Military patrols raise eyebrows

OPPOSITION legislators yesterday demanded President Emmerson Mnangagwa to clear the air on why soldiers have been deployed to patrol the streets alongside the police.


MDC-T chief whip Innocent Gonese raised the issue with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, saying section 116 of the Constitution read together with section 213 requires that Mnangagwa should have informed Parliament of the deployment of soldiers to carry out policing duties.

“The reason why I am raising this matter is because whilst the President has the authority to deploy the defence forces, I believe whenever that happens there is an obligation to inform the nation by the President, but from my recollection we have not been informed by the President of the need to deploy the defence forces,” Gonese said.

“I have no problem if it is done, but my worry is that the deployment must be authorised by the President and I believe it is something that must be done after due consideration and in that regard the nation must be informed from the highest offices, because what we have only had are pronouncements made by members of the Defence Forces and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) that they will be working together yet it is imperative for the Head of State to inform the nation of the need for soldiers to assist the police.”

Gonese said Mnangagwa could have notified Parliament and the public through gazetting a statutory instrument or even through a general notice.

Mudenda said he would engage Mnangagwa on the matter and come back to Parliament with an explanation.

Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu was also taken to task over the same issue with Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T) asking if the police were now going to perform their duties professionally following previous reports of their heavy-handedness at roadblocks and during public demonstrations.

Mpofu said he would hold a meeting with the police today to discuss behaviour change and the ZRP corporate image so that there is mutual respect between police officers and the public.

“The fundamental role of the police is to ensure there is law and order and it will be in that context that I will deal with that issue which is very emotive, and I want to address that head-on to ensure that the police maintain their national status as a police service without compromising on their responsibilities. On demonstrations, there is a law which is supposed to be followed,” Mpofu said.



  1. There is true law and order with the army on the patrols the police are not friendly to their citizens please army do not ever leave us at the mercy of the ruthless ZRP we support the army patrols.

    1. Comment…army is the hand of the state why worry when they patrol on the streets hv focus

  2. tendai chaminuka

    MDCT a party of confusion, so concerned with the after effects and not the real cause.You should be asking how the army became entangled in the recalling of our constitutionally elected Bob by Zanu (p.f) whom even the Nelsons and Morgans voted for in 2008 and 2013.Makafanana na baba vanobvunza mwanasikana who is under age kuti sei wakapfeka a short maternity dress without asking who and how she became pregnant.Mungatonga nyika imi

  3. When the army took the country through a coup which ever way you describe it,people where all over me,they are in control and they will always be.get used to this and they can never be the elections that they will loose?they are just cementing their control,they brkong to the barracks not police works

  4. Who respects these policemen? Even you yourself Chamisa, let’s not just enjoy useless usual opposition contributions in parliament. Especially given their conduct business. i think better end them to city councils policing as opposed to the national tasks that they were mandated to perform.

  5. The country must disband the police forthwith and start from scratch, recruiting and training real police force, these chihure stooges have gone sale by date, no-one will ever give them any respect because of what they did to the people.

    1. Comment…we want e police tu under go fresh training to adhere to the laws of New Zimbabwe asThe Ptesident has said no coruption

      1. You can not “fresh train” the permanently corruption stained police. It is impossible.

  6. To hell with stupid idiotic Police. Real oppressors of Zimbabweans. We love our friendly Army. Thank You ZDF

    1. Useless MDC-T Mp’s beaten by one real man General Chiwenga who delivered zimbabwe to us infact MDC-T Mp’s concetrate on helping Morgan to get treated.Even The learned Professor Ncube is such a gentleman he is quiet because i’m sure he appreciates the army and our General to hell with them zrp We want ZDF our cremora dont waste our President’s time about patrols he is about to fix our economy hence the ploy by MDC-T to divert attention ,your leader is sick

      1. As for me I can see,e Army patrols have made to stop n control the corruption being made by e police officers,hence if u say the Army must not work with e police officer so the corruption n public harrasment by e police officer will not stop,I support Army Patrols

  7. It is worrisome to have the army patrol they way they do, especially in a peaceful nation like Zimbabwe. Whilst the professionalism of the police for has long been eroded, the army should not be thus involved involved in civil matters; a retraining of the police force is in order. To make matters worse the people will always be the victims. All may seem well for now, but this apparent tolerance of the presence of the army will have its setbacks.


    it’snot about respect or anything, army is not supposed to be doing that, if they are corrupt let the law take its course just like they did nana chombo, than kuvafudza like that kusvika rinhi? there is more to it than what is being portrayed,ngavangotaura chokwadi chete that there is a security threat and they know what they did was not everyones decision and they have some enemies who are against that.we are not in a war zone or has there been any threat of any bombing whatsoever, manje kana magamba akudzingirira mavendor council police inodii?

