Mnangagwa shielding criminals?

Emmerson Mnangagwa caught on camera praying with one eye open

ZIMBABWEANS welcome efforts by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government to get rid of criminals.

President E.D Mnangagwa

However, the blitz on such behaviour should be extended to cover all corrupt elements in our society, including members of Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction and no one should be above board.

As raised by MDC-T chief whip, Innocent Gonese in Parliament recently, Mnangagwa should explain why the army is being deployed in the streets to do a job which should normally be done by the police.

Zanu PF’s controversial Bulawayo district youth league leader Magura Charumbira, a self-confessed Lacoste factionalist, who has extorted money from vendors in Bulawayo for many years continues to wreak havoc, boasting that he is untouchable because he is one of the people who triggered Mnangagwa’s rise to the presidency.

Charumbira has over the years ordered informal traders to pay $2 protection fees to the ruling party, to avoid being harassed by municipal police prior to the blitz against illegal vendors.

On November 27, 2017, he upped the tempo and ordered Makokoba residents to attend a meeting at Davis Hall, which is Zanu PF’s provincial headquarters.

Many now believe Magura enjoys the blessings of top government officials because he has not been arrested.

Mnangagwa, therefore, seems to resemble his mentor Robert Mugabe, who would preach non-tolerance to violence in one breath, but whisper to his security team to deal ruthlessly with his opponents.

Zimbabwe needs a real new beginning in which it gets a new President outside Zanu PF. If Charumbira has the audacity to frog-march people to Zanu PF rallies now, what will become of him when official election campaigns begin?

More worrying is the fact that Mnangagwa has decided to include in his Cabinet military personnel and other people who are reported to have been involved in corruption.

I am worried by such dubious leadership and demand that such duplicity be addressed. If the President made some rushed not-so-well-thought out decisions and if he is well-meaning, it is not too late for him to re-think and act right.


  1. Cry the beloved country.People who are supporting zanu pf are the very criminal epies who are blocking development in zimbabwe because they are gaining.Down with them.

  2. Comment…ED looted diamonds in DCR and Chiadzwa hence he can not arrest anybody because they know his background

    • Lets wait and see may be he has repented, We want to see his democratic means in terms of free , fair and credible election where he will hand over power to who ever will have won election.

      Let him arrest them and its to our advantage, we shall have him and a few criminals left for us to complete the arrests.

    • “Too early to judge” listen to yourself…ED looted diamonds from DRC and Chiadzwa as had been highlighted, he participated as part of the well oiled Zanu PF machinery that ensured that Mgabe the dictator stayed in power even though it had dismally failed to rule…he participated in the massacres of Matebeles in the early 80s and he participated in engineering abuses of opposition party supporters in all past elections after 2000. You really must be an imbecile to trust someone with such a track record

  3. 1st he wants to change zrp, make it professional. Its too politically enclined.It takes time.Army will go when training of new recruits is done.You cannot train old dogs new tricks. What you must all realiseis that the number one project for President is ECONOMY.Jobs jobs jjobs
    Industry has to grow and that can’tbe initiated by the current teams he has in gvt.
    So manufacturing and services has to be targeted for growth.When National Product rises thru manufacturing, Output rises and so will the Incomes of most people.And the circular flow of income also rises to influence production thru demand.But the absence of cash from Banks breaks this perfect cycle of business.The bond note .

    • I disagree he was unsure of the allegiance of the police during the coup, they tried to prevent his escape to Moza, the presence of Innocent Matibhiri, RGMs relative made the police and the attempt by the police to arrest Chiwenga meant that the police command had taken sides. The only other force in Zimbabwe with weapons besides the ZDF is the police, that is why their armoury at Chikurubi was raided. He wants a police force that is loyal to him. There will be a shake up within the ZRP you will see.. the economic project?? lets wait and see

  4. We must use the power of our vote to address the selective prosecution of the corrupt within the government. Let’s not be blinded by the good things that are happening to distract us from holding people to account for their crimes. Walk the talk or lose.

  5. yeah my vote for the next election is on ED. GO ED GO You were chosen by God himself to restore what was damaged for the past years,Only the will of God will prevail not of man,they tried to kill you ,arrest and so on but God protected you because you have a divine mission in this country.

    • Really? Divine mission?…chosen by God? I thought soldiers blackmailed RGM and then used war vets to ask people to demonstrate against RGM so that it appears like a “popular” uprising?

    • i usually distaste people who try and manipulate others through the inclusion of the name of God and i really do believe that you should just try and find facts to defend E.D rather than exposing your lack of facts thereof

  6. Emmerson is a criminal himself. A President should be whiter than white and he is not. An interparty committe should be formed to interrogate Emmerson, to see his fitness to be President.

