Mpofu must walk the talk on roadblocks


HOME Affairs and Culture minister Obert Mpofu’s call for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to reduce roadblocks and introduce smart ways of traffic management in the country is more than welcome only if this directive can be seen through.

This is because the Augustine Chihuri-led police force has the penchant for anything corrupt, and Zimbabweans have seen many directives even from former President Robert Mugabe being ignored.

Chihuri himself has even shown contempt of Parliament when asked to appear before the legislature to answer to many issues pertaining to his force’s operations.

So the citizenry can only hope that Chihuri and his team of officers are eager to embrace change and move together with the rest of Zimbabweans tired of abuse by the generality of the force and corrupt tendencies by the traffic section.

It is a fact that police officers manning roadblocks across Zimbabwe had become a menace as they seemed bent on extorting motorists rather than effecting traffic regulations and ensuring the safety of both motorists and commuters.

What had become of major concern is that almost every commuter omnibus and any other vehicle was deemed to have a defect, for which the driver had to pay, and this does not make sense.

It is indeed time for the police to rebuild the confidence that the motoring public had lost in them and live up to their police charter that promotes a good working relationship between the police and the communities they serve.

The numerous roadblocks have indeed become unnecessary and there is need for all fines to be done electronically using OneMoney, EcoCash and so on. This will help ensure accountability as well with regard to the revenue collected and also a breakdown of offences committed so that everything is done above board.

It had become worrisome that unroadworthy vehicles were not impounded at roadblocks as long as the driver parted with some money. This posed a danger to the driver, passengers and other road users and created the impression that police officers were just after the dollar rather than ensuring safety, which must be the key factor.

It is heartening that the new minister has spoken to this and other issues of concern and our prayer is that the police will take heed of this call and do the right thing.

As long as vehicles that are not worthy to be on the road are kept there simply because the drivers can fork out fines, then we are still a long way from reducing road traffic accidents and we can as well brace for yet another bloody festive season on the roads.

Over the years, a strong anti-police sentiment has developed in the population and the police have a lot of work to restore public confidence and win back the support they had lost.


  1. Comment… Without redeploying and reforming corrupt senior officers like Nyaradzai Majachani who has been shielded on several occasions by Chihuri , nothing is going to change. A total clean up is needed even if it means transferring all to different stations.

  2. Not only that,Obert Mpofu should also ensure that the service regain its continental or world respect it enjoyed.Discipline in the Force is in shambles and even the way it dresses leaves a lot to be desired.In Bulawayo,the Support Unit members dress neatly like members of the ZNA why doesn’t not emulate their counterparts in the other branch of the service?Food for thought.

  3. It is impossible to have a police force when what we still have are criminals who permeate the entire service and are not by any stretch of the imagination entitled to call themselves police! There has to be a major purge of almost the entire hierarchy which starts with Chihuri and they need to be brought to justice before any Zimbabwean can start to believe that what serves as a police force is to be given the benefit of doubt and some trust can start to be restored. Respect has to be earned and they have a long way to go before that happens!

  4. obert mpofu why you did not address that issue when you get into office five months ago.We blame the leader not those young man sent on the ground because they work under objectives.No to spot fines please don’t introduce electronic sytem. We pay that money somewhere not to the police.You the leaders are the ones who destroyed the image of the police don’t blame the constables. Because you deployed them and watching this.You and other police senior members should take a rest and give others a chance.You should also address the issue of police transport varikutinetsa nekukumbira transport vachienda kuCourt nevasungwa.

  5. mgobhozi you are right we know that the blue uniform must be worn with boots not shoes and it must be folded with an elastic at bottom but this proper dressing is now rare.

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