  9. Even if Mnangagwa is busy with his economic revival mandate they are questions that need to be clarified through the Paliament with the MPS. Even us the citizens of Zimbabwe we have the right to know why ZDF and Police are patrolling together in locations. That will not stop anyone from fixing our economy. We need to understand democracy , freedom of speech and interpret our Constitution. Ngatibatanei tivake nyika yedu kwete kuswero shorana.

  10. ZANU-ZDF nolonger ZANU-PF

    1. kkkkk amazing that citizens feel “protected” by gunmen armed to the teeth and have no respect for the unarmed policemen who should be doing the policing….only in Zimbabwe!!
      …meanwhile, there was a mini war at Chihuri’s residence helicopters, tanks etc all involved from 10h30 to around 13h00 we’re told a thief cop wanted to steal a tv…ha ha ha!

      1. tendai chaminuka

        Nhai Sagitarr look at the contradiction yenyu…respect for the unarmed policemen then thief cop wanted to steal a tv.That justifies the presence of masoja.It seems Zim no longer had faith in the policing of ZRP you included

  11. We need to go to the basics and ensure that we understand the duties and responsibilities of the army, police and even the municipal police, according to the country’s laws, bylaws and constitution.

  12. Police is policing us and while soldiers are monitoring the police . Hapana kuvimbana apa ,check it guyz

  13. ZRP wanted to arrest Chiwenga but the Army intelligence officers foiled the plan. POSA is now applied on ZRP officers who are found in groups. ZRP IS NOW VIEWED AS AN ENEMY OF THE GOVT, PEOPLE AND ARMY.

  14. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…How are the policemen/women surviving given the recent cut-off of their major source of income, corruption? They must be suffering big time. Welcome to our beloved Zimbabwe, the country of suffering

  15. Indeed the Police was busy collecting money from innocent citizens,a development which caused the Army to carry out operation restore legacy by monitoring the Police.Infact since then we have had better journeys than before.Viva Army.

  16. We can not be a ciuntry without a police force. These guys have also been abused by the system. Unfortunately tne more the army monitors them and the populations accept this arrangement the more difficult it will be for tbe police to be accepted going forward. The animosity and hatred will be there between them and the people.
    Lucky for them they have more personal cars than the gunners and that is not easy to explain.

  17. It can not be a country without a police force. These guys have also been abused by the system. Unfortunately tne more the army monitors them, the more the population accept this arrangement and the more difficult it will be for the police to be accepted going forward. The animosity and hatred will be there between them and the people.
    Lucky for them they have more personal cars than the gunners and that is not easy to explain.

  18. The ZANU BOrder Gezi police is the problem. They should have remained as special constabulary rather than being mainstream coppers because abala ngidla

  19. The issues raised by MDC T are legitimate. We have to stand up 2 #Mnangagwa, #ZanuDF PF and anyone else who thinks its dope to trample on the constitution.

    We have already witnessed how wickedly brute this lot are. Let just sober up, and take back control. #moveontakecontrol.

  20. Chamisa DO NOT be an enemy of progress. No wonder why mdc has made little progress so far.

  21. Good job or not, the army is not mandated to be policing the streets, the MP is right. People should learn the basic requirements of law and seek clarification where possible. What would stop the army doing exactly what the police have been doing? It’s not their job to be in the streets & those opposing clarity as to their deployment should revisit the laws. The police are known to be corrupt, the solution is to fire them from the top, Chihuri and Charity, then start training new recruits with a different ideology & different trainers. Those that have been green bombers shouldn’t be allowed to partake such training, they have been trained to be mercenaries.

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