  7. Zanu dai Yangobviswa tatanga patsva because havana zvavarikuita vakatadza kare, 37 years dzekuba and nekupusa tovadzorera futi ipapa. Imbovaonesai kuti musangano hauchaeri uyu….

  8. Lets not expect anything different from birds of the same feather ,ED and RGM, in less than three weeks pple are now liking ED to RGM , but remember ED spent solid 37years d under the mentorship of RGM so those who thought new things were going to be cultivated by this guy are now realizing that there were lost and indeed lost big time.

  9. Yes Mnangagwa is protection thieves bcoz he is also criminal and murderer that is a fact that we all know he is just a president bcoz of the army that imposed him on us and together with him know where our 15b USD is hidden .He is there to try and revive dead ZANU not our economy he does not have balls to do that .Its must that next year must be removed .

  10. Ali Baba has left but the 40 thieves remain.The Chinese criminals will pour in with their workers;what about Zimbabweans desperate for employment.
    Read UN report to get a good idea of the person that is the President and his Vice President.
    Why have Govnt. purchased 15 aircraft???

  11. they want to arresting 19 details from army officers and police details for $5 and leave one person for stealing millions

  12. SOB RGM, ED, the generals and all the ZANU-Pirates Forever chefs are criminals. You can’t use a dirty broom to clear dirt.

  13. Why not return to former rich country? What happens Rhodesia?! Was rich, very rich, now is country VERY poor. RM head on stick!

  14. Comment…Do you have proof in calling everyone a thief , let the law take its course, why do you not give the new president a chance and prove himself what he is worthy of. Some are busy calling so and so are thieves and murderers without giving proof of the murder committed.

  15. Comment…That Gonese is the very same guy who was crying foul about lawlessness and when the army came in to intervene he is again crying foul, everywhere in the world the army has a role to play to maintain peace and order.

  16. And who is the author of the article? It seems the author is a political activist masquerading as a journalist. Who said Zimbabwe needs a President outside Zanu PF. And also real morons have the audacity to call other people morons. Why do you think your opinion is that of every Zimbabwean. The majority wants Zanu PF in power and the few of you who have contributed nothing to national issues keep on barking. In a democracy, we need fools who criticize for the sake but without reasoning. We have registered to vote and we will vote Mnangagwa into office come 2018.

  17. Which majority wants Zanu PF in power Wezhira wezhara? You are mistaken and just wait for the elections to see what the majority want as a ruling party. I agree that ED should also investigate those in his faction who have dubious wealth and that he himself should also come clean on how he acquired his wealth.

  18. The truth is he does not trust the police, but he must also deal with rogue elements like this Charumbira guy in Bulawayo. He is an extortionist not different from the likes of Shadie. He is not alone in Harare the likes of a Mudzengerere was also extorting money from vendors and even built a school from the loot. Surely people must never get away with crime but looks like bootlicking can save some of them.Police is easy to deal with, stop spot fines ask them to give people tickets which will be paid at the post offices then submit proof of payment

  19. These criminals have been around since GNU.MDC had a minister of home affairs but she never pointed anyone.Tsvangirai was PM.President Mnangagwa gave a warning long back when he aassumed VP post .He declared to deal with criminals in gvt and society.Now you want to lecture him how to do that.Fare n fine but be patient.He has a lot to do.Police need retraining and new recruits.Justice system needs attention.All this in 2 weeks????

  20. @Cde Mauyu you are wrong, the army is for defending the country, the police are for peace and order. The army ensured the destruction of ZAPU ensured ZANU in 2008 by beating the whole of Mashonaland even in 1980 people were intimidated in the eastern districts. And all of a sudden they are heroes because they installed Mnangagwa in power.

  21. Guyz, the ZANU war is not yet over.
    The G40, let’s have a few arrests and you will see the implosion, know all the dirty on the Lacoste.Mugabe and wife has his Mbada and Dtz-Ozgeo in Chimanimani at Benet’s farm, ED and Constantine have their Anjin while Joyce and husband had their ACR and this is where Zimbabwe was swindled.
    Mphoko discovered the missing $12b of the $15b. This loot is stashed in China and belongs to ED and Dominic. The other $3b belongs to the G40 and this is what the Lacoste is looking for.

  22. Cry my beloved country, Chombo is being tossed not for stealing the country’s money. It because of the snippers which where at his house and the 10million in the ceiling

  23. As Zimbabweans we must not give these type of people a long rope its high time the issue of individuals pretends to be founding members who are abusing legacy in our country lets the rule of law be applied at all costs.

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