Technical fault shuts Zim internet

ZIMBABWE yesterday experienced a major internet blackout due to a technical fault on Liquid Telecoms Zimbabwe’s main fibre line close to Beitbridge Border Post, but on the South African side, NewsDay has learnt.


Liquid Telecoms chief commercial officer Martin Mushambadope attributed the blackout, which lasted several hours, to a breakdown along two of their main lines that supply them with bandwidth.

“As I am talking to you, I am inside our network operations room and we are trying to bring back the internet. We are in contact with our South African counterparts to try and resolve the problem. What happened was that two of our main lines that provide us with internet bandwidth in South Africa went down, so our technicians are working on resolving the problem,” he said.

“We have also requested for a full report from our South African counterparts and only then can we be able to have conclusive facts as to how those lines went down.”

Liquid Telecoms is the largest internet access provider in Zimbabwe supplying internet to most parts of the country with other telecoms players relying on the company’s bandwidth.

Other places use TelOne Zimbabwe, whose internet supply also went down shortly after Liquid Telecoms due to a fault.
Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security minister Supa Mandiwanzira said the blackout had cost the country millions of dollars.

“I had a meeting with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) director-general (Gift Machengete) to discuss the situation,” he said.

“We have agreed that Potraz will look into it and see what really happened. They are now going to make sure that service delivery is at the top all the time and find out what really happened and why did the redundancy services not come into play.”

Mandiwanzira said he was told that a tractor accidentally cut one of Liquid Telecoms’ main fibre lines in South Africa while Harare City Council workers accidentally cut one of Telone’s main fibre lines in Kuwadzana.

“This should not happen, there should be redundancy plans in place and I wonder why these did not kick in. If we find that these companies were not truthful with us, we will revoke their licences,” Mandiwanzira warned.


  1. We do not need threats at this point CDE Minister.Have you considered the consequences if you cancel the licences?Investors are watching this new administration very closely,and this language will not do us good.

    1. I concur with Bowden. The Minister is still in the dictatorship mode. He should realise his decisions should always be in the interest of the public AND not being Vindictive. He is apointed not to be feared but to SERVE.

  2. Comment…this cost me a job guyz.was supposed conduct a skype interview but heish mhhh

  3. sure, revoke their licences so that we can all have no internet all the time.

  4. Mandiwanzira uyo anorwara chete

  5. revoke their licence wl nt hlp anythn t means the gvmnt wl start the tender process again whch is likely to take time then th awarded investr ozotangawo grnd wrk rake kkk vaMandiwanzira mirai kumhanya js involve more players instead

  6. Someone tell me how did this dude make it back to be a minister.

  7. Richard Deschain

    What is up with those ridiculous threats about revoking licences? What is wrong with these guys in government? Ok, you revoke their licences then what? This guy’s surely hungover from Mugabeism

  8. No harsh talk..try to be supported at your wrk…this a new era..if it’s sabotage undercover investigation done quickly and professional. .no threats to new erase please

  9. I for one do not believe the ‘official’ stories here! 2 Links down at once?? Also how does connectivity in SOUTH AFRICA affect local traffic between banks and pos etc?

    1. Hazviite wangu, plus redundancy nemain line dont use same route. Zvezvichabatsirei?. What of other players like Powertel????? Vanhu ngavataure chokwadi mhan

    2. I am reliably informed that all such local interbank transactionsare routed through some international channels icluding POS transactions.

  10. Let’s give Liquid time to explain what happened. Kumhanyira kuti licence revoking hazvibatsire.Given the type of the industry they are in there should be some backup in place. I personally may want to know what affected the backup link… is it that there is no backup or that the backup was in the same vicinity with the main link which is not be advisable.

  11. Mr President may you please reign in on your ministers to stop using such undiplomatic language. Listening to the way you you have been speaking so far, you have lead by example and its high time your team reads from the same hym book with regards to their conduct in public. I for one was glad when you removed Mutvsangwa from communication ministry, because the very previous day his language with regards to wanting to talk to investors directly if their western governments were not warming up to Zim was retrogressive, and against the spirit of re-engagement.

  12. supa please change your mindset.

  13. we cannot rule out foul play by these mdara die hards in the name of supa

  14. Threats again, it does not solve anything, that’s what has always been the order of the day in our beloved nation an here they are continuing in the new dispensation, so sad. The providers would never want such to happen to its valued customers and in a normal business down times do happen, nothing can never be perfect. My two cents

  15. This shows a ZANU PF dinassur mentality on the part of Super Mandiwanzira; no fresh thinking, no innovation; same old same old ZANU PF threats and commandeering.

    In the new dispensation, companies must be made to pay for incompetence or errors of commission or omission or poor network planning. Put a huge premium on blackouts and when their bottom line is hit hard by occurrences of blackouts, then companies will invest in requisite robust redundancy solutions.

    We need fresh thinking or Mr Mnangagwa should re-consider and maybe re-assign.Pragmatism please not just threats!!!!!

  16. Ana Supa tigarirei pasi. What do you expect from a guy compared Mugabe to matured whisky. vagara vanongopaparika. Before you even get proper communication from the service providers you threaten. Mugabeism =Threats only chabuda hapana.

  17. I am not an IT expert, but logic dictates that more needs to be done to secure internet connection. The future we are moving to will be or already is highly dependable on a secure connection. Imagine from Banking systems, hospitals, home affairs nuclear plants or any other critical applications that will rely on the live system.

    The fact that it took some farmer in Limpopo to cause an internet black out in the whole country is a major cause of concern.

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