Jonathan Moyo harassed me: Monica Mutsvangwa

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

MANICALAND Provincial Affairs minister Monica Mutsvangwa yesterday claimed that Jonathan Moyo harassed her and several other government employees during his tenure as Information and Publicity minister.


She made the remarks while addressing heads of departments in Mutare, claiming that she almost resigned under Moyo.

Mutsvangwa worked as Moyo’s deputy in the Information and Publicity Department a few years back.

“At one time, I surrendered the books to Moyo and left, but I was restrained by others who encouraged me to stay. It was sad to see board members and some senior members of staff shedding tears in frustration as they were continuously harassed by Jonathan Moyo,’’ she said.

“People need to work freely so that they produce results and do their duties properly and, as heads of departments, we need to work together to develop our province which is endowed with natural resources.”

When Moyo was Information minister, there were a lot purges in State media houses.

He was accused of using State media to attack political foes within Zanu PF and in opposition parties.

Staff from State media houses resigned because of frustration and those who refused to toe the line were fired.

Mutsvangwa said she has an open-door policy and welcomes everyone regardless of political affiliation.

She, however, emphasised that she could not be equated to her predecessor, Mandiitawepi Chimene, who is in self-imposed exile in Mozambique.

“I will not refer to my predecessor; I will not talk about her. I will start on a new page. I will only take the good things.

Don’t equate me with my predecessor. I know there might be unfinished businesses, but I will start on a new page,” she said.
Mutsvangwa said her main objective was to develop the province.


  1. Monica Mutsvangwa must grow up, or rather Zanu Pf should give us a break, why tell us about how bad Prof is, bla bla. What do you expect from a minister like Prof, very intelligent working with a school drop out definitely kusunga dhonki nemombe tinonera gore rino chris na Monica wacho kuzoti ED namai ma1

    • Monica’s comments are very relevant. Bad leaders terrorise their teams and behave like little tyrants. Jonathan Moyo was know for being an arrogant, know-it-all prick. We’re not surprised if he fed off the misery of his subordinates.

  2. His Excellence should establish a toll free number or desk for the public to report cases of corruption or maladministration in Government.

  3. This Mutsvangwa seems to talk sense compared to the other one. Maybe she should be the adviser to the president instead. And the motor mouth can be retired.

  4. Why is it that when one is fired from Gvt tinotanga kunzwa nyaya dzakawanda wanda but when you were together no one mentioned anything

    • STATE SECRECY BABA. Everyone who works or intends to work in any government institution will sign this document. Haufuguri hapwa kana uchirimo.


  6. pray that one thing did not lead to another and so on ,i remember Amai at a rally saying very damaging staff about you Monica and the kids you have, i hope it was all hearsay

  7. i always was for Proff Moyo but handina kunzwisisa alliance yake na Grace. for i did not understand?????????????????????????????????????/

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