Unki turns Nichrut down

Platinum miners Unki have turned down new Castle Lager Premier Soccer League side Nichrut’s sponsorship request and have said they are not going to follow in the footsteps of Zimplats and Mimosa by going into football.


Word has been doing the rounds that the Shurugwi-based side had won a sponsorship deal with the company which operates in the same town, but Unki have poured cold water on any involvement with the club or football.

Club owner Nicholas Gara recently made a sponsorship plea, which many thought Unki would respond to.

As the New Year beacons and with pre-season training set to start in two weeks’ time, Gara will have to find other sources of money to salvage the club.

Gara is faced with the huge task of renovating Peak Mine Stadium to meet Zifa standards and pay a projected $30 000 for club licensing.

Nichrut made history by becoming the first Shurugwi-based team to be promoted into top-flight football.

A renowned miner and businessman in the area, Gara inherited the club in 2015 after it was handed over to the community following the collapse of Todal Mine FC.

Unki Mine general manager Walter Nemasasi told NewsDay Sport that his company had no plans of venturing into football, saying that they had more important business to address.

“We are not going to be copying our competitors, like Mimosa and Zimplats, who have opted to invest in sport,” he said.

“Our sole business is mining and under no circumstances are we going to be sponsoring football. We are not in any position to donate funds. We have other important business and profitable issues to address.

“We are actually under pressure from our employees to form a football team, but it’s not even possible, not anytime soon. We have better objectives.”

Unki’s involvement with sport has been hosting of golf tournaments occasionally in the Midlands and has been part of the Annual Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines Golf Championship.



  1. This manager sounding rather arrogant…..you are only a manager after all.

    1. He is not arrogant. He is simply re-stating the purpose of the organisation. He made it very clear that the company had more pressing issues that pouring money into football. Harare City Council wasted over 6 million dollars chasing balls at the expense of service delivery. Good decision Walter.

      1. I think he is arrogant, just go through his statements, it’s full of arrogance. Not that we are saying not sponsoring football because of genuine reason like lack of capacity is arrogance, no, at least he could have said “we are keen to pay back to the community, however we have pressing issues at the moment and hope we will be in a better position to consider football sponsorship as it is the common sport in our community”. The company’s purpose is mining yes, but they have to consider the community as well. Maybe you have little knowledge about mining communities and what their needs are.

  2. An opportunity for social responsibility in a big way as soccer is the most common sport that every one loves

  3. if i was part of the workers i was going to stage a demo against this manager.bcoz as he stated they dont have money to donate to community,but if im not mistake they have a role to play.they have to payback something to community.

  4. they need to payback something to the local people,this team fought a good fight and they have made a name not only for themselves that was so cold mr manager

  5. ashamed…..that GM is sh@t
    “Our sole business is mining and under no circumstances are we going to be sponsoring football….” the hell. From a platinum miner, wth th level of degradation u hv done to th motherland thru yo so called ‘sole business’, u ought be more humble & careful with yo registers!

    “…….We have better objectives…”,, FOR THE WHY? ?

  6. endai kwamama mai garwe munopinda machena

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