3 nabbed in Zacc dragnet

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) yesterday arrested Harare City Council director of housing and social development Edmore Nhekairo, Mutare City Council town clerk Joshua Maligwa and Rusape council housing director Lawrence Mushayabasa.
Zacc spokesperson Phyllis Chikundura confirmed the arrests.


The three were arrested on allegations of abuse of office as well as swindling their employers of money running into thousands of dollars.

Nhekairo joined Harare City Council last year after reportedly receiving backing from former First Lady Grace Mugabe to land the top post. Previously, he was with Marondera Town Council where he reportedly abused his office to prejudice his employer of millions of dollars.

Nhekairo is accused of fraudulently selling Atherstone residential stands in Marondera valued at $12 million under the cover of his mother-in-law.

He is also accused of fraudulently selling gumtrees in the council’s Hunyani Farm and converting the proceeds amounting to $5 000 to personal use.

Nhekairo is also believed to own large tracts of residential and commercial properties allegedly acquired fraudulently in Marondera, where he was housing director before moving to Harare last year.

Maligwa and Mushayabasa were arrested for selling residential stands on private property owned by Opleves Investment (Private) Ltd in Rusape.

The two allegedly subdivided over 18 000 square metres of commercial land owned by the private company and sold residential stands to unsuspecting home seekers. They also allocated themselves residential stands on the property.

Maligwa, a self-confessed Zanu PF supporter, was former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s blue-eyed boy who was given a pat on the back for boasting of weeding out opposition supporters from Rusape council, vowing to do the same with Mutare, which he joined last year.

Chikundura said the duo will appear before the Magistrates’ Court in Rusape today.

Nhekairo yesterday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court facing criminal abuse of office charges before magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, who remanded him to January 31 on $800 bail.

It is the State’s case that sometime in 2010, Nhekairo unlawfully and corruptly showed favour to allocate 18 residential stands measuring a total of 10 075 square metres to Northwing Housing Co-operative which was represented by Auxillia Mkudu, who is his mother-in-law, without a council resolution.

It is alleged Nhekairo corruptly ignored the laid-down procedures as a public officer with the intention to show favour to his mother-in-law, thereby prejudicing the city council of $33 650 as the residential stands were not paid for by the beneficiaries.
Linda Gadzikwa appeared for the State.



  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…There must be gnashing of teeth in local authorities as residential and commercial stands were allocated to the undeserving, sometimes to minors as young as 3 years old eg the former Chitown mayor.

  3. The largest corruption syndicate exists at the Harare City Council, Housing department. Nekairo is just the tip of the ice burg. ZACC MUST fully investigate all the goings on there including the deputy Directors, acting Directors etc these people own unbelievable amounts of land. The buck does not stop there, the acting town clerk too and his PA must be looked into with a view of exposing their abuse of office.
    The acting town clerks secretary appears to have invisible powers to make decisions way above her pay grade!

  4. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    In Plumtree we also need ZAAC’s attention , councillors and MPs are enjoying corruption at the farms , for stands

  5. Uuuuuuuuuu zvinhu zvacho operation legacy

  6. Comment…Zacc tirikuida kuNyanga.kune road inonzi bhinya road we are suspecting kuti pakadyiwa mari nemakambani aigadzira achijamba jamba…zada,fuel Africa etc.kozoita mari yedam yakadyiwa nevakuru vakuru kuward 30.

  7. Anglican dioceses woye

    Comment…CPCA please ongororai corruption past Mary Magdalene’s nyanga zvinhu hazvisi kufamba.its high time for even private companies wamhanye mhanye in this new dispensation

  8. i stay in Marondera everyone knows this Nhekairo guy in all the recently build surbubs Morningside,lower Paradise,Rusike this guy owns lots of houses actually he owns a business centre kwaNhekairo were he grabbed alo commecial stands!!!!!i think Zecc yu are spot on keep it up Hope you will also deal with another friend of this guy by the name Muraicho he is a land baron as well!!!!!!!

  9. Tipeivo email ye ZACC please.

  10. I agree with you McKenzie. Mutambirwa is one of the biggest thieves at Harare City Council.He has allocated so many stands to himself using various shelf companies and appointing friends and relatives as directors to avoid being caught. He currently has more than 50 stands around Harare.

  11. they must rot in jail. City of Harare and Ministry of Small to medium enterprises and cooperative development executives are the worst lot. they benefited a lot from corrupt cooperative executives who were bribing them at the expense of ordinary suffering members. VaZimondi please create enough space for these criminals. Linquenda House and Chiedza House the worst of them all. rotten to the core

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