MDC-T must not merely shout from terraces

Zimbabweans could find it interesting, if not particularly curious, that MDC-T vice-president Nelson Chamisa would challenge the new government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to approach them for a solution to the cash crisis gripping the country.

What is curious about this proposition is that Chamisa, who is a Member of the National Assembly representing Kuwadzana East, one of the many marginalised areas where the bulk of the residents hardly afford a decent meal a day due to the economic challenges afflicting Zimbabwe, would wait to be approached by a competitor to provide his suggestions.

Doesn’t being a Member of Parliament give him the right to make the proposal to uplift the lives of his constituents? It’s also quite unfortunate that he sounds as if he is speaking tongue in cheek, like someone enjoying the suffering of people who cannot access cash at their banks during this festive season. At least he has just returned from the United States of America where, together with Tendai Biti and human rights activist Dewa Mavhinga, they were alleged to have begged for sanctions against Zimbabwe to remain in force as if that would aid the opposition to win the hearts of the suffering citizens at the next elections.

Clearly, if Chamisa and his opposition party really felt for the people, they would be pro-active and table their solutions through the right channels than taunt the government, and the nation at large, in the manner that they did. So, they would rather see people continue to suffer simply because Mnangagwa — who is probably not affected by the cash crisis — has not approached them for a solution? Has the opposition not learnt from their many blunders of the past? We wonder!

It appears, they have been thrown off balance by the November developments, and certainly need to employ other tactics to win the hearts of the citizenry. Hollow mantras will not help the opposition at all, the citizens demand substance — they need a clear plan of how they will extricate the country from its present quagmire. So, if Mnangagwa can do what is needed in the shortest possible period left before elections, Zimbabweans will vote for continuity; and if he fails, the voters will choose the next guy. But the next guy may not always be the MDC-T or MDC Alliance unless all of them gather under one umbrella body — which is not currently the case.

We believe it is time for the MDC-T to start regarding itself as part of the solution to the Zimbabwe crisis, otherwise they would quickly lose their relevance, especially if Mnangagwa fulfils his promise to drastically change things for the better in the next 100 days.

In fact, the manner in which the message was delivered creates the impression that they know the source, or who is responsible for the cash crisis in Zimbabwe, thus, they appear to have the right solutions they believe have eluded everybody else.

Following Mnangagwa’s State of the Nation Address, the MDC-T, in their analysis or response, should have offered a counter presentation detailing their own thinking and how best the issues concerning citizens could be dealt with. That would actually help in keeping them relevant and demonstrating to voters that their own ideas — even if implemented by the Zanu PF regime — work and, therefore, they are likely to woo potential voters.

To merely bark from the terraces is unhelpful to anyone, including themselves.



  1. Comment…they do not have any solution mdc their economical policy is to beg from west .They always tell people that west nations only open door of help to them alone but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

  2. josphat mugadzaweta

    this imbecile will be a problem for a party in future. what is the difference between jonso, chinos and mugabe really? only that the boy belongs to the opposition but he is just a mortar mouthed as the fore-mentioned goons. that is why we rejected for the sg post.

  3. You don’t listen and comprehend what he is saying that is the problem. How does he become opposition and prop up a ruling party that would be silly really. Trump said he will repeal Obamacare he did not tell Obama to repeal Obamacare.

  4. Its better for us to suffer than Zanu pf to take credability of Ideas they never generated.This is a mind game between Zanu pf and MDC just like when Zanu pf lied to us that we approached MDC to give them Ministerial posts.If its that simple for Zanu pf to Approach MDC they know the door they used last time.What Chamisa is Technically saying here is that MDC is more than willing to be part of an INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT.Zanu pf doesnt want anyone other than thugs from that part to run Government they want to create a Dynast were they appoint one President to another coming from Zanu pf.Chiwenga is being positioned to take over from Mnangagwa after a decade.If Mnangagwa is for the people he should implement the Electrol Reforms and allow an Independent Audit of the Electorate,BVR,and all election materials.Our government clearly are manipulating the election results but one thing they can Never tricky is the Economy.They can Rigg Election after Election but this Economy this make a good size for them.How do you justify the fact that only G40 members are arrested of corruption when no members of Lacoste are being brought to book???Lacoste member are the real thieves here who will judge them???

  5. Excellent editorial comment. Chamisa is power hungry and he forget that he lost MDC Elections. His latest friends Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube are not adding value to MDC.They intend to ride on MDC-T popularity but equally they are damaging it. Tendai Biti flip flops.He even said and wrote Mugabe won 2013 free and fairly. Come 2018 we will see the result. The elected MDC VP Khupe is better to take over Tsvangirai position

  6. This is our own Macron The young guy is just brilliant . ZANU is very good at stealing ideas then use those ideas to stay in power . Let zanu sort out its rubbish it created . SPOT ON CHAMI THUMBS UP KEEP THE FIRE BURNING

  7. Mr writer pliz start your own political party you seem to be a good politician from the terraces, you know what you write in your papers are all lies and if you form your party you will see whenever you make a statement pple like you will extract what they like and add some fiction so the paper will be marketable. in sports yes you can speculate but in politics you need to be very carefully coz munokuwadzisa vanhu. I can prove what um saying, you know back in 2012 my brother was arrested and charged with undermining Mugabe a day after someone from this paper inquired on the issue and i told him exactly what happened but to my surprise i was shocked when i read an article from this paper on the same. it was reported mdc secretary for xxxxxxx constituency was arrested for …..when intern my brother was not even a cell member of any political party, d you know the damage you caused considering kwatinogara kune makava eZanu akadya nduru.
    similar to this story chamisa haana kumboti ane mari cash kumba kwake, he got the ideas/way to deal with crisis of which he can not implement as an opposition MP may be for some reasons beyond his control, you know govt policies. We know this paper sympathies with other MDCs and politicians from matebeleland

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