$10m diamond ‘bribe’ haunts Obert Mpofu


HARARE businessman Lovemore Kurotwi has engaged President Emmerson Mnangagwa in a bid to recover $17 million seized by the State when he was hounded out of the Chiadzwa diamond fields allegedly at the behest of former Mines minister Obert Mpofu.


In a letter to Mnangagwa dated January 4, Kurotwi reiterated his claims that due to his refusal to give Mpofu a $10 million bribe, he was forced out of diamond mining fields in Chiadzwa and lost $3,6 million cash, 1,4 million carats of diamonds and mining equipment worth $14 million which he had invested through his company— Canadile Miners.

“We were given this concession in partnership with Marange Resources, a government mining company under the auspices of ZMDC (Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation). In fact, ZMDC guaranteed the partnership,” read part of the letter seen by NewsDay.

“However, as is on record, former Minister of Mines Obert Mpofu asked me for a bribe of $10 million. Upon my refusal to give him this bribe, minister Mpofu caused my arrest on unfounded allegations of fraud. Again as is now public knowledge, I was acquitted by the courts of law for these trumped-up charges.”

In his letter, the businessman accused Mpofu of having “illegally confiscated the assets mentioned above, namely, $3,6 million cash which was in MMCZ’s (Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe) account, 1,4 million carats of diamonds which were in our vaults in Mutare and our mining equipment worth $14 million which was initially used to mine diamonds by Marange Resources and is now being used by ZCDC (Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company) to mine diamonds in Chiadzwa.”

Mpofu, who was not answering his phone yesterday, has persistently denied allegations that he demanded a $10 million bribe from Kurotwi, while accusing the businessman of being poor to even afford a bottle of water.

But Kurotwi said he had evidence to back up his claims and pleaded with Mnangagwa to help him facilitate “restitution of our assets as stated”. After his acquittal in 2016, Kurotwi engaged former President Robert Mugabe with a view to recover his assets, but there was no joy for him and he now hopes the new administration will assist.


  1. i wonder why Mpofu survived the purge/I am increasingly becoming convinced that these guys were in the same looting league.The more i see some corrupt people remaining untouched the more i want to boot the whole group out.

    • Elvos and Others,
      you are not the only ones who know that if we NEED to rear goats, we have to get rid of all HYENAS.
      So,if Zimbabwe is to progress ,succeed, and prosper, wese awo waka gota zwe wari kugota mwoto we mbava have to go.

  2. So this Mpofu fellow is equally dirty, so we can conclude that the new cabinet is a mix of both clean and guys and criminals, ED please you need to revise your selection otherwise you are going nowhere.

  3. Comment…ED, Chiwenga, Obert Dumbuguru Mpofu, Masimirirembwa, Chihuri, Gono Gire etc were in named in the weaklinks e-mails for looting Chiadzwa diamonds. One needs to google Chiwenga’s divorce case number 1200/12 which gives the extent of looting. Expect no action from this cabal

  4. I think it is imperative that all those who were engaged in acts of corrupt conduct be incarcerated. What is public knowledge is that these very acts were conducted by the so called big guys in Government. It therefore makes trust in the system difficult to give where these very guys are given authoritative positions. From what I can assume Obert is arrogant and certainly has his hands dirty.
    I remember reading an article that read, Obert owns half of Vic falls, while I cannot ascertain this but as the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire! I beg to ask, is corruption now a part of the African culture, particular ours? I guess it could be if measures are not taken to minimize it…….

    • Sharp usanyepere kupusa. Its common knowledge that the courts in Zimbabwe can’t arraign members of the ruling Zanu Pf cabal. I’m also surprised you are talking about police, it seems you have forgotten the police forgot to serve a long time ago and reform is yet to start under this new dispensation. This explains why Kurotwi is approaching ED who has shown the desire to tackle corruption head on. My concern however is will ED act.

  5. Hook, line and sinker! The public will get who they want and ED will get the kudos he wants. Politics is a game of public opinions.

  6. If you proclaim an anti-corruption policy, and then go on to appoint as a senior minister a man generally believed to be one of the most corrupt politicians around, what does this tell a thinking person?

  7. Ndiye akambonzi naJonso ‘has a body of an elephant and a mind of a rat,he owns most buildings in Vic Falls and Byo.also ran down NRZ.ED arrest this junkman for the good of the nation otherwise our beloved party will be doomed…

  8. Maybe there are more surprises in store for Zimbabweans when the 3 month moratorium runs out end of February 2018. As it is, there are unproven corruption & theft allegations against:- Obert Mpofu, Supa Mandiwanzira, Goodson Nguni, Ozias Bvute, possibly Rita Makarau amongst others. As most people have figured out, it is going to be very easy to evaluate ED’s performance, hopefully end of Feb will be his first assessment/review of his chosen lieutenants’ performance because there seems to be more rotten apples in the applecart. It must be a very tough call to get a performance sheet for 100 days when for 37 years you operated with neither a job description nor performance review!!

  9. I agree with most of you guys , ED needs to weed out this corrupt Obert Mpofu for us to take him seriously.

  10. guyz at times you have to play to the tune of your enemy inorder to have his clear cut downfall. lets just wait a little bit

  11. It is a shame that zimbos forget easily .Shuwa how can a sane person think Mnangagwa will get rid of corrupt pple from govt when himself is a god father of corruption he plundered diamonds from DRC CONGO he corruptly owns nearly all gold mines in KWEKWE and Midlands .Please lets be serious and stop forgetting easily before the world declares us idiots . Mnangagwa and zanu are very very corrupt and must go

  12. Guys let us be serious. 37 years ago all these people came back to Zimbabwe from the war or whereever with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Any thinking person must wonder just what enterprise or business they have been running since ’80 to account for the wealth they have accumulated. Some are multi millionaires and billionares? The only selfmade Billionaire is Strive Masiwa. Let us not be hoodwinked by this so called purge and arrest of corrupt officials by zacc. Its all hogwash and nonsence . These guys will never go to trial-they will spill the beans! What we will see is bail conditions being gradually relaxed overtime.And maybe some will be allowed to slip out the country quietly while someother diversion is created to occupy us. If zacc zrp and army or even ED himself want address corruption at its very heart why do we still have currency dealers? Daily us and bond note rates? All forex on the streets nome in the banks . No exchange control and they wonder why prices keep going up. Many socalled businesses have made millions manupulating currencies. Look at old mutual ripped hard working zimbabweans of their pensions and today they are listed on the lse. One of the most successful companies the biggest property portfolio in Zim. Ripped off masoja and civil servants vane ma cabs accounts. Nothing will happen. Currency manupulation is big business rbz knows its going on and do nothing. All this zacc just window dressing!!

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