Mnangagwa, war vets head for clash

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s relationship with the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) could be headed for stormy waters over what the latter believe is the Zanu PF leader’s disregard for the Unity Accord.


“We want to make an appeal to the leadership of the party to appreciate serious concerns from our membership, in particular the Zipra component, in our organisation.

“They have expressed grave misgivings about developments in the party and are threatening to pull out of efforts to unite the party and solve the problems bedevilling Zanu PF and the country,” David Tondlana, a member of the ZNLWVA national executive told journalists at the weekend.

Flanked by ZNLWVA Mashonaland East chairperson, Daniel Sigauke, Sam Parirenyatwa (Mashonaland Central), Hoyini Bhila (Harare deputy chairperson) and Cornelius Muwoni (Mashonaland West), Tondlana said the association would be forced to support their former Zipra combatants in the event of a pull-out.

The group cited the appointment of Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri as Zanu PF national chairperson as a potential source of internal fissures in the party.

“The position of national chairperson has always been reserved for the Zapu component in the event that the president is Zanu.

“This is not in any way saying Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri is not deserving, she is one of us and a distinguished veteran of the struggle, but the composition of the party’s presidium is now skewed in favour of one side of the parties to the Unity Accord.

“The normal situation is the we have two from each side, but now we are likely to have three from Zanu and only one from Zapu in the event that a Vice-President is appointed from that side,” Tondlana said.

He said the group had been approached by ZNLWVA provincial chairpersons from Matabeleland South and North and Bulawayo, who expressed “deep concern” over the issues.

“The Zapu component and Zipra, in particular, is very bitter about these issues and as former Zanla combatants, we are also deeply concerned because without the participation of our colleagues, the association stands seriously weakened if not divided.

“If our Zipra cadres pull out (support for Mnangagwa) we will be left with no choice but to support their position, for we cannot envisage a situation in which we allow ourselves to be divided by politicians,” he said.

One of the salient points of the Unity Accord of 1987 is that two of the four posts in the Zanu PF presidium be reserved for the former Zapu, but with Muchinguri-Kashiri’s appointment, it seems this has been dispensed with.

Contacted for comment,war veterans boss, Christopher Mutsvangwa, who is also Mnangagwa’s special adviser, said his principal was aware of the war veterans’ concerns.

“The President is aware and consultations are ongoing. We (war veterans), in particular, would want to see, for example, Tshinga Dube in the politburo,” Mutsvangwa said.

Dube has been touted as a potential pick for Vice-President.

Mnangagwa deferred the appointment of his two deputies, which he said will be done “in a few days’ time”.

The war veterans group said Mnangagwa had shown undisguised favour for certain leaders of the former fighters such as secretary general, Victor Matemadanda, who has been appointed to at least three positions within two weeks.

Matemadanda was initially appointed War Veterans deputy minister before Mnangagwa was forced into a climb-down after realising the Constitution limited the number of people he could appoint from outside the legislature.

He was then moved to head the Zanu PF commissariat, but was again moved to secretary for war veterans in the politburo with a military serviceman, Major General Engelbert Rugeje taking over.

The war veterans were one of Mnangagwa’s closest allies in the race to succeed former President Robert Mugabe.



  1. Yes, the chairperson should be from the Zapu side. Unless ED now considers Zapu side as not important.

  2. Why then does ZAPU have an opposition party…. they shud pack up and go back to FP ZAPU

    1. Idi iroro. Positions shod not be for a certain clan…… Because ndoopanotanga tribalism ipapo.

      1. No one mentioned clan Idiot, it mentioned the former military wings of the respective parties of which they accomodated all clans

  3. We have a party called Zapu wani. Unity accord tanga isiri yekuti hakuchina zveZanu kana Zapu here. Anoda zvekuti Zapu ichiriko ngaaende kunojoina Dabengwa. Zapu and Zany are now Zany PF and whoever gets a position is just Zany PF not Zanu or Zapu.
    Zapu Ina Dabengwa.

    1. you nailed it my brother… how does a certain man with his own party wants to suggest a vice president for another part.. if Khaya Moyo he is that good in your analysis nhai Dabengwa why not make him join your party…. nxaaaa… he wants to act as if he loves Khaya Moyo.. a tribalistic mind which is very dangerous for the peace loving Zimbabweans.. a Zanu Pf member is a Zanu PF member irrespective of location for as long as they are in Zimbabwe..



  4. even if zapu has an opposition that does not mean ZAPU people are not there in zanu pf.There are some that remained while others pulled off to continue from the ashes and try to build what our FATHER ZIMABWE(J.M.N.NKOMO)hoped for.

  5. Pressure is too much for our President, little did he know that all these comorades must prove their roles through merit. No one is Superior otherwise everyone who was a fighter deserves a post then what? He should work without interference until the dust has settled and would then look to reward all the people of Zimbabwe with reasonable standards of living from the present status quo.


    1. The issue of the need to have a ZIPRA/ZAPU former member in the Presidium is what gave us Mphoko in the end. I think the Unity accord brought about the joining of ZAPU members into ZANU PF and all became ZANU PF. Whats this story about not being represented. Does it mean we can appoint an incompetent leader just as to appease the tribal card. No no no no no.

