18 months for mbanje possession

A 33-YEAR-OLD Chirumanzu man, Calisto Nyengera, will rue the day he was found in possession of 1,5kg of dagga after he was slapped with a one-and-half-year effective jail term for possessing the prohibited drug.


The dagga was recovered by police officers in Gweru during a routine street patrol last month.

Nyengera was convicted on own plea of guilty when he appeared before Gweru magistrate Shotgame Musaiona.

Musaiona initially sentenced him to two years, but suspended six months of the sentence on condition of good behaviour.

The State heard that on December 28 last year, police officers were on duty along Lobengula Avenue in Gweru when they observed Nyengera carrying a suspicious plastic bag.

They searched the bag and recovered the dagga, leading to his arrest.

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