most/all Diasporans still have proof of their ID, show it when voting in or out of Zimbabwe.

  30. so is it now the norm that journalists from certain media houses should always report negatively even when there is positive news in the same context. We need media houses to report the truth and give genuine analysis. Fellow Zimbabweans do you know what is destroying this country more than Politics, its journalists who hate their own country and are always negative in anything. Lets be patriotic about our country before our so called political parties. our dear had no story to report hear, tipeiwo zvirinane, you can do better than this.

  31. yah zveZimbabwe zvakaoma… ko ivo ma Americans kana maBritish ari muZimbabwe akamboisirwa ma polling stations here muno during ma elections ekunyika dzavo. MaZimba tinombonyepera kudzungaira so…. if those countries we look at in terms of constitutionalism can not do it…isuwo ne economy yedu tingazviite nei… we dont have the capacity…let us give the man HE time to prove himself…

  32. Lets give ED chance guys bcz l’m seeing a bttr vision in him

  33. Akula better vision lapha just give him 5years kodwa lingasibangeli umsindo selisola ngoba likhona Lisazonya shame

  34. 5 Years is not a joke to just say lets give him a chance ED.lets think seriously on who to vote for?So far cash crisis is continuing and prices of basic commodities are shooting up.Lets wake up.

  35. some people think that they are very brilliant than others. ED is going to win whether you like it or not. i was in Namibia working but i decided to return home to register to vote and to represent people in Parliament. i am doing it because i want to see it for myself not to hear from news and chamisa type of people. if you have any quirry, come and be part of the elections through out. your silly excuses are not worthy to be considered. we need money, our government can not waste money on diaspora people. if you dont want to send your money home “regera” we will still move on. i support progress not names. Mnangagwa is very progressive as from 24/11/2017 to date si i will vote for him. i travelled to many rural areas, Zanu Pf is working very hard peacefully to earn support. MDC is nowhere to be found, how will they win? the comrade is serious, i now believe that Mugabe was blocking him for long. MDC is just fighting progress and i have seen it myself, Imagine Chamisa lyng about$15bln from Trump, they have nothing to tell us except lies everyday. Mnangagwa is talking and fulfilling so he deserves my vote and a win.

    1. go ahead and vote for him and see if he will win.nobody in his her normal sences will ever vote for zanu pf again .worse for ngwena

  36. Comment…munhu wese anepfungwa shanu anoita zvaanoda hapana anomanikidzwa kuita zvaasingade,to vote 4 opposition or ruling party kana kuzvigarira hapana chaunobva,only god knows the right tym

  37. Comment…this man mnangagwa should be given a chance for the reason simply that he is not a Mugabe but the facts that he is a Zanu Pf he can try to wash his hands even with synade but he will never be clean so but for the fact that he him self has a different mindset i will incourage each and everyone of us to be participative in positive investments, politics will always be on the table, Zimbabwe as i see it right now needs to start building rural areas to towns to create employment, minimise rural to urban migration, decentralising its revenue offices Foreign investors havamhanye kungouya isusu tega tisingakwanise kuzviorganiser tega, also panyaya ye diaspora kuti vavote i think he was right to say then can vote 1 its good when they come back to register then vote its a strong sign of patriotism, 2 it brings in something to the country economicaly more visitors, 3 havin zec representives sent to all countries is expensive, 4 other than Mnangagwa who else is fit to stand for a country like Zimbabwe filled with thieves kudai, its the truth but its not our fault he had been subjected to atmosphere, lets agree to try and work with Mnangagwa tombomira kuwesta maresources tichida kuitiswa nemacrippled political parties,

  38. wow…am speechless

  39. Why waste time focusing on the people in the diaspora when actually some people here in Zimbabwe are not registered to vote. First of all, we have to advocate and encourage our brothers and sisters here in Zimbabwe to register and then tozoona zvewari ku diaspora uku

  40. Poor analysis

  41. Comment…how many investors have come in zim so far after chasing the 94 leader from the highest office

    Does the country have the resources to sustain such a colossal undertaking?
    Because the best we could do for our beloved diasporans is to ask ZEC to visit each and every cosmopolitan conurbation to carry out the registration process. This could be done if a little portion of the country’s wealth sipped out by the pecuniary vultures over the years is recovered – such as the gabes; moys, sukuwes, chombs, zhuas, etc etc some of whom are asking for there to be bloodshed so they can lead! AAaaaa AAAAh! Hope such would not mind theirs own blood being the first to be shed.
    On Gukurahundi I am mind-boggled when these issues are coming to boiling point now. In any case the person who was at the helm of leadership should be held accountable. If that person owns farms and farms, castles and castles, mansions and mansions, dams and dams, dairies and dairies, tens of millions of dollars and tens of millions of dollars, and a lot more!!! Why not confiscate all this and compensate the victims, affected, and infected. Let us leave Mnagagwa to restore the country to sanity so people can enjoy independence for the first time. Mnagagwa is trying to undo the damage inflicted over close to four decades of corrupt rule.

  43. ED ndizvo

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