      1. if the truth is to be said the so called exzipra are a minority and we cant overload them with incompetent pple who cant take the party or country rather to its defined destiny.ther is nothing tribalistic about this coz some zipra members came from all over the country so lets not have a misconception of xzipra being from matebeleland.Honestly we cant have another mboko for the sake of unity lets just try and build a winning team on this short period that we have before the elections and not to let external forces destroy our vision.VIVA ZIMBABWE


  8. #Handitione

  9. which one is the real zapu, the one in unity accord or the one with Dabengwa can some one explain

  10. there is no zapu in unity accord and there is zanu pf and outside there is zanu pf with Dabengwa

  11. What can you expect from Mnangagwa a tribalist who wanted to continue Gukurahundi killing spree of unarmed innocent citizens who did not support zanu jongwe .The unity accord disturbed him too much hence he does not respect it . The man is satan who ever planned to have him as a President will regrate it one day

  12. Verengai nyaya mushe vanhu vese vari kutaura zvetribalism. Zvanzi ZIPRA and ZAPU. These were nationalists spread all over Zimbabwe including Msipa who was from Mashonaland. There is no mention of taking a Ndebele or Shona to be the chairperson. Zvanzi ZAPU and the names of people who sat for the reported meeting sound both Ndebele, Shona and other groups.

    1. @Moyo, thanks for telling the truth about Zapu. Zapu was a national party that included people from all over Zimbabwe. Its leaders like Chinamano and Msika were from Mashonaland and they were also leaders from the Midlands like Msipa and Matabeleland like Nkomo and Masuku. When Zapu split Mugabe tried to paint Zapu as a Ndebele party when it wasn’t. In 1980 Zapu won seats in Mash West to show that it was not a regional party because it was never. People who try to link it with Ndebele are the tribalists, Zapu was a national party.

  13. Is Dabengwa any different from Mujuru? If so, how?

  14. Remove the useless education minister and put a ndebele instead

  15. Belgium is multi lingual and the country is split along those lines – Flemish appoint their ministers and French appoint their ministers. Brussels capital is mixture of the two. So draw a line between Mashonaland and Matabeleland and let each “tribe” run their own section. Collect their own revenues and run their own industries. It works in Belgium. Neither party ever has enough votes and therefore they have to work together in the overall government.


      This is not belgium


    I believe there is no longer zanu or zanu those siezed to exist 1987 wen zanu pf was formed

  17. we are stuck in politics of yesteryear.

  18. People in this country must learn that it is their duty to keep the government on its toes. Everyone now is saying ED must be left to work. I say that he should not be left to his own devices his every move must be analysed, I like that the war vets are not besotted with him as is the rest of the country and are able to tell him where he is wrong. Mutsvangwa is compromised he will not question ED. If the unity accord is dead he should say so. This kind of attitude led to Mugabe doing as he pleased as people were more excited by the euphoria of independence and were not worried about the work that lay ahead.
    The kind of Euphoria that led Mugabe to killing thousands,till this day lots of shona people believe he was right.

  19. After all is said and done,ED should respect the unity accord otherwise he is heading for disaster. I am Shona, not Zanu PF but l subscribe to the notion of there being a balancing act in the composition of the leadership in so far as the Ndebele and Shona are concerned. I hope ED has an ace up his sleeve by appointing Oppa to be national chairperson when she is not from Matebeland. Mudhara Nkomo the late had managed to put in a regional balancing act through the unity accord and am praying that ED won’t live to regret.

  20. Its important to respect the tenets of unity that happened in 1987. Remember there are issues that the leader has to address of the Gukurahundi era. He can only succeed if the comrades of both sides of the struggle are included in the leadership of the party and government.More work for you Cde President. “The Voices of the people are the voice of God” you are quoted as saying. Stick to that basic principle.

  21. ED is gukurahundi through and through and does not care about the unity bcoz it just happened when he was in the mid of enjoying killing pple . He has any unfinished business with pple of mat he hates so much

    1) ZAPU does not mean NDEBELE, ask those who grew up in Highfield. Mugabe made ZAPU look ndebele for his benefit and the Ndebele in ZAPU were OK with that. If I remember well (correct me pliz) The most Senior ZAPU member as we speak could be Ambrose Mutinhiri?. ZAPU WAS National PLIZ. Mudhara Josh Nkomo was not some tribal leader (We wouldn’t have referred to him as Father Zim, if he was A tribal chief), Since I have never set sight on the so-called unit accord, What was it uniting (ZANU and ZAPU) or (ZANU and Ndebeles), I avoid saying (Shona and Ndebeles) because thats a point for my second argument.

    2) The term Shona is used by us non-Ndebele to really make sure that the Ndebele become a real minority. I believe Shona is a loose language spoken and can be understood by the following tribes e.g (Zeruru, Katanga, Korekore, Vabudya, Manyika, those from Tokyo, etc) These are the tribes not Shona. There is no Shona people but karanga or manyika people. If you take the tribes (Ndebele, Karanga Manyika, Zezuru etc), the marginal difference in population sizes becomes less dramatic. The Ndebele and so called “shona” politicians prefer the status quo when it suites their agenda. Thats why ZAPU sometimes translates to Ndebele when its a position in the Presidium, But ignores ZAPU-Zezurus karangas manyikas, when its necessary. When the The so called shonas are fighting they will tell you their real tribes, They will refer to ED as a Tribalistic Karanga, when they have an axe to grind with the Ndebele they all refer to themselves as Shona. How convenient!!!???

    Oops for the record I am Manyika not Shona. Lets give our Karanga President the chance to deal with our 37 year-old problems. Who knows for the seriously tribal amongst us, he could pick Two Ndebele VPs (more interesting still he could pick One Ndebele-ZAPU and One Non-Ndebele ZAPU!!!!!????) Happy

  23. whoever thinks ed and his same old juntas can be our saviours is seriously confused and shld visit a psychiatrist without delay

    1. Not not Offering any alternative thought mukona Phillipi. Saka Zvoitwasei?? Suggest the alternatives and how to get there. The same old junta has to finish Mugabe’s term first. B4 I get to the psychiatry ward you could offer me a cheaper prescription by at least availing to me and others the next best thing now. B4 the pending elections.

  24. Unless this guy appoints two ex ZAPU members as VPs since he decided to bend simple rules , this is rubbish

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