Varsity student fatally stabs daughter

A 24-YEAR-OLD Africa University student has approached the High Court after he was arrested for stabbing his nine-month-old daughter to death claiming she was a goblin.


Vincent Sakutukwa is alleged to have stabbed his daughter, Tanashe, after he assaulted his wife, Memory Mahwite (23), with a metal pot.

It is the State’s case that on April 16, Sakutukwa allegedly displayed traits of mental instability before he retired to bed with his wife and daughter around 1am.

According to court documents, the accused woke up around 3am and asked his wife’s name after which he started assaulting her.
The State alleges that Mahwite escaped the assault and took refuge in a separate room, leaving her crying daughter in the bedroom where Sakutukwa was.

Sakutukwa is alleged to have used a kitchen knife to stab his daughter several times.

Mahwite allegedly escaped to her neighbour’s home who then went to investigate and found the minor’s body on top of a fridge as Sakutukwa fled the scene naked.

Neighbours then accompanied Mahwite to Glen Norah Police Station to report the incident.

In his bail statement, Sakutukwa claimed that he was not taking medication for his mental condition which caused him to hallucinate, prompting him to commit the crime.

“However, at the time that the offence which applicant (Sakutukwa) is facing is said to have been committed, applicant was not taking medication and was having visual hallucinations, which made him think his daughter was a goblin when he stabbed her,” the accused said.

Sakutukwa went on to point out in his bail statement that as a final year student, he was pleading for bail so as to finish his studies.

“Applicant is an accounting student at Africa University. He is in his final year of studies. He ought to have graduated in June 2017, but failed because of his incarceration in remand prison. He now hopes to graduate in 2018.”


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  1. So sad. May the Lord be with this family.

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