‘Zim to pursue multilateralism in foreign policy’

FOREIGN AFFAIRS minister Major General Sibusiso Moyo yesterday said Zimbabwe will pursue multilateralism in its foreign policy, guarantee the safety of foreign investment and respect the sovereignty of other States, but will not tolerate being lectured to.


In his maiden speech to diplomats in Harare since his appointment by President Emmerson Mnangagwa early this month after the military intervention that toppled President Robert Mugabe, Moyo said Zimbabwe does not have to apologise for putting its national interest at the centre of its foreign policy.

“Zimbabwe has permanent interests, which we hope we can achieve working in harmony and in collaboration with your countries and organisations,” he said.

“So, we have no apologies for putting our own interests at the forefront of our international dealings.”

Moyo’s statement comes after the United States advised Zimbabwe to send back soldiers to the barracks and have free and credible elections if it entertained hopes of engaging with the Western power.

He said the country’s interests were to create jobs as well as guaranteeing security, progress and prosperity in a peaceful neighbourhood and would not hesitate to deal decisively to defeat any threat to peace.

Meanwhile, the government has given stakeholders in the livestock sector seven days to draft proposals for consideration at the launch of command livestock programme next week.

Deputy chief secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet Justin Mupamhanga yesterday told close to 50 institutions that had been invited to attend the launch of command livestock programme that they should draft project proposals to be tabled next week.

In June, Cabinet approved a $300 million special programme on livestock production that is expected to run for between three and five years.

The special programme on livestock production is expected to boost beef and dairy cattle, pig, sheep, goat, fish and wildlife production through resuscitation and establishment of dip tanks, watering points and livestock infrastructure.

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  1. Go team Zim, go.

  2. Now it makes sense why Chinamasa said CSC will rebound.

  3. So promising,keep pushing.

  4. Murunyararo Tungamirai

    Hats off to you Rtd Major Gen Moyo and team Zimbabwe. Tinokunamatirai may the God of Heaven keep increasing you in wisdom as you lead. Vamwe vachenjeri vachingomberereka pasi rose kuyenda ku USA kunotsvaka ma “Sanctions”. Shame on Chamisa and Tendai Biti and the whole lot of those of similar thinking. Munonyandzisa. You may be “learned” but you are not civilised. Kudzidza kwenyu hakubatsire chinhu. Isu tinongoti may you reap a hundred-fold in this lifetime what you have sown. May Your wishes and desires for the people of Zimbabwe to suffer, come back to you like a mighty and great wind. May you not even taste the fine flour and good things that are coming to Zimbabwe…….

  5. GumboreShumbaKaguvi

    Vatican , Roman catholic , c.I.a

    Fire burn

  6. Chipangano chauya

    empty promises n threats give us free elections

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