The powerful seeds packed in common habits

Theodore Roosevelt was a loved man. He was a President beyond par in terms of his relations with the ordinary people. Even his servants enjoyed a warm-blooded relationship with him. They just loved him to be precise.


There is a book written by his African American valet, James Amos. Amos wrote a book about him entitled Theodore Roosevelt, Heroe to his Valet. In this book Amos relates this illuminating incident. The incident involved the President and one of his junior staff, his wife.

It goes like, “one time my wife asked the President about a boobwhite. This was because she did not know them. She had never seen one.

Upon hearing this the President tried to describe it to her fully. This was done to ensure that Amos’s wife would get a glimpse. In a way trying to paint a picture about what bobwhites were, however this did not yield anything.

After sometime a telephone at their cottage rang (Amos and his wife were living in a little cottage on the Roosevelt estate at Oyster Bay.) Amos’ wife answered it. It was a call from the President himself, Mr Roosevelt.”

He had phoned her to tell her that there was a boobwhite outside her window and that if she would look out she might see it. What golden gesture from the President.

Little things like that were very common of the President. He did it most of his times.

Your golden duty

Change someone’s life by using this small golden touch. They go along like a little fire. They have a great impact in people’s lives. It’s the small things that matter most.

Small things can change a sour relationship into powerful honey-coated sweetie life melodies. It can turn a falling face into a brighter one. It can change a weary heart into a powerful force.

Remember countries resort to wars when small things aren’t attended to. They may be blooodshed. Lives may be lost, only because of this bypassed gesture.

Friends turn into enemies when such things are not attended to. Marriages can develop wide cracks if nothing is done to address such. These cracks can even turn into really debris mainly because of these small things.

Yes, it’s called human error

Do you know that even the major cause of plane crash emanate from such minor things? Yes, research says that. Yes, it’s called human error.

In their presentation, Romanuccit and Bladin observed that many plane crashes are due to human error.

They say, “half of the plane crashes are caused by human error. That may seem like mere statistics, but it looks perfect when you think about everything that a pilot must do.

They continue “pilot must check the mechanical faults, navigate throughout dangerous weather and exercise safe take off and safe landing”. It is then agreed based on their analysis that if those precautions are paid attention to, some accidents maybe prevented.

Your part to play

You can be great human magnet. A people’s person. A champion in the art of motivation, but how you may ask?

By simply attending to the small things.

One speaker said, it’s the minor things that we leave undone that matter.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make a big difference” – John Wooden.

The widow that gave the most

Jesus once saw rich men casting their gifts into the treasury. So he saw a certain widow coming to also give her offering.

This widow just gave only two mites. To the onlookers, other believers it appeared as if it was nothing. It was like a drop in an ocean. It was useless. It was valueless. Just an unimportant contribution.

But not with Jesus, it was worth more. The offering was bigger than what the onlookers thought and imagined. It was like a million dollar jackpot. Why? Though it was small, it came from a pure golden heart. A big heart, one that was even bigger than its own body.

To support this, Christ went even further to say: “Of a truth, I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all.” [Luke 21:3